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Date: December 1, 2019

Her taste was all over it. I felt her mouth cover my tit which sent me over the edge. She brought me to a full orgasim. She was pretty good it. When I opened my eyes, she was next me to smiling, she moved to kiss me. “Should I tell Joe? “Most definitely.” We laughed. “There is one problem thought? “He won’t be home till this evening. As I rolled her on her back I smiled and said, “That’s not really a problem.” I then felt her hands guide my head towards her willing cunt. An hour later we heard Hank crying through the baby monitor. By then we had given each other two more wonderful orgasims, and her tits were full of milk. Her cute ass swayed as we walked down the stairs. Naked she picked up her baby and sat down on the couch and proceeded to breastfeed him in the nude.

Especially since he had become sexually obsessed with her. Ronja herself would of course not willingly reveal the hypnotic trigger to her brother, but the ghost or even Jonathan might teach John the trigger just for the fun of her humiliation. “You seemed pretty caught up in acting like a dog. Did you understand anything of my statistics explanation? Ronja felt peculiar as she considered his question. Strangely enough she could actually recall all his explanations. Something about her being in hypnotized state seemed to have made her able to memorize what he had told her while controlled by the hypnotic trigger. It actually felt like she understood the damn subject in a way she never had before. “I actually recall it,” she mumbled and looked down at her sex where cum was still slowly leaking out. Should she let him know about their unprotected sex? “Great, seems like we got a fair trade,” John said and got up from the coach. His words did not match the glance in her direction. She shivered in dread as she saw the raw desire there as he clearly was thinking about them having sex again.

He pulled his tee shirt up off his shoulders and I just stared in awe. He was so perfect! My pussy was fluttering, my heart pounding. I prayed to myself. He sat in the patio chair and removed his sneakers and socks, depositing them on the table. He stood and pushed his sweat pants down to his ankles, stepping out of them. My breath caught in my throat as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his white briefs. He flashed that dazzling smile before he turned around, his back to the pool, and to me, and pushed his briefs down his hips below his knees. I couldn’t help it. I gasped. Oh God what a butt! Just like the rest of him. My pussy fluttered again. Oh God this was out of control! I almost came right there! I could see his balls hanging down between his thighs.

I am going to cum all over them, your face and in your mouth. He pulled away and a moment later his long cock slid through the hole. He was not as girthy as sausage man was but he was the longest. Then I heard him say, ‘come on mom, suck it! “Yeah right, whatever, I think you secretly love knowing they are cumming to you every day. If you were my mom, I would jerk off to you and let you catch me cumming to you. The way he said it, it really excited me! Maybe he was right too. Maybe I was there to get porn knowing my sons would be thinking of me even more. Did I secretly have incestuous thoughts like my boys? I moved to his cock, stroking it first as he kept calling me mom. “Come on mom; you will do that when I tell you when I am going to give you a good cum shower, right now suck it! Suck my cock and make me cum!

They played high school sports together. They also rode bicycles together, fished, and hunted together. In the summertime, they took turns sleeping over at each other’s house. They felt so much at home at each other’s house; it was like each boy’s mother was a mother to the three of them. For each mother, it was like having three boys instead of just the one they gave birth. The three boys preferred to spend most of their time at Scott’s house playing online video games because Scott’s Dad had a super-fast commercial internet connection. Scott’s Dad was a Detective Sergeant assigned to the Organized Crime Unit, and he needed a fast internet service to access the police department’s crime database from home. He didn’t mind the boys using his super-fast internet to play their video games because he knew they didn’t have the necessary passwords to get into the crime database.

NOTE: This story is much longer than most of my stories, about 15 pages in Word. As I drove down that unpaved back road around sunset I looked in my rearview mirror to admire all of the dust that I had stirred up. Hey, I was just sixteen and I had taken Dad’s car out for a joyride. I knew that he would make me wash it off, wax it, and then he would ground me for a week but I was just a kid and I couldn’t think that far ahead anyway. When I looked forward again there was a lady standing in the middle of the freaking road. I hit the brakes, I swerved out of the way, and I drove several rows into a cornfield. Dad would kill me. The lady came over to the car to find out if I was okay. I really was but I was pretty shook up about Dad’s car.

The next few weeks both James and Rachel had been getting turned on by each other and were almost flirting without doing anything obvious. As usual in the morning rush for school, after James showered, Rachel would wait out the front of the door and go in as soon as he came out. One day, after James turned off the water and ended his shower, he opened the door and Rachel was right outside. Steam was pushing out of the room, and Rachel watched James walk out with a towel barely covering the top of his crotch, and his finely conditioned muscles and dripping wet body made her extremely turned on. James noticed Rachel staring at his abs and for a minute they laughed about how he was getting quite fit lately. Rachel then started to poke James as he was walking away to his room laughing, and James started to poke her back. James would make the comment that she was looking as hot as ever and all the guys at school wanted her body, laughing.

Maria was beside her on the bed in Ronja’s room. Being this close to her made Ronja’a body tingle with anticipation, but it was clear snuggling together on the bed would not keep ugly thoughts away forever. They were both tense and trying to deal with what had just happened. Maybe it was still her imagination, but Ronja could not shake the feeling that she was still smelling John’s cum. Even though her stepbrother had left the room, his presence still seemed to remain. Frustrated she used the bed linen to wipe her face in case the oral sex had left some drops of cum. It did not seem to help. Maria mumbled, her hand rested on her lower tummy, like she wanted to protect her sex. Ronja replied. Her comment seemed so lame to her, she had just sex with her brother and the best she could do was to say she was fine. In truth she was not on the pill so if there had been residue cum that somehow got into her sex she might be in trouble. She pushed that thought away, she needed to focus on the current discussion.

That’s all. So that’s what I told Sally and when we finished our early shift, she came back here and helped me put an advert on a site called Craigslist. Shall I read it out to you? “Yes please, you’ve got me extremely worried. “Don’t be silly David, there’s nothing to ne worried about. So here it is. Young, innocent wife, would like to experience a large dick. Must be at least nine inches. But no sex, just wants to look and touch. “Of course David. I’ll tell you everything I do. By the way do you want another quickie like last night? “David, I’m so glad you’re home. I’ve got some replies to my advert. I was so excited, I raced home from work after my morning shift and I’ve spent the last three hours masturbating looking at these guys’ dicks. “Just how many Maddy? Have they sent pictures? “Oh yes, I’ve got lots of pictures. Look at this one.

I brought both of them to several amazing orgasms with my tongue and my cock. They would go ‘69’ with each other to give me time to recover before continuing our night long sessions of sexual bliss. But there are always consequences. The biggest consequence is that it opened a flood gate with Katie. The walls of restraint that were there before our time with Reggie crumbled. She enjoys orgasms so much now; she often ventures off and fucks total strangers. She’s even fucked some of my employees at the dealership, and our friends from our church. I couldn’t keep up with her. Sometimes she was gone for days. She recently attended a religious church convention in Las Vegas with our Pastor and they ended up spending the week together. They fucked round the clock and he was totally exhausted when they returned home. Unfortunately his wife found out about their dalliance. He now avoids all our calls. He refuses to look at either of us during his sermons. I enjoy the sex too much to divorce her so I try to just go with the flow.