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I don’t know how I will tackle this. The two must not meet—Miguel and his yet-to-be rival. Tyrone is a scholar here. Miguel works for Wells Fargo, a provincial bank. I did not notify him about the coming event. I don’t think I have to. Mom will have sneaking suspicions should she spot him with me. She will stop having confidence in me furthermore. I don’t want this to happen. Nighttime generally fascinates me. I love the night life: Slipping on my sexiest lingerie and tightest dress and nosiest heels and then heading out to have fun with my girl or guy buddies. I love watching musicians dance vigorously on some giant stage. My deepest passion is touring a dusky-lit Las Vegas in plush, flying cars. Throughout, there booms beautiful, bewitching-like music—it pierces into my ears: Making me lurch this way and that other. If I am swaying my bum and Julie happens to be around, she habitually drums it with her hands and then vaguely notifies me, “You are mad, girl. You better teach me how you do this crazy bum dance thing of yours. Sad to say, tonight, I am not going anywhere.

Mostly I just closed my eyes, kept my mouth and pussy open, and savored the sensations. But in all the pictures I’m looking at the camera, smiling with my eyes, while sucking the dick in my mouth. After a while Ken stopped taking pictures, so they put the blindfold back in place. At this point I’m nearly certain that Ken started taking turns using both my pussy and my mouth. But I’ll never ask him. One of the things we both like is keeping some things a secret. Maria was one of the other three women on my adventure, one of the two “experienced” women.. After reading my story she wanted to write something herself, and asked me to post it. I told people that my own effort was only loosely based on truth. But Maria decided we should edit hers to make it consistent with the one I wrote, even adding the bit about her initiation and being hung from an ass hook. My real “initiation” was mostly getting fucked in private by the other three men shortly after we arrived. Shortly after that, Eve got the same treatment. The bondage and anal dildos came later. Maria’s description of the game the four men played with each girl, one at a time out on the lawn, was pretty much on the money. That and a picture I saw of a metal ass hook on XNXX were the inspirations for my initiation idea.

I’d invited him in. I reluctantly comply giving him space. He surprises me by grabbing my hips, lifting me, and placing me on his lap. ” He asks his voice muffled slightly in my hair. “No.” I decide to answer truthfully. He sighs already knowing what has me upset. “You know I love you right Kas? Did he really think I would let him off that easy? “Do you love Sarah too? ” I ask and the tension instantly returns. He wisely doesn’t immediately reply and instead thinks about his answer. “Yes. I love Sarah too.” He says and I feel my previous disappointment return. Sarah is a such a whore.” I say then wince at the words almost regretting them. ” He stops to think. “Sarah has had a hard time of it. Miranda make her out to be.” He says and I roll my eyes and pull away. “I should make you choose.” I say bitterly without meeting his eyes.

I sucked the pussy juice through the thin fabric, and kept nuzzling her clit, when all of the sudden, she grabbed me by the hair and picked my head from her drenched crotch. Panting heavily, she proceeded to take off her shorts and panties, and I proceeded to pull her t-shirt up over her head. As my beautiful, naked, wife sat back down, her sparkling lust glazed eyes met mine I knew she wasn’t going to be able to take much more of the intense foreplay she was receiving. I let her pick up the story were she had left off, with all my distractions she had only made it half way through. I decided it was time to pay a little attention to her fantastic tits, but first I was wanted to strip down myself. Out of the corner of her lust filled eyes I caught her checking me out as I pulled off my t-shirt.

“You ok in there? “How long does it take to unhappen? “You know, if I wait it out or? ” she asked then quickly solved the riddle “OH! “I was going to say cold shower….who’s the pervert now? John leaned over the sink and looked into the mirror “great now what do I do? ” he asked himself. His cock still fighting the fabric he decided on a shower. John turned the water on and slipped off his shirt and pulled down his shorts. The image of Ms. Simpkins played through his head, teasing him. His cock had not shrunk an inch in fact john thought it looked bigger. “stop it” he told his cock “Sara’s right down stairs I can’t do it with here.” His cock throbbed a little still unconvinced of the gravity of the situation. He checked the temperature of the water and felt it was just a little too cold so he dialed it up a bit.

Realizing that I’ll never do this if I sit and think about it, I jumped out of the car and walked up to the building. Entering the restroom, I groped around for the light switch. I finally found it and flipped it several times, but it didn’t work. There was a distorted glass window above the door that was letting enough light in to see, but it was still quite dark. This was fine with me. I entered the stall and waited, my nervousness overriding my arousal. Finally, I heard the door open, then close, then I heard the lock being clicked. ” I said, as I turned to face the toilet. I bent over, raised my skirt over my back, put my hands on the lid of the toilet tank, and waited. And waited. After realizing he wasn’t coming in to the stall, I looked around and down by the toilet paper dispenser, I saw something moving. It was a dark shape. I couldn’t tell what it was so I reached out and felt around.

If she feels you’re being too pushy, or violating her personal space, she’s going to pull away from you. You don’t want that. Instead, you want her to feel very close to you, and move closer to you as you speak more intimately with her. Ways to do this are simply by lowering your voice in speaking more softly. Perhaps you could take your woman out for a romantic evening and engage in an intimate conversation over a candlelight dinner. When you introduce sex into a conversation that’s not intrusive, but makes you look more caring to her, you are introducing the thought of having sex with you automatically. The thought then is planted in her mind, and the stage is set. From there, you could extend this conversation someplace else more private and begin to kiss your partner. Since the thought has already been introduced to her, she will definitely be thinking about sex. Whatever specific act you have in mind. The important point here is not to make her think that all you’re after is fulfilling your own needs. What you need to do is make her feel more or less like the idea has spontaneously crossed her mind, or both of your minds, at the same time.

Hi everyone, humble apologies for the length of time it has once again taken me to write another story – but I promise to ‘try’ make it worth the wait. This is a true story of some yummy fun I’ve had on the beach – perhaps other exciting adventures will follow in the not too distant future, you tell me? I’ve seen a few women give their man a gentle (maybe not so) clip to stop staring. I’m tall, slim with long curly/wavy hair (I’ve had it coloured a funky bright red with a few black streaks). I have long firm athletic legs from spinning and working out, nice firm butt and to top it off – full firm 34D breasts, what can I say? I’m an exhibitionist and I love to stand out. I’m a sun goddess and going to the beach relishing in the heat of the sun whilst reading some xxx sexy stories is my best summer pastime. Eventually, after another extremely frustrating day at the beach I decided it was time to do some exploring and surf the net, were there other like minded people out there? When I got to the beach it was pretty quiet, I set up my lounger and started reading not expecting much action as most people were working, it was kinda early – geez how wrong can a girl be? What a total mind fuck! What a question, do I need help? I would have if I let him or any other stranger play with my pussy? It wouldn’t be long before I found out.

This next one was about a guy who’s parents had died in a car crash. He moved in with his cousins and all of them were female. You can guess what ended up happening after an incestuous secret was revealed. Several girls got pounded hard, and all I could think about was Kylee and Addison. During that week I talked to the both of them a lot. Kylee said she would talk to me when I got home about how her night with my sister went. They had been having some really hot lesbian sex together after Addie got out of school and sometimes twice a day. Kylee told me how badly she needed my cock and couldn’t wait till I got home. She couldn’t wait to taste all of my costars on my cock. After two weeks of filming this new porn movie I went home. Just as I walked in I noticed that Kylee was gone.

On the day of the appraisal I wore a button up black sued shirt with cargo kakis. I figured I should try and look presentable when I drove around in a ritzy subdivision. When I arrived at the house a young lady answered the door. I had to step back and catch my breath. I don’t know how old she was but wow. She had long black hair with soft brown eyes. She had soft puffy lips and was lightly tanned with a little frame. She had a little chest but her skin looked so soft. She was wearing a light pink polo shirt that showed her belly button, and a dark pink skirt that went down to about mid thigh. I explained to her that I had to measure the outside of the house and then do a quick interior inspection. I had finished everything but her room. I walked up to the door and gave it a little knock.