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Date: December 3, 2019

Reggie taught her things about a man and woman’s body that she had never known. Pearls of wisdom that had never entered her mind all the years she had been married to me; all magnificent pleasurable secrets that would increase her quality of life sexually. She hadn’t even imagined most of the things during her curious teenage years when her hormones were raging and all she thought about was the opposite sex. In fact, some of the stuff he taught her was probably not commonly known by the majority of married couples or young single adults. Reggie’s had so many sex partners over the years and had learned so many secrets from them; it would take the average couple several lifetimes to gain his experience. He had opened a whole new world of sexual exploration for Katie and she planned to share all those secrets with me. Katie wondered where Reggie could have possibly learned all those wonderful secrets of gratification. She asked him, but he just chuckled to himself. She couldn’t wait to share her new skills with me. She was more than certain our sex life was going to change for the better.

There had been a baby, but sadly, it had been stillborn, her husband had never tried to have another child and so Ingrid was at home, alone, keeping house and putting food on the table. Not unnaturally, she was a lonely and unhappy, woman. In fact, she was ripe for plucking, and Maureen had been plucking ever since she’d reached puberty. I knew that because I caught her plucking my sister, but I couldn’t complain because I’d plucked Maureen the week before that. Ingrid was Icelandic. 5ft 6in. tall, her dark hair cut short, slender body with mobile hips, and large, full breasts. It has long been my opinion that, at any age above fourteen, when females from northern climes, visit, or move to, the hotter regions of the world, they become increasingly more willing to shed their inhibitions and their knickers. They will gladly do this for any reasonably presentable male, or female, who is willing to spend time actually conversing with them. The handyman did all that was asked of him at the complex, this included being the supervisor of the chalet maids.

Laura and Dr. Henry knew something like this might happen because they had observed more subtle changes in Sarah’s sexual behavior over the course of the past two weeks. They saw her move from a na? But today, she had seemingly made a monumental leap to a woman consumed by the need for sexual gratification. Jim was beyond stunned. He was in shock as he watched his wife give her body completely over to raw rutting. The phrase “making love” had no relevance to the actions of the man and woman he saw on the bed. They were fucking, pure and simple – fast, hard fucking, that’s all it was. Each body was straining to take as much pleasure from the act as possible, with little or no consideration to the other partner. Sarah couldn’t read Jim’s thoughts, but if she could, she would have been in complete agreement. The most important thing in her life at that moment was to keep the cock plunging deep into her body.

100,000.00 is a lot of money, but you might actually get a good slave that way. What do I get out of it? “ I was thinking about that. One, you get a housekeeper. Two, you get someone to help you with whatever you need. Three, anytime you want her to lick you all you have to do is tell her to do it. Four, she can give you those long massages that you like. Five, it will be safer than me with multiple partners. Six, I will not bug you for sex quite so much.” I said. “ I think that it sounds like a good idea. But we have to make sure that we get a good person. I don’t want a psycho living with us.” Ashley said. Ashley helped him to find the perfect girl. They talked to her 5-6 times on e-mail, then another 3-5 times on the phone before they set up web cam with her.

In all of the fun and games of downstairs, Nick had completely forgotten about Stacy and her whereabouts. He tried to remember when and where he last saw her. They were dancing in the living room when Tiffany pulled Stacy aside and said she had something important to tell her. Then, she was gone. He hadn’t heard anything from her since. Nick thought he heard the door of a bedroom close and lock. He wasn’t sure where he was now; everything in front of him was hazy. His vision was nothing more than a blur until he saw Maddie step in front of him wearing only a bra and panties. “Wait a minute,” Nick said. “I’ve gotta get out of here. Nick tried to get up from the bed but Maddie pushed him back down before he could get too far. “Don’t worry about her. Nick began to protest again. He couldn’t spend another minute with this girl and risk damaging his relationship with Stacy. He loved her and didn’t want to hurt her in this way.

Shasta said. “I haven’t had a dick in so long, I don’t know what I’d do with it.” I said. I sat down on the couch next to Shasta, and we sipped our drinks, pretending that our pussies weren’t getting hot. I know my pussy was just drooling with love juice. I expected that Shasta’s was the same way. We were watching porn for goodness sake! I got under the cover Shasta had claimed for herself, and drew my legs up under me. My knees were bent, and I had no panties on. It felt like my pussy lips were open for anyone who wanted to see within them. Shasta and I laughed, and talked about other sexual experiences. She told me she had a threesome with her ex husband, and a waitress at a sex club. I asked her what it was like to lick another woman’s pussy, and she told me it was like tasting the sweet nector of a ripe apricot. It was very enjoyable.

As a corporate yoga teacher, your yoga training should be very basic and easy. Teach them about stress reduction and concentrate on easy sequences which open chest, shoulders, and hips. Incorporate stretching exercises for wrists and fingers as permanently hunching on keyboards can be really tiring and harmful. A yoga teacher should focus on basic poses and postures which can easily be done in a corporate set-up. Chanting is something which won’t fit in a corporate setting, so leave it for the studios. Mediation is a great stress buster, so invest your time there. As a yoga teacher, it is important for you to fulfill the students’ demands, though you can’t cater to everyone on a private basis. Carry forward a common practice which benefits everyone. The first and the foremost requirement every corporate worker needs is stress reduction. All those deadlines, projects, time management, meetings, etc., gives a lot of stress and yoga is the way to manage it.

The drive seemed as if it would never end. Kent and the hotel clerk both said that it would take about 15 minutes to get to this secluded location – and they were right. Probably it was closer to 20 minutes. When they were just about convinced that somewhere they made a wrong turn and were lost, wah la there it was. A very small sign saying “Private Property – Restricted Access,” exactly what Kent said. They turned onto a road that took a sharp turn behind a tall sand dune. There was a small booth. The attendant at the beach entrance seemed like a friendly fellow. 50 each admission fee after seeing ID proving Bridget and Dewayne were at least 18. He also explained a few rules of conduct because they had never been there before. The main rule was that everything had to be consensual. Lifeguards and attendants observed conduct from afar. The owners would prosecute any violators.

Lisa was riding her orgasmic elevator. Michael was now at his point of sexual no return. He felt the intense ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. His balls spasmed and his prostate throbbed. He thrust into the depths of Lisa’s sexual being, the thick tingling head nudged at the flowering portal to her womb. His ejaculation surged forcefully up his over-excited manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the flexing head and exploded outward into Lisa’s dilated cervix. Within a second, a more powerful stream gushed and spewed into Lisa’s waiting body. Lisa’s legs flew upward and outward in a wide ‘V’ and kicked franticly in the air. Her eyes flew open when the incredible pressure gripped her loins. Her cervix and vagina were ecstatically ballooning with Michael’s two massive ejaculations. It threw her over her orgasmic edge and she arched up and froze as her body exploded. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded her mind and eyes. Her toes curled and her hands fisted. Every erogenous zone in her body spasmed and convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy. Lisa slumped to bed, her unconscious body continued to buck and jerk as powerful orgasmic aftershocks rippled across her body.