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Date: December 4, 2019

It was now mid afternoon and Dan was hungry. He asked Becky if she could stay for something to eat, she answered that she was free all day and would love to stay. Dan called for pizza. In less than an hour the doorbell rang and Dan told Rachel to answer it; she held out her hand for the money but received none. Dan told her to handle it anyway she wanted and she smiled a wicked smile. While they had been waiting for the pizza to arrive Dan had put on a pair of shorts and Becky had dawned her bra and panties, only Rachel had remained nude. Peering thru the peephole she recognized the delivery boy who, it seemed, was anxious to make another delivery to this address…little did he know what she was planning for him. She opened the door fully and posed for her audience; he was dumbstruck and almost dropped the pizza boxes before Rachel pulled him inside and closed the door.

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She actually got excited about it and admitted that she was a lot better fuck than she was a student and for passing grades in both mathematics and English she would do her best. As a formality we had her sign release forms and other paperwork knowing full well that she was a minor and that it wouldn’t hold up in court. We asked Francine to undress and took her measurements and weight. We measured her height, bust, waist, and hips. Measuring her breasts included above, below, and across the fullest part. Francine showed no sign of being modest at all even when I fingered her pussy and ass. We set up the first scene by asking her to use the toilet first then to give herself an enema, a douche, and then asked her to brush her teeth and to take a shower while we videotaped her. Francine smiled and said that she would love too. We wrote the items on a large whiteboard for her in the order that we wanted. While Francine was getting dressed again to start our scene my wife made a few phone calls.

Nice try, but that never works. Unexpressed feelings fester with time, like any other unattended wound. Or, they turn into gossip&..feelings that are delivered to the wrong parties! Know that it is MUCH more hurtful in the long term not to express something difficult, than to withhold it out of diplomacy. Remember to choose a time and place that feels safe to you both. Sit or standing in an open and receptive position. Make eye contact, and speak in a soothing voice. Let people know what you need, or want, or what does or does not work for you in a given situation, as opposed to telling them how they are wrong. For example, your father-in-law is glued to the football game on TV all day long, ignoring all family members. That is just rude! Honey, I know how much you love football. What will work best for us all to really enjoy Thanksgiving together, is to perhaps TIVO a game or two, and everyone who wants to watch it with you after dinner, will do so. What do you think about that? This honors his love of the game, and his participation in the family dynamics. You also leave room for negotiation. 10. 93% of communication is delivered through our senses. So, you see, really your words are the least important facet of communication! That being said, you still want to choose your words carefully. That in combination with an open, relaxed body position, eye contact, and a warm facial expression can make you a blockbuster of communicative power. May all your holidays be joyful!

I decided to try it out. My I opened wide and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking him. With-in a minute he told me he was about to cum. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept sucking him. He then came in my mouth. I won’t say that it tasted great, but he didn’t cum much and it didn’t taste terrible. Before I knew it I had swallowed it. After that James was about to get up, but I wasn’t done yet. I put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking it again. With-in about 3 minutes he was ready to play some more. “Why don’t you let me lick you down there now ? ” he said. I was ready and wanted him to do something that would satisfy the fire that I felt inside of me. He then got down between my legs and started licking me. It felt so good and I couldn’t help but to moan loudly. I don’t know what happened but a shook all over and then I felt the greatest feeling ever and it ended with me satisfied, I then passed out.

When she didn’t answer I slowly opened the door and peaked in. There she was lying on the bed listing to headphones. I couldn’t help but notice that her knees where up and her white silky panties were showing. “Excuse me I said loud enough for her to hear over her headphones. “I am all done, I stated. “What do you think”, she asked? “About what”, I replied? I opened my file and quickly noticed that they wanted well over the value of the home. She must have been able to tell that it wasn’t good from my expression. “Oh no”, she whimpered. “My father is several years behind on his taxes and we are going to loose everything if this deal doesn’t go threw. Is there something you can do to help”, she asked? “I don’t want to move to Iowa with my grandma and leave my house and all my friends. I stepped back for a second then smiled. “What anything I don’t want to move”, she replied. “What does that have to do with making value on my dad’s house?

The tracks converged at the center of the arena. The handlers ran the twin stout cables through Angella’s nose ring, beneath her pierced tongue, then threaded one through each big nipple ring, then brought them together again and clipped them to the ring in her permanently implanted plug. This simple arrangement would allow her to be hoisted in the air by her cunt, while remaining upright. She was told by the handlers that her task was to kill the other two girls, using her heel blades. The motivation was simple: Rachael and Suzette would also try to kill her, and the single survivor would be released. Angella had brains enough to know that the release would be to the recovery hospital, and that meant return to this evil ship to participate in yet another violent event. She knew that it did not matter to the owners or to the clients whether or not one of them should survive this battle for life.