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Date: December 2, 2019

It felt like a continuous stream bursting out of me as it burned into my skin. My balls clenched and released as I pumped over and over and it seemed like it would never stop. Eventually it subsided. My cock now revelled in the now heightened sensitivity as Alice continued to stroke me tenderly. I heard a soft voice with a distinct grin attached. “I wanted to see how you liked it”. I laughed deeply as the last of my orgasm lingered. “I feel so used”, I managed to say dramatically. Her face appeared above me, a satisfied smile behind her eyes. “Good” she replied. “Now you know how I feel! ” She laughed “I never want to leave this bed” although I sensed she was only half joking. “We have to eat at some point” I observed. I touched her cheek and ran my hands to the back of her head. I drew her towards me and before kissing her I said.

I don’t like @GaryVee. I say @GaryVee because I don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk personally. He could be delightful and entirely unlike his online persona. But his Internet character is doing harm to would-be entrepreneurs. There are two messages being sent. The first, the obvious one, is “Entrepreneurship is hard, work hard and you can succeed.” Nothing new or wrong with this. The issue is the second layer, the message underneath much of what GaryVee broadcasts: struggling is good. You should be working long hours, failing for ten years, starting a side hustle to fund your side hustle. You shouldn’t be comfortable because comfort is death, or worse, mediocrity. I mean shit, he even suggests feeling suicidal is normal. Entrepreneurs devour this message like doughnuts at a WeWork because most of them are failing. I call this “struggle porn”: a masochistic obsession with pushing yourself harder, listening to people tell you to work harder, and broadcasting how hard you’re working. Struggle porn has normalized sustained failure. It’s made it acceptable to fly to Bali and burn through your life savings trying to launch an Amazon dropshipping business.

Her voice was quivering as she said she understood and she started to get up to leave. I begged her to stay. I decided to I had nothing to lose and told her about my lack of interest in sex. I left out the part about liking man sex. That seemed to satisfy her. All Friday my mind kept taking me to the bad place about dating. I had to keep reminding myself that she just wanted to be friends. Of course I have always had a very compulsive nature and by the end of the day I was positively nauseous. I had even thought of canceling. Then I remembered her tears on Thursday and decided to just go with the flow. That evening, I left rather early to be certain I had time to find her place and be there on time. It was very easy to find, so I was about half an hour early.

Diane screamed in anguish – but was it not a scream of pain, it was the howl of pent-up desire finding its release, the shriek of the dam breaking, the cry of the prize won. I gripped the bitch’s hips for leverage and began to pump the dildo in and out, each time with greater punishing force. Diane’s oldest and most powerful fantasies. Me, I was just living for the ride, existing inside each second because it was so pure, so complete, and so vibrant with power. My pelvis swivelled on my hips like a demented pumping machine, pistoning the plastic rod into and out of Diane’s uncharted depths. The woman gave a hoarse cry, and reached up with her hands to grasp my bracing arms, like a drowning sailor might seize a life-belt. Her grip was desperate, her fingers digging into my upper arms as if she was clinging on for life itself.

I speak in the voice of a little girl. Strange how the roles reverse, he the child – I the adult; yet he is the authority figure in this fantasy and I the wayward waif. I say in a tiny meek quaver, ‘Please don’t put it in! IT will feel GOOOD! I beg, but the bulb is hard against my opening, ‘oohh . I squeal, and the knob slips into the mouth of my vagina. I bend forward a little, I grip the drapes to hold on for dear life. His cock is gradually penetrating my hole. I don’t want to stop him, it feels too good! The shaft moves slowly in, in, in until the very root of the stalk is jammed against my pudenda. He holds it like that for long seconds. We both understand that we have committed incest. If I can’t have my daddy, then I’ll have my boy! What did I just say? The light in the room here is turning red. Ted, Teddy is in his mother, my baby, my boy is banging me.

He hadn’t even looked towards his sister as he walked by. The light blue liquid disappeared down the toilet with a dismal flush. David sighed and resigned himself to return to his simple lab in the basement. When he reached the basement, Kerry his sister was there nosing about. Something she never did, come into his space, she always thought of him as childish and his experiments as “nerdy”. He pulled a book from her hands, annoyed with her. The question puzzled him. He brushed by her to sit back on his stool before the unorganized wooden table. She smiled and brushed a blonde hair from her face. Though he thought her as irritating, he could not help but noticed the attractive slim lines to her face, the way the swell of her breasts pressed against her shirt, or the way her jeans curved about her hips. But, as a brother he would never admit this interest to anyone, especially to himself.

Undaunted, the four roguish boys once more jammed the poor woman’s tortured butt with the brutish tool, and they laid her ass into the window. This time when the plug was jerked from her, she produced a shotgun blast of wet crap, which rained down onto the murder scene below. There was such chaos in the street that nobody saw the origin of the human excrement, which would have been clearly apparent had anyone looked up. The police had arrived, and the boys checked out of the hotel quickly to avoid awkward explanations. Tony had for the first time actively abused a woman, and learned that this was the most exciting thing in which he had ever taken part. When they got back to school, he and his friends began to abduct and sexually abuse girls and women on a regular basis. For Tony it was clear that he would build his career on creative bitch abuse. He had discovered the pleasure women could bring by sacrificing their dignity and much more.

“Gentlemen, please don’t do this type of thing again without checking with me. If you want to have Allison film you and whomever, that’s fine with me, but not here not on these grounds, got it? ” I say to them in a very stern manner. They both shake their heads in agreement and once again apologize. “Gentlemen, please remember you are a guest here and everything you do reflects on your uncle,” I say to them. They both thank me for giving them a second chance. “Please ask Aurora to come to sit with me,” I say to the CG boys. Both get up and go over to her. She finishes her phone call up and walks over to me and plops herself down on the couch. “Yeah, is there something you need? “You to pack your stuff and move out of my house,” I say to her. Her eyes get large and I see she is now pissed off.

I got no answer, so I tried calling her. I heard her ring tone coming from somewhere, so I walked towards it, I got near the two bedrooms and it began getting louder. “It’s just Jennifer, I’ll call her back,” I heard Wendy say. So she was with someone, but I was a noisy woman and I had to know who it was. We had seen each other with a number guys before, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal if I just took a peak in there. I walked over to her bedroom and slowly opened the door. Just as I suspected, she was having sex. She was blowing someone, but it was who she was blowing that I thought was weird. I opened it enough and saw Bill’s face as they were both naked, she was blowing her brother! “Holy shit,” I said. “Fuck, Jennifer is here Wendy,” Bill replied.

Her own, her sisters, David’s, his mothers’, his sister, and even Mrs. Wilson and her two daughters. Sitting up, the beautiful teen vaguely remembered the orgy of sexual debauchery that happened in David’s family room only a few hours before. She also remembered the sweet smell of “Toilet Water” and shivered in disgust and desire. Slowly, with quivering tired muscles, the slim teen crawled over to the couch and sat next to it. Only one of her white stockings remained upon her body, with the garter belt still about her waist but unattached to the legging. She wore no other garments. Virginia took survey about the warm, pillow covered room. Her sister, Samantha, lay on her side, tied facing Mrs. Wilson’s youngest daughter, Jill. Both young ladies, were inverted and faced the others pretty young pussies. Which both were now well acquainted with. Mrs. Wilson’s other daughter, Mary, was cuddling with her naked mother. A wide nipple still near her open mouth.