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Her excited inner lips kissed and caressed the worm’s thick head as it came in delicious contact with them. Susan began thrusting her raised open sex rearward in a frantic attempt to get her ‘Lover’ to penetrate her seething vaginal passage. Her ‘Lover’ obliged her frantic plea. In one fluid motion, the thick head nudged past the eager lips and slid slowly inward. A loud hiss of ecstasy escaped her wide open mouth as the full length of the worm’s pulsing hardness slipped deeply into her steamy and lubricated sheath. Susan felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her clenching passage. Susan wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and drooled as the worm’s phallus slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Susan felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick ‘Lover’.

Mira’s hands shot downward and began massaging the wonderful mass that was giving her body so much pleasure. Her dazed mind was trying to tell her that ‘this is the way it used to be’. Mira was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a pulsing thickness nestle into her clasping inner lips and nudge against the opening to her vagina. As the exquisite pressure built her eager opening stretched excitedly over the advancing head and Mira moaned as unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the twisting ribs teased and tantalized the sensitive lining of her vaginal walls. As the worm slithered inward, it’s head began circling the spasming passage as though it was looking for something. Suddenly, Mira arched upward and her hips began franticly grinding her enflamed sex onto worm’s thick body. It had found her elusive ‘G’ spot and Mira screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy. Thank you .. thank you ..!

Susan was just wearing a pair of yellow thong panties and a yellow bra I could see her breasts and nipples. Jim’s mom was completely naked and holding her nightgown over her head as she put it on. I stood there looking at her bare breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. As the nightgown came down over her face she looked directly at me and just smiled. I watched as she shuffled her top to get it over her heaving breasts as I watched. Her gown was transparent and I could see her breasts quite clearly even with them covered up. Then she turned to pick up the matching panties and showed me her bare ass at the same time. She looked right at me as she pulled her transparent panties up her legs and adjusted them into her crotch. When the show as over I went into Jim’s bedroom and removed my clothes.

Long story but a successful ending and we had sex for our first time. After that we began to have sex regularly – like a few times a week as she really enjoyed it and I never had to ask her again. It was just accepted that if we could we did. After a couple of months we began raking risks and one day I went to her place and she said we cant Mom will be home soon. Her mother went ballistic and slapped me about and called me every name under the sun. It was most uncomfortable next 15 minutes until she calmed down. We were still naked from the waist down while she interrogated the two of us and we were too frightened to tell her lies and we had to tell her all what we had been doing together. She was astounded that we had been doing it as often as we had been. She wanted to know all the intimate details and if we had done anything else together sexually. Jan said we had sucked each other off a couple of times.

Ron pulled a plain black t-shirt of his head as he walked round to look into the mirror. Checking his reflection, he picked up a hairbrush and styled his hair neatly. When he had received his letter from the Cannons yesterday he had been excited at first, but now he had 30 minutes until his meeting started where he’d be discussing his contract. This was a big deal in the quidditch world, the first contract was always the most important. He knew that it was standard procedure for teams to fill their youth teams with mediocre players on one year contracts, eventually releasing all of them. Oliver Wood had spoken to him after the war about his years at Puddlemere United. He had told Ron that the club had offered him a 2 year deal for the youth team with the promise of a professional contract at the end of it.

Brian sighed, his breath escaped in a cloud of fog. The tightly packed buildings and car-lined roads had blended together after weeks of walking the same route. Now it was only the people he noticed. They were the only part of the scenery that changed. Old women pushing carts, kids on their way to class, homeless guys. Endless variety, but still a certain category of individual that would be fighting through the frigid air at 10 am. That was probably why the girl caught his eye. She was walking towards him on the opposite side of the street. Even from the distance she was striking. A black, wide-brimmed hat matched a cinched overcoat with a collar that straddled her neck. Both framed her face, pale and keen. Somewhere on the border of severe and delicate. A purple and black striped sweater hugged her chest beneath the overcoat. Her figure was made more eye-catching by her boots, laced up to her shins and with heels that must have been three inches.

Then he could jerk off and cum in the towel. I showed him what I meant and had the towel tent over my dick and stoked away. They were thin cotton towels, and you could see through some. I held mine tight to the top of my dick as I jerked off to the porn, and my cum flowed right through the towel as I ejaculated. Steve was amazed. He had never seen another guy cum before, well other than porn. Steve had his tent going and was furiously stroking his dick. He leaned back into the sofa and straightened his body out as he got close. I could see his towel was falling, so I reached over and helped hold his towel in place. He never even noticed. His eyes were closed and his hand was a blur. Then he came, and his whole body quivered. I managed to keep the towel on the head of his dick tight enough that his cum came through the towel.

I adored the feeling of him so deep inside of me. He fit me perfectly. I wrapped my legs around his waist trying to keep him as deep inside of me as possible. It was as if he were made to fit me. His body felt so good on top of me and was exactly the right kind of weight that by being fully on top, he wasn’t heavy at all. My body felt snug beneath him, and I was completely enveloped by him. But here was this amazing man, who was fucking me so good, that I lost my ability to speak words that made any sense. I screamed his name as my orgasm took over, forcing my nails to dig deep into his back as my pussy contracted around his cock! This made him thrust faster and harder, my back arched upwards, my toes curled, and I exploded hard all over his gorgeous cock! He exploded inside me, completely filling me with his hot, gorgeous cum! We were both breathing hard and dripping wet, our bodies soaked and still hot from the intensity of our orgasms. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, keeping him inside me, and held him tightly, stroking his hair, whispering how much I loved him and begging him never to leave me. I didn’t care that I sounded desperate or pathetic. I was desperate, desperate never to lose this person! This person who completed me! This person who took me to places I had only ever dreamed of and read about in novels. We lay this way for a long time, him still inside me.

I carefully watch Dakota to make sure my darling is drinking enough water. I get a call from Donna; she is completely surprised that lunch showed up. I told her that I appreciated all the work they were doing and to please make sure that John gets at least one lunch, maybe even two. Donna laughs and thanks me for taking care of the staff. A few minutes later I get a call from Paula thanking me for lunch for her people. I tell her that I appreciate all the hard work that her group is doing. The phone calls go on for a couple more hours. The lunch that Sammy made was delicious. The phone group stopped, and we all enjoyed the food, but there were lots of conversations about how people reacted to the phone calls. At the end of the lunch, Allison came over to me. “I guess I’m in trouble. Do you want me to move out? ” She says in a defeated manner.

John confirmed they were dating though made it clear that what they did was between them, he didn’t want peer pressure to push him into anything. Getting David caught up on those events took them most of the way through their late lunch. The rest was spent discussing the Kamala Patel/Jane Hamilton friendship and their knowledge of the porn. The more memorable erotic events of John’s night being edited out for his friends; they told their stories to David, whose mouth gaped open in astonishment. They finished their tales and their meal and went to the pool they had only been swimming for a few minutes when they heard the doorbell from the house. Joseph got out wrapped a towel round his waist to keep from dripping puddles through the house and went to answer it. “Hi,” she said. “I figured you three were going to be swimming so I came over to crash the party; if you don’t mind?