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Date: November 28, 2019

I kept fucking her harder and harder and we were sliding off of the back of the couch and over the arm of the couch. She now had her hands completely on the floor as her ass was up in the air over the arm and I continued to pound into her. Greg thought this was better than any porn he had ever seen before and didn’t even notice what was on TV at this point and neither did we. I grabbed a hold of her with both hands and gave her good long hard strokes and then as she was getting closer to cumming, I put a finger in her ass to send her over the edge. I could feel everything contracting around my dick and my finger and then I finally exploded up inside of her for the second time tonight. I backed off of her and she laid there over the side of the couch.

This particular sex show cruise ship belonged to the largest international pornography and flesh marketing organization in the world, and the gorgeous women who were brought on board to entertain at sea could expect the worst. Tony had picked her up in the hotel bar in Copenhagen, with an offer of some fast excitement and fast money. He had recognized the aloof vain look of the American bitch right away. This kind of woman was always alone in the bars, because they were always too good for the men who would take the time and trouble to pick them up. They always ended up missing the fun they were looking for, and he had perfected the technique for getting them to come along with him. Tony was a pro, and had made a fair business of procurement. The girls he abducted were always “safe” women, with no connections, and none of them ever left the ship alive, so he was never faced with the risk of running into them accidentally later on. The biggest money for Tony was in coming up with a very special woman who would have a special role on the cruise.

Angella’s terror increased when the craftsman moved the rack to Suzette and clamped her tongue to the strong clip. Suzette tried unsuccessfully to pull her tongue free, and before she could get her stout bitching muscle free the craftsman drove a fist into her stomach. Suzette thrust her tongue out as a reaction to the vicious blow, and he had the hot iron into it, burning a hole cleanly through her bitching meat. Quickly the skilled craftsman burned a second hole beside the first, and then did the same to her nose. Angella nearly wretched from the acrid smell of burning female flesh. She felt severe cramps forming in her stomach from the terror she was feeling, and she was certain that the same brutal treatment was about to happen to her, before Tony could save her. She watched in horror as the large oval steel ring was fixed into the tongue and nose of the beautiful bitch Suzette.

It was like dropping lighter fluid on a big fire, that it certainly made us love each other even more it seemed. With every passing move from our lips, I felt my heart loving her a bit more. The sexual nirvana was perfect, and then she let her lips off mine and placed her right palm on my cheek. I prepared myself for whatever she had planned, and as I knew what it was, I crawled back to the end of the bed. I rested my head on her pillow and opened my legs widely for her. She inserted a couple of fingers into her mouth again as she made her way towards me. She wasted no time placing the tips of her fingers on my cunt. She caressed it as softly as possible, but yet, she had me twitching again. I had no idea we’d be doing this when I wandered into the hallway, but I was happy.

Banana, wine bottle, hairbrush, etc. Then I seen a pen lying on the table and thought it would be perfect. So I went into the living where the porn was still on, sat down still sucking on the dildo, and pulled my sister’s panties down. I started feeling around my ass getting a little used to it down there, then I started sliding the pen in very slowly. I really didn’t feel anything at first, but the deeper I went the better it started to feel. It was great, I was sucking on a probably used dildo by my sister, having anal sex with a pen, and dressed in my sisters clothes. I came in no time. I woke up probably around 2 or 2:30 PM when I heard the doorbell. I walked downstairs opened the door, and there was this hot ass Asian chick there with a package in her hands. She looked at me very strangely for a good 20 seconds without saying anything, which was a little awkward. She set the package on the table. She locked the door, walked back to the package, and started opening it. I was a little freaked out right now, didn’t know what was happening or anything. I didn’t say anything, still confused as hell. She hit me harder than fuck right across the face, her nails actually scratching me. Now listen to me little Zacky, your gonna be my little bitch for the next few days and do whatever the fuck I tell you to do, or your gonna regret it, ok? Ohh looks like my little girl is getting turned on huh? You like mommy’s dick don’t ya bitch? You like it when mommy licks your tight puckered ass? Oh my God mistress I love the feeling of your wet soft tongue inside my tiny little asshole, please don’t stop licking it mommy!

You do like this.” Manny said pushing the vibrator back and forth between her legs and moving his fingers to tweak her nipples. “Shut up and just…shut up…” Nicole moaned softly. Manny pulled back both hands leaving Nicole frustrated. “Okay, take your shirt! ” Manny demanded. Nicole turned to protest only to find he had already dropped his shorts and underwear. His giant cock throbbed in morning sunlight. “Please take your shirt off.” Manny tried. Nicole met his gaze but offered no smile. Her arms however began in to move in retaliation to her senses. Slowly she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor. She stood tall presenting her breasts as if for inspection. All through breakfast Nicole had imagined various scenarios when confronting Manny. None however involved them standing in her den, with her in only a pair of panties. Manny stared in awe.

Master’s sissy slut keeps sucking him in this manner. The submissive slut can feel Master’s cock growing in its mouth. Master’s cock is getting thicker and longer as his fuck toy continues to worship his cock. Master places both of his hands on the back of his slut’s head, guiding his fuck toy’s mouth on his cock and moaning more and more as his submissive whore continues its slow deep sucking of Master’s cock. Master grabs his fuck hole’s hair with both hands and yells, “I’M GOING TO FUCK YOUR THROAT NOW! YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF FUCK MEAT! Master starts jamming his rock hard cock down his fuck meat’s throat has rough as he can, forcing his man meat further into his sissy’s throat with each thrust forward. His new fuck hole is struggling to take his Master’s cock, gagging over and over again. Master shoves his long cock down his slut’s throat, hold’s it there for a few seconds, and then pulls the slut’s head back.

“A really cool mom? I am sure Aiden and Chris would think that. “Hmmm, well Heather I have to admit it is probably the best idea. I will let you know though if and when I would come up. I am having lunch with Tanya and Elena. “Ok mom, let me know what you want to do. Um…you don’t think they were thinking about you and that is why they were using your panties? “Oh, Heather…I do not even want to think about that! Why would you ask that? “Well, mom you are hot. “Stop it, Heather; you are making me embarrassed. I need to go now. I will call you later. “Ok mom, you too…and don’t go watching my bothers anymore.” (Cute laughter). I met up with Tanya and Elena at a coffee shop. I picked a table in the corner away from all the other customers as I did not want them to hear our conversation.

Tom thought perhaps Adam was so in love with her that he actually asked the Latino man to kill Sal that night. He kept his cool and asked, “What happened next? Farah said, “I showered by myself and got dressed. Then Adam walked me out of the hotel. I guess it was going to be okay because one of Sal’s bodyguards Tony was out in the hallway and he winked at us and nodded his head like it was okay for me to leave. Once we got downstairs I couldn’t get out of the hotel fast enough. Tom said, “Okay what happened next? Farah said, “I snuck back to my house in Sherman Oaks. I slipped into my room and got my passport and some pictures of me and my family. Tom said, “What is the man’s name? Farah said, “Does it really matter? ’t do some of the things I’m willing to do for him. He has two great kids, please don’t involve him in all of this, he loves his family so much and all he did was give a friend a ride.

My hand rests on his thigh, and my breasts are pressed against his side. Resting my head on his shoulder, my drink sits long forgotten in the cup holder. I take my eyes from the movie and run my finger up his leg, slowly sliding a path along his inner thigh. He shifts in his seat, and then kisses the top of my head. I turn my face to him. His lips descend softly onto mine, where they rest, soft and light. My other hand moves to caress his jaw, as our heads tilt and our kiss deepens. I murmur. “Buttery.” Licking his lips, I take them in again, and twirl my tongue along with his. My fingers trail down his chest and back up to his neck. My mouth moves down to kiss the opposite side of his neck, while the pads of my fingers rub back and forth across his skin.