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Date: November 30, 2019

She began to let go, resigned to the reality of what was happening. On top of meeting Horse’s needs, the hormones rushing around Chloe’s fertile body were driving her own primal urges. The events of the past 24 hours had stirred something. It was undeniable. It was unstoppable. It was the primal instinct that hungered for Horse’s sperm, to fertilise her egg. Horse looked down at his pubescent girl with a knowing grin, sensing that she was responding well to him physically. He stared down at the gentle curves of her hips and the fresh young cunt that he was ploughing. Chloe’s narrow vagina widened and lengthened to accommodate him. A drizzle of cervical mucus leaked out of her cunt and ran down her arse crack. The clear sticky fluid would later assist Horse’s sperm to swim their long journey into her belly. Delicious sighs of pleasure and pain gently bubbled out of Chloe’s sweet mouth. Even the twinges of pain were laced with a new sensation – carnal pleasure. Chloe suddenly felt that some of the pain was worth it. For the first time, she took pleasure in Horse’s bitter-sweet gift of pain.

When I got his shirt off, I broke the kiss just so I could look at his naked body and it looked so so much better in person, I could literally see all of his muscles perfectly. I bit my lip hard, looked in his eyes and moaned while I slid my hand down his amazingly sexy and hot hot body right before I kissed him and grabbed his dick. After touching each other and making out like crazy for a long time, he pulled his hand off of my soaking wet, dripping and drooling pussy and looked in my eyes with his head against mine. “Can we get this dress off? ” He sighed making my body tense up a little while I nodded yes. He gave me the sexiest grin ever while he took my dress and started to pull my dress up. It was easy for him since the bottom of my dress was already pulled up around my hips, so it was easy for him. I sat there and watched him while he pulled my dress up until I lifted my arms so he could get it all the way off.

His hands were caressing my back, then one grabbed my neck and pulled me up. His arm wrapped around my chest, squeezing my boobs. He was holding tightly, my back pressed against his chest, he dick jumping up into me. I was grinning as his thrusts became faster. His free hand was playing with my clit as he stuffed my pussy with man-meat. My orgasm hit, sending shocks of delight from my crotch outward. I gasped in pleasure and let out a few squeaks of happiness. I could feel my juices flowing down my leg and hear the wet splats as he thrust into me. We changed position to cowgirl, I was riding him hard and he was squeezing my bouncing boobs. I could see he was close to cumming, but I wasn’t finished yet. I sat on his cock, it was deep inside me, but I wasn’t moving. ” he asked, annoyed at me denying him his orgasm. “I’m not letting you cum this early.” “But you’re here for three more nights, we’ll have plenty of time, just let me cum!

I actually made you write a note with an instruction for him to check it out before he goes to sleep tonight,” the ghost said. Ronja struggled to come up with anything to say, but she was really at her wits end. Her brother did actually know she had fucked master before since he had freed her from the bondage gear afterwards. Watching her perform on the tape was bound to give him new ideas and Ronja could imagine no way to avoid it. Numbly she sat down by her desk and started with her homework. She better have as much finished as she could before her brother came for sex, she really doubted he would settle for a quickie. What could possibly the ghost have written on the note? It was only a matter of time until she learned the answer. Did you like what you read? Do you have ideas for what should happen now?

” James asked. I admitted I had. “Maybe later.” he said. We continued the game with everyone getting hotter and hotter. Moisture was actually running down the legs of the two girls from their overflowing cunts. I was asked about other photos in the Hot Wife Series and I told them about the one where my wife was putting my cock into another girls pussy. “I want to do that one next,” Mary said. Putting James on the floor on his back Mary sucked his dick a little and motioned for my wife to get on. She straddled James. In a reverse cowboy and put her pussy right over the swollen head of his cock. Mary took his cock and began to rub it into her dripping wet slit . Soon the head glistened with her pussy juice and she slowly began to sink down on to his shaft. I was fascinated watching his cock disappear into her cunt. This was no simulation, she was fucking him.

I felt him clench into me and I knew he was about to cum. My own orgasm was close as well and I was ready for a release. He then came into my young pussy and that was all that it took for me also to get off. I came hard and I was spent. I just fell over to relax. Muscles laid down beside me and we kissed some more while we waited for the others to finish. Once they finished we all got up and the guy’s got dressed and ready to go. Muscles kissed me goodbye and I enjoyed it. The guys left the room and met with John outside of the door. We got back dressed and waited for our payment. John came back into the room about 30 minutes after we had gotten dressed. We were all wondering why it took so long this time but we just sat and chatted.

Alison caught my disappointment at looking all around and not seeing the lovely young waitress. “Never mind, babe, she will be here another day, it may be her day off? A bottle of our favourite rose arrived and as the young waiter slowly uncorked the bottle, kept running his eyes over both of us. Tipping a little into Alison’s glass, he nearly dropped the bottle as she leant forward to pick up the glass, and her frock fell open. I knew that he could see most of her beautiful breasts. Eyes even wider, as he watched her lean back in her chair to taste, and her skirt slipped apart revealing her stocking tops and thong. As if unaware of what she was showing, she nodded to him, and he poured out both glasses, almost overflowing mine when he noticed my crossed legs and expanse of my nylon clad legs and suspenders. With difficulty, he took our orders, and looking a little hot under his stiff starched collar, walked shakily back to the bar. “Cheers my dear” I toasted Alison, “in the sunshine I can plainly see your nipples through the material.

Sandy of course, was constantly around and looking better than ever. One night she showed up at our place with a new guy, Mark in tow. Mark seemed like a nice guy and we enjoyed hanging out with them. It was apparent that Sandy and him were at that stage of their relationship where they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. At one point during the night, I accidentally bumped into Cindy and spilled my drink all over the front of her sweater. She was bummed out about it but I said I would go get her another top. I went back to the bedroom and began going through her drawers looking for a top. I found just the right one. Cindy has many sheer tops and usually she wears a lacy bra underneath. I knew she didn’t have one on under her sweater that night, so I grabbed a sheer blue top and headed back out to the living room. She saw what I had and started to protest.

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She was shoving two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and on the verge of climaxing on her fingers. She stopped when she heard someone at her bedroom door. She put her hands to her side and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Jamal opened her bedroom door, quietly stepped in and closed the door behind him. Jamal called her name as he stepped up to her bed. Mrs. J could feel his presence near her bed but didn’t stir. Jamal reached out and shook her shoulder. She still didn’t move. He sat on the edge of her bed and gently stroked her blond hair, pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. She was lying on her back in the middle of the bed, and his soft loving voice made her pussy even wetter. She hoped he didn’t smell her arousal. Jamal noticed she was still wearing the same silk robe from the night before. He opened the robe to find she was still panty-less because he had taken her yellow panties home with him.