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Date: November 25, 2019

“Preternatural Magnitude: 4.” Yep, just fucking that thing had made her almost twice as strong of a Witch. She shuddered at the memory of the orgasm, or maybe it was just the cold. She could be pretty dominant. So much so that guys were intimidated. She loved being used too, but only if she was in control. That thing had had all the control, and she’d given it freely. It’s ethereal limbs haunted her thoughts. She needed to distract herself, big time. She ignored the stares. They were nothing to her anymore. A long time ago, they were like prodding fingers on her brain, forcing her to become self conscious. Now she reveled in them, loved being the girl that turned heads. Today she was wearing bright pink lipstick to contrast her hair, which she’d styled to fall across her eyes. All the boys looked up to take in her striking style, then ogled her ass as she walked past them.

The first thing she saw was the binoculars in their hard case, so she picked them up and set them off to the side. “So my dad watches porn, huh? ” she said out loud to herself, putting the tape in the box and picking up the next one. She turned that one over also, chuckling as she did so, but then she froze and her mouth fell open when she saw the picture of the male actor on the cover. ” she whispered, her eyes wide with shock and amazement. “No way…no fuckin’ way! ” she said to herself as she looked at the picture again. Then she picked up the one she had put in the box, saw that the actor on that one was the same, and picked up two more from the floor. All of them were movies of the same actor, an actor who called himself “Johnny Rod” and who apparently was famous for the size of his cock, advertised on the box as being eleven – eleven!

She darted her head towards me. Instead of planting a kiss on my cheek like I expected, she brushed my lips. Her tongue swiped out, licking across them and brushing the tip of my nose. She smiled at me, squirming. “Yeah,” I ground, all the blood swelling my cock. I don’t recall ever being harder. My sister was just so cute. I popped open the first pack, ignoring all the commons and uncommons. I went straight for the last card where the rare or the mythic rare would be found. I sighed. A bust. A dud of a rare that I wouldn’t even get a buck for. I opened the second pack, the foil crinkling. Jane was perched on her knees now trembling as she watched. She had this look of hope in her eyes, her hands clasped before her. She whimpered and whined, her little nose twitching. “Damn,” I moaned, getting a dual land in the second pack.

He felt the men grab his unrestrained arms and then saw a boy coming forward with a small jug in his hand. The boy knelt under his body and, dipped a cloth into the jug and began coating Tyler’s penis, balls and the spread cheeks of buttocks. Tyler winced as the slick contents was applied to his skin and the scent of honey drifted up into his nostrils. Tyler’s fears vaulted, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the liquid was an attractant for something, but for what? The boy left and Tyler sensed movement off to his right and in a few seconds he saw a man leading a young Heifer toward him. Tyler wasn’t prepared for the sight of a ‘nursing’ Heifer and his body began shaking and trembling. The Heifer caught the scent of the honey and raised its head, sniffing the air. It opened its large mouth and its long, wide tongue licked its thick lips. Tyler. Again, Tyler looked at villagers and then at Andre, his face pleaded for help but all he saw was their smiling smiles.

Tom thought about eating her out or having her suck his cock, but he didn’t want to wait any longer to penetrate her best hole. “Get on the couch,” he told her. Tom watched her naked ass sway towards the cough. He watched Chloe lay down on her back and spread her legs wide to show off her wet pussy. It was his for the taking. Tom stood up and went over to the couch. He climbed on top of her. He kissed her long and hard on the lips as he lined up his cock with her pussy. Just before he entered her, Tom had a dirty idea. He had never tried it before because of the judgement that would come from it. But Chloe was an android. She wouldn’t judge him for it, only obey. “Yes, Daddy,” she replied. Tom didn’t think he could get more excited or aroused by this beautiful piece.

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” She asked sweetly. “I’m only going to tell you to get me dirty again. Give me five minutes and then I’ll see you in the kitchen lover! ” And with that she scooped up the sex toys from the bed and sashayed out the door. He smiled broadly and shook his head in amazement, wondering what other tricks she had up her sleeve for the day. She had asked for five minutes so he relaxed on the bed for a while, enjoying a vivid mental replay of the recent events until five minutes ticked over. “There’s only one way to find out what she’s got in mind next.” He mused to himself as he got to his feet and followed her. It may have only been a few minutes, but Carol had certainly been busy. Rod walked into the kitchen to find her bustling about preparing breakfast, dressed in a tiny French-maid costume.