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I went home with Lorelei and called my mother to tell her that I was safe but that I wasn’t coming home. Then I got to sleep with my number one Sex Slave all night long. In the morning Miss Connelly invited Candice, Doris, and Kimberly over for lunch and a day to talk again. Kimberly couldn’t sit but laid on her belly on some pillows. Jeremy was not a happy camper and had beat her for not winning the contest. In the first place it was only supposed to be a demonstration until Jeremy got all bent out of shape. Then the little turd beat her ass with a leather strap until he broke the skin. Lorelei suggested that Kimberly take it to higher authorities if she wanted to. She said that Sex Slaves had rights too but that it would take a tribunal to overturn the paper that she had signed granting Jeremy ownership of her body and soul.

“A little to the left… yeah, perfect.” I smiled up at the mover, taking in his muscly arms and well toned physique. He shot me a flirtatious smile as he moved away from the couch and I tried to conceal my blush. How long had I been boy-deprived? Taking in his partner, equally large in size I re-phrased my thoughts. How long had I been man-deprived? “So, that’s everything.” I nodded at him before thanking them both. As they exited the apartment, pockets slightly heavier, I took in the view. It was a studio apartment, no walls or doors, and with light streaming through the large windows. It’d once been a warehouse, but despite the architecture abnormalities and open space design, I was excited to call it home. Staring around at all the boxes though, I knew it’d be a while before it started to feel like home. “So… any ghosts yet? ” I rolled my eyes at Abby’s superstition, adjusting my phone. “There’s no such things as ghost.” I glanced at the flat, hardwood floors, old brick walls, a large metal kitchen counter, and no ghosts in sight.

With a shock Jennifer realized that she found the brutality of the assault on her sexual privacy was thrilling to her. Now she understood what Tony meant by excitement. She wondered how much the coke she had snorted had to do with what was going on in her head. On the second evening at sea Tony treated Jennifer by taking her to see one of the most delightfully debauched entertainments Jennifer could imagine: it was a beauty contest for pretty little European tots aged from five to seven. The kiddie show was staged in a small intimate lower deck theater that seated about a hundred and fifty guests. When they arrived they got two of the last few remaining empty seats left in the theater. Although they were mostly European children, the event was all in English, which Jennifer later learned was the language common to most of the guests, so it was used throughout the ship. I was the little girls’distinctive accents that identified their nationality.

Any one of us would give almost anything to be bonded by any beta. The party was not my idea. I hope it doesn’t bring me bad luck. I very much hope Gemric does bond me and would be happy if he chooses Kemish as our alpha. Kemish is mildly excited about Gemric’s interest. He has been more attentive since Gemric’s second visit. Alphas have little to say about a bonding. They generally have little involvment with raising the triplets. And the fertilization of the female gives them no particular pleasure beyond normal coitus. But there is tremendous status in being chosen. Kemish and I talk for almost an hour. He is nearly as intelligent as I and our conversation is interesting. It is not one sided as it was with Gemric. Gemric is so much more intelligent that I am almost more embarrassed than he is bored. But I make the effort, and Gemric knows I am of above average intelligence for a female.

He began to piss with full pressure, and I could feel the warm liquid actually entering into my hole. He continued the thing for around 30 seconds, and then came and stood in front of me. His dick was still hanging out. He said to me, you are clean now. I was getting really turned on; I asked him, can I touch your thing. I want to thank u for all that you have done to me. Can I just touch it once? He was like u can but there is a condition. You can’t use your hands to touch it. Now this was a big catch. And u can’t even get up. So basically he wanted me to kiss his dick. I didn’t know if I was really ready for it, but the heat was so much that I just closed my eyes, and opened my mouth, bringing my tongue out. He came forward, and touched his dick on my tongue.

Davine could not find the strength to lower the window so Vinny pressed on the button on his side of the door and Davine’s window slowly dropped down. On the man’s face you could tell that he was pleasantly surprise by the beautiful lady that he discovered behind the black glass. Jim’s face was suddenly beaming with a massive smile and he knew he was up for a good suck, he straight himself back up and unfastened his pants button and pulled his zip down. Davine could see the bulky shape pressing against Jim’s undies, he grabbed his undies and pulled them down, Jim was obviously horny because his average size cock sprung out nearly hitting her in the face. When Jim saw that beautiful body of hers his eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets. Jim had rarely had such a good fellatio done to him before, certainly not by such a beautiful classy bird. It only took a few more minutes of this for Jim to have to released himself, he had to let go even know he would have loved to feel Davine’s mouth around his erected penis for much longer.

Seeing the size and heft of his balls, she now understood how that was possible. She also knew what she wanted – what she needed – to do next, and she felt her pussy flood with anticipation. She stood up on her knees, bringing his cock level with her face, and looked up at her father for a moment. “It’s beautiful, Daddy,” she said softly, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! ” she said without thinking, then looked quickly up at her father. The look in his eyes was a combination of surprise and desire, with desire quickly winning out. She smiled innocently at him, and to her delight and surprise he smiled back. She looked back down at his cock in her hands and pumped it again, and after two strokes another big drop of precum appeared at the tip. She looked up at her father who looked back at her, then nodded his head.

Danny was in complete heaven he now had two willing women that were eager and willing to suck and fuck him any time he wanted. One of them was his mother and the other one was her best friend. He still had his hands on her shoulders as he looked down at her and smiled at her. His breathing was now becoming hard as he wanted to come desperately. Her head was now bobbing up and down on his cock faster and faster. He moaned out loud that he was about to come then he quickly filled her mouth with his precious young spunk. Joan had a small orgasm when he first shot off into her mouth. She had been fingering herself under the water as she sucked his beautiful cock. She now swallowed everything that he shot into her mouth. She did not let his cock out of her mouth until she was sure that he had stopped shooting off. She then used her tongue to clean him up.

Then she told me that we were doing it Missionary Style. She was flat on her back so I climbed on her and stuck my cock in her Dragon. I didn’t last any longer than I had the first time a month before. Puff said that it was okay because she wanted to see just how many times I could do it. We then went into Mom’s bedroom where Puff knelt on her bed and had me fuck her Doggy Style. After that she taught me the Spoon Position on our couch. From there we both went up to her apartment. I watched as Puff clipped a swing to a hook over her bed. She put me in position and got in the swing. She lowered herself onto my cock and told me to spin her around until I could cum. Puff said that brought new meaning to being screwed. I had certainly slowed down after my first three climaxes and I really enjoyed ‘screwing’ Puff like that.

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