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” I asked making him look at me. “Because I love the taste, but I love the way a woman reacts more. I love how her body moves, the look on her face and the noises she makes. I love it when she grinds her pussy against my face, how her juices get all over my face and the way she touches me when I’m eating her. But when I slide my dick inside of her pussy? I love how her body tenses up, the way she gasps, and how her body moves right when I push my dick in her.” He said making me feel so hot that I couldn’t stand it. “Mmmmm, that’s really hot, have you eaten girls out a lot? ” I asked making him look at me and smile. “I’m guessing you like to watch porn too, I mean, you were single until just a few days ago so you haven’t been with anyone for four years right?

I’m just as bad as your brother.” Sara confessed turning back to the computer. “Thanks and shush I’m trying to remember the site. Oh yeah.” Sara said typing in the website into the Google search bar. When she hit enter the search result page came up and the first link was purple signifying it had been viewed before. John looked over to see what site she had searched only to see that it was one of his favorite hardcore porn sites. “Oh what’s this looks like this isn’t the first time you’ve been here.” Sara said slyly looking over to see john turn a few shades redder. “Shut up you’re the one who typed it in.” he said looking away in embarrassment. Sara turned back to the page and clicked on the link taking the to the websites homepage. John looked back to see her type in the websites search bar. “Hot Horny Honey Teach.” She said as she typed.

It was late night and hardly any traffic was there in our way to home. We did everything which was possible in a running car and were feeling heat in cold weather. We reached home. Our apartment is on the third floor of a tall building. We kept my luggage in the drawing room and I could not stop myself from inspecting my new home in Delhi. It is a big apartment, with two bed rooms with attached bath, one guest room with attached bath, a store room, a spacious kitchen, Drawing room and one set of bathroom. Two big and specious balconies are also there. It is a big and specious apartment in the middle of the city. We both were hungry for each other. We went to our bedroom where a king size bed was waiting for our love game. We removed each other’s cloths in a hurry and we were immediately hugged each other’s naked body.

“ What’s she like? “ I don’t understand your question. “ You know, what’s she look like. “ Would you be attracted to her? “ No. Why would I be interested in a 6 or a 7 when I’ve got a 10? Barb smiled and said, “ you’re to kind. I asked, “ why all the questions? I mean I can’t figure why you seem to be so interested with the Jerry & Pam thing. And something else I’m curious about, why did you fold over the top corners of some of the pages in the magazine? “ No reason Gary, it’s just that you’ve never told me much about Jerry and the scene they’re into. Well dear one, I figured you’d have no interest in hearing about their private life. Let’s get back to my question. What question is that? “ I asked you why you folded down some of the pages in the magazine? Barb replied, “ no special reason.

Reaching lower down with his right hand, he pressed a finger against her clitoral hood to caress the pulsing bud beneath. Lisa responded by pressing backwards against him as his left hand joined in the attack. Now she had a rigid penis forcing its way between the cheeks of her buttocks. His fingers hooked against her pubic bone and then pressed her upwards and backwards so that the head of his rigid cock slid forward to rake across her anus, pausing for a moment before moving on towards her moist vagina. It would have been when his cockhead paused at her anal sphincter that she realized that she could be about to receive more than she had been anticipated. He pushed her onto the bed and rolled her onto her back so that he could position himself above her and spend the next 30 minutes fondling her proud and firm breasts as he tasted and chewed her warm sex. After having aroused her to fever pitch, he began to tease her vagina by slowly easing forward until the head of his erection was at the entrance of her waiting love tube.

We had little giggles of joy in-between our moans, it felt so damn good. We made new noises of pure ecstasy. Her legs pulled hard against my body. I held onto her so tight I was afraid I would hurt her. Our moans of joy were loud as our bodies slapped together continuously. My cock had become a cuming machine as her pussy squeezed it and stroked it all in one motion. Cum and pussy juice was flowing everywhere. We could both hear it sloshing together as we just kept fucking. ….We were having a ’golden moment’ in life, and we knew it. We just kept fucking and fucking never wanting it to stop. …It started to get quiet except for our quiet moans. “…oh my god, (gasp) oh my god..” she moaned out of breath. …I was sure we shook the playhouse off it’s foundation. The house seemed to be spinning around and around.

Freddy was in bliss with this action and felt Banana’s tight grip on his litltle cock. Freddy was so into the moment that as soon as Banana jerked his cock a few times he began to shoot loads all over his stomach. He even got a few on his face. He didnt care he just licked it right off and kept getting served in his ass. Banana pumped like he never had in his life. He was giving this guy so much pleasure that he just wanted to give it his all. Banana was starting to get to his climax point. He couldn’t handle it, the feeling was so good. He could feel his sack slapping Freddy’s ass as he kept fucking him deep in his ass while jerking his little cock. Freddy began to cum again so he aggresively wrappen his legs around Banana’s back. Banana knew that he was cumming again.

“Yeah, it excites me too…still…” She didn’t seem to be able to say yes. Bruce reached across the table to grasped Marty’s hand and said, “Remember the time we swore to never keep secrets from each other? ” She nodded. He continued, “Remember what caused us to do that? ” She nodded. “Well, this is kind of like that. Think about that. Don’t you see that we have more to gain than to lose? “Okay,” Bobby said, “I think that we all have to agree that we each will keep the secret to just among us and never tell anyone else. “Oh my,” she said. Before continuing she looked around at us and when she got to Bruce her eyes stopped. Looking at his eyes she asked, “As a sex show? Still looking into Bruce’s eyes she said, “Yes…okay…I agree.” She turned to me and said, “I feel just like you. “All right,” Bobby said, “Bruce, Carly, you two are going first right? Bobby continued, “I think the rec room is where we should put on the shows so you two,” he indicated Bruce and I, “Go in there and plan what you are going to do.

I think we’re both on the same page. Would you like to give Roland a call and set something up? “ Sure, why not, “ I replied. “ OK, I’ll get his number. Barbara left the room and was gone for about three or four minutes. She came back with a grin on her face and said, “ I almost couldn’t find it. After we got home, I emptied my purse and put his number in the night stand next to the bed and actually forgot where I had put it. Here, give him a call. I got our portable phone and dialed Roland’s phone number. His phone rang four or five times then an answering machine came on. The message I left was, “ Hi Roland, this is Gary and I was wondering if you were planning to go to the car show – anyhow, I’ll give you a call back. “ I didn’t want to leave an incriminating message in case he was married or living with a girl friend and since he was basically a stranger I didn’t want to leave our number. Barb seemed to be a little disappointed that he didn’t answer.

I hadn’t planned on ass-fucking my mom, but… if that’s what she wanted……. My mother worked her pucker in and out, trying her best to help with the invasion. From there, it only took three thrusts for her to accommodate my entire eight inches. The warmth and the very idea of having my dick rammed up my own mother’s asshole drove me wild. I was slamming her hard, my balls slapping in the slop from our previous loads. She had one orgasm and was having her second when I erupted, “OH, SHIT, MOM! OH, MY FUCKING SHIT! I’M PUMPING YOUR ASS FULL OF CUM! OH, MY FUCKING, FUCKING, GOD! Sure enough, she tried to pull loose, “Oh, my God, Donnie! Oh, my God, turn me loose. Turn me loose, right now! No sooner than her words were spoken, you might say that an aftershock hit me. I dug my finger tips in and pounded her ass full, again. Something… some feeling I got, told me that she really didn’t want to separate.