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Date: November 28, 2019

Let me share story with you. One man came into my therapy session and explained that he had a smoking fetish. He didn’t realize he had this fetish until recently. However, he went on to explain that he’s never smoked and he could not stand the smell of smoke. However, he had a girlfriend who smokes. They were in a restaurant one night and she lit up the cigarette and he was slightly offended at this act, but since he had a few drinks, he thought he was much more relaxed about the whole thing. While watching his girlfriend’s smoking he noticed that he became more interested in the way she brought the cigarette to her lips, drew the smoke in and exhaled the smoke. What really surprised him was before he got up to use the restroom his girlfriend took a long drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke into an area away from him.

“Maybe a couple dinners, I usually don’t have sex until the third date, but I’ll give you just until the second date,” I replied. “But what if I just wanna sleep with you though, and not have sex? “I’ll cut you a break and give that for free,” I replied. “Cool thanks for that,” Jerry said. “What do you think sisters are for? “I don’t know, being annoying? “You are on thin ice buster, you better watch your step,” I replied. “You gotta be nice too though,” Jerry said. “Fine, but you gotta have sex with me one more time before we go to sleep though,” I replied. “Deal,” Jerry said as he got on top of me. He put on another condom and we had sex again. A few weeks later he moved in with me and as I made him do, he took me out to dinner twice so we could have sex. I wondered where he had been for so long, and how I actually lived without him for so long, but ow I got him and he has me under the same roof.

In both cases after dating a couple of months, our feelings for each other grew stronger and it became necessary for me to have “The Talk” with them. The first time we were in my basement TV room while my parents were upstairs. I calmly explained that while I looked like a girl and had a complete set of working girl parts, I also had a complete set of guy parts tucked up inside and that they also worked just fine. I explained that I was a Hermie. I described my retractable penis and offered to show him both my penis and my pussy. He accepted the offer immediately. Maybe he was curious about my retractable penis and maybe he just wanted to get a good look at a pussy, any pussy. I put on some music and stripped as I danced for him. I stood naked in front of him and let him get a good overall view of my body.

Lisa pulled the sock off of Katie’s left foot, and sucked the tiny toes into her mouth, her tongue rolling around them, desperately trying to hold her orgasm at bay. Katie grabbed her sister’s hands, the look in her face more than enough for Lisa to know how close she was. Katie saw their mother first, looking over her sister’s shoulder as she opened their bedroom door. Lisa didn’t look back, couldn’t look back, but she heard her mother’s voice cut of mid-sentence at the sight. It was too late of course. Both girls were too far gone over the edge. With the eyes of the woman who gave birth to them watching, the twins erupted in climax, their spasming pussies soaking the crotch of its sister, their sweaty bodies writhing in ecstasy. Thirty four year old Sarah Thomas could only stand in stunned silence as her daughters slumped onto the bed, Lisa’s body still humping at the air as her sister pulled back. Their breathing was deep and laboured, and their young muscles twitched visibly.

” Sarah moved into position. “Turn a little more this way,” Dr. Henry directed, moving her to the light. “That’s good, now when I turn the camera on, I’m going to pan down from your face to your legs. When I give you the sign, spread your legs. Alright, are we ready? Sarah watched as the camera lens focused on her face and slowly began to move down her body. There were noticeable pauses as it captured her breasts and her groin, but after several seconds, Dr. Henry pointed his finger at her. “Ok,” he said, “open your legs.” Sarah complied. The unflinching eye of the camera remained locked on the very essence of her femininity. “That’s nice, a little wider.” Her legs opened, fully exposing her aroused sex to the camera and the aroused men. “Mike, get in there and use your tongue and Carl move onto the bed and let her suck your cock.” Neither man needed to be given additional instructions. Mike moved into position first and began to lightly trace his fingers along the inside of Sarah’s thighs, moving towards her pussy lips then retreating back to her thighs.

Mary was too excited to stop and didn’t know if the girl was telling John or her, but didn’t care either. She pushed Kelly’s back downward to get her to bend, which caused John to sit down on the bed in front of Kelly. He brought her mouth to his and ran his fingers through her hair. Behind her, Mary had full access to Kelly’s rear, and switched her hand for her mouth, impulsively kissing Kelly’s cute butt, realizing she didn’t want to resist the lovely skin right at her fingertips. ” from Kelly was smothered by John, who continued to caress her swaying breasts and kiss her deeply, while Mary kissed from one side to the other, hands on the girl’s bare hips. What am I doing? This is just too crazy, thought Mary. I never in my life would be a lesbian…but this is just too hot, and John is happy, too. Kelly was lost in the new sex, not caring who was in front or behind. Adrenaline flowed like a hallucination, John’s hands and his tongue in her was an aphrodisiac, and she wanted whatever came with it.

It quite literally felt as though I was dreaming, it felt like I was having my first wet dream about my baby girl. “Can I take these off, please? ” She whimpered with a shaky voice as she looked up at me and began to pull my boxer briefs down slowly, but fast enough to where it would be too late by the time I answered. “Yeah, she did.” I sighed as I felt Haylee’s body shake right as my cock sprung out and hit her on her chin. “Oh my god oh my god oh my god.” She whimpered with a shaky voice as she yanked my boxer briefs down fast before I could get hold of them to stop her. “Holy sshhhhit.” Allysa whimpered as I watched Haylee lick her lips as she stared at my naked cock. “Mommy, look.” She whimpered as she slid her soft small hand my cock and wrapped her fingers around me. ” I sighed through a sharp exhale as I watched her small hand grip my cock. “It’s perfect huh baby? ” Allysa asked making little Haylee moan and nod her head yes as she caressed my cock with her fingers.

They both had a lot in common and despite their differences. Those made her seem to him exotic, rare, and precious. They were both studious, both liked hanging out at the mall, and both were avid readers. But Kamala was very seldom allowed to watch television, she was raised not only on girly pop music but also Hindi music that he had to admit didn’t know even existed. She followed cricket along with her father (which John thought of as crazy British baseball) as well as golf which she and her dad played often. They talked till they came to her turn around point and he waved goodbye. Before he could pedal away she asked “I’ll see you tomorrow? John then went to the bushes and flipped through one of the magazines until it got to dark to see clearly. Then he went home. This became a pattern for a week or so. Then David began football camp and it was just John and Joseph most days. Joseph also related the first day without David around that it was also the first day of Cheerleading Camp so Jane Hamilton wouldn’t be around.

His dick slumped across his thigh and down towards his knee. She looked down at it with a slightly open mouth, then started moving her lips to talk. “Can I tell you something weird? Well, that was unexpected. But also pretty sexy. “I just, I liked you for so long, and now you’re here. And it’s so much different than I thought it would be, but still so amazing. And I just,” Her voice lowered, “god I want to get fucked by you right now.” Her face turned bright red. Brian didn’t waste any more time on words. He pulled her onto his lap and brought her face to his. He kissed her again, and this time it was a deep, hungry kiss. He pushed past her teeth and explored her mouth. She responded in kind. She pulled off his shirt, and they parted for just a moment as it came up off his head.

The driver grinned but didn’t answer, instead turning her gaze back to the mirror to watch Tiffany working her magic as I slipped two fingers into her wet slit. I was amazed with how tight she was and instantly started looking forward to getting my cock in there. The frenzied assault on my manhood would have been good under most circumstances, but Tiffany’s technique was extraordinary. I was being milked. It didn’t take long for her efforts to have the desired effect. I started thrusting up into her mouth, involuntary grunts emanating from my throat as this seductress worked her magic on me. “Uuurgh, he’s getting close” Rachael said, two fingers now pummelling her own shaven cunt and her feet resting on the dashboard in front of her. “mmmm hmmm” came the response from my groin as Tiffany increased her pace and the strength of her suction. Im almost there… almost….