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Wait a minute. My sister did whatever Jeremy told her to do. Was she his slave or something? The four girls were told to strip. Each girl immediately took off her blouse, her skirt, and stood at attention naked. None of them had been wearing a bra or panty. For their punishment and my reward the other three girls were told to come to my house on different days. They were to see to it that I cum in all three of their holes before they could go home again. They would be mine for an entire night, not just an hour or two. The next order of business was to find a girl to be my slave so that I could join Jeremy and his friends as part of the group. I could not believe the names that were tossed around. When they mentioned Miss Connelly I was speechless. Jeremy noticed my excitement and told everyone that we had found a winner. Miss Connelly was absolutely gorgeous and a brand new tenth grade science teacher.

Kathy was still asleep when I got up in the morning and I promptly went to the den and began reading her fantasy journal. Everyone thought she was a nice sweet girl but reading her desires it was obvious she didn’t want to be a nice girl. She felt her body was made to please men and she was willing to do whatever she was told to do. Her desires seem to range from normal to extremely humiliating and even in some cases painful. Not willing to go out and do it on her own she wanted to be controlled and basically forced to do these things. I’m not a prude when it comes to sex but some of things she wrote about seemed too disgusting and humiliating for me to want to do to my sweet wife. I wasn’t done reading her journal when Kathy walked up behind me and rubbed my neck. After a quick kiss I asked her why she had written some of the things in her Journal as they seemed awfully strange. “I used to read my brother’s X-rated magazines growing up, most of them had some really wild story.

He had told her he also had wanted to have sex with me for a long time, and that,…. That was the taboo line, and that line was about to be crossed soon. We all planned a weekend that was clear and planned a special foursome. Ken and Jen in one bed and Lynn and I in the other. We joked that Lynn and I would make them so hot watching us and listening to us moan they might just attack us. They bragged that they would be the ones to have the best sex and make us envy them, and we might be the ones attacking them. It was a Friday night late when we started our next event. They danced around our bed naked teasing us. We got naked and faked moaning. They came over and decided they were going to teach us about sex. Down went the lights and Ken and Jen whispered something. Jen took her mom’s hand and lead her over to the other bed. Ken slowly got on top of me. I got a hot flash that shook me all over my body. He whispered quietly in my ear.

On retrieving my razor and shaving foam, I noticed a dark hair stuck to it, I knew this didn’t belong to me as I am as grey as they come. Had Carol been using it, I asked myself? Then my mind started to wander, what was she shaving, armpits but then my mind wandered further, I couldn’t help it, I was a virile man still, was she shaving her pussy? I had never thought of Carol that way! I guess, taking into consideration my cock had had no attention for a few days, I was perhaps a little sexually frustrated. Nevertheless, I washed the razor off and had my morning shave, trying to shut my brain off from my perverse thoughts. Three days in and I was struggling sexually. My pussy itched for attention constantly, I found myself walking with my legs tight together, trying to mash my pussy lips against one another. I had realised on the second day that I had forgotten my razor and had sneaked into grandad’s bathroom to ‘borrow’ his razor.

And I don’t hold anything back. I keep plunging into her. Pulling out because it feels so fucking good to go back in. Her hips corkscrew as she pushes back against me. I can’t get enough. The feeling of her cunt walls flexing and sliding over my cock, it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. And when I’m feeling like this is the best I could ever possibly feel, Cindy and Alex start to swap me back and forth between Cindy’s cunt and Alex’s mouth, and it gets even hotter and sweeter. Alex is sucking Cindy’s juices off my cock, then deep throating me and delivering me, wrapped in her slipperiness, back into Cindy’s love hole. Cindy is thrusting back with her hips to meet me. No matter how deep inside her I am, she wants me deeper. Around this time it starts to sink in that the whole place is going at it.

Tears started forming in his eyes as he thought about what would have been happening at the other end of the phone line. How Harry would have been sat there unconscious in the ruined car as the phone rang pointlessly on the seat next to him. He tried to hide his emotion but it was no use. He stood up and ran out of the room with his head in his hands, crying his heart out. Harry watched as the man he loved disappeared through the hospital doors. He too began to cry, feeling bad for putting Adam through all of this. It was times like this when Harry realised just how much Adam meant to him. He would do anything for that man. He would go to the edge of the world and back, he would steal, lie and cheat for him if he wanted him too. He would even die for him.

This is one of many Interracial stories that run from romance to harsh slave sex bondage and sex! The next morning I woke in Becka’s bed, and was quite refreshed from a most wonderful and well needed sleep, I could still smell and feel the comfortable warmth of her, and our previous nights sex! Sitting on the bed still naked, was trying to wake up and get my thoughts together. There was a steaming hot cup of Cappuccino on the night stand, and a love note that said Diana take a long shower and be ready for a wonderful breakfast, as we have a very busy day ahead. It was mid morning as I showered in this new place, my mind was wandering as to what awaited me, and no one would be more pleasantly surprised by the way it started than me? My husband Jon always trying to surprise me, had done all sorts of kinky sexual things with me in many of the hotels and motels we stayed at, they were always exciting and arousing when he did so?

Continuing, the boss told the girls that they would each have three songs in their set; they could pick their own music by telling the DJ what they wanted. The winner was to be picked by the manager based on the crowd’s reactions, his decision was final. 100. The first girl was due up on stage in ten minutes. The boss lady didn’t even wish them good luck before she pushed her way across the room and out the door. Rachel was the last to move as the others went right to work checking their makeup and adjusting their costumes. The girl that was to dance first disappeared out the door in search of the DJ to work out her music. One of the girls then commented on the judgment of the manager saying that the winner was probably going to be the girl that gave him the best blowjob she then wiped her lips in disgust.

…There always has to be a first time a girl watches her first porn. I’m Tanya and mine was a porn video. I was doing a sleepover at my girlfriend Sissy’s house and her brother was a pest. He was older and loved to pick on us girls. That night he decided to try and get us all horny. He was always trying to feel up Sissy. She wouldn’t let him but secretly liked the attention. I wanted him to try and feel me up, but he wouldn’t. He knew my dad would pound his ass if he touched me. I decided to use that to pick on him back. …My dad was a cop. He was very over protective and we didn’t get along well. No boys would come near me except a couple of nerds. I had just discovered masturbation and was liking it a lot. ….That evening their parents were out of town until tomorrow and Brad was free to pick on us.

I removed my fingers from her pussy while she sat straight up on the table. I was still standing between her knees as I lowered my pajamas to free my cock. It popped right out with a curve upward ready for action. I knew I would have to masturbate when I went back to my room. Mom’s eyes looked excited as she said, “Son, that is a big one. I know it is longer than your Dad’s cock. I felt mom’s hand take my cock and slowly jack it a couple of times. Mom said, “That is really hard. You’re dad’s cock didn’t get this hard any more, but he is much older than you. I was standing between mom’s legs while she was still sitting on the edge of the table. She was holding my erection and didn’t seem to want to let go. I started slightly moving my butt back and forth just enough as if I were fucking her fist.