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She moans and grips her bonds again as I continue to ravage her cunt. “Are you enjoying your punishment? I get the affirmative double hum and she cums right after. Her pussy is contracting around my cock. “She’s cumming, the little bitch is cumming again,” I say to myself. I slow my tempo but increase the force and depth of my thrusts, and when her orgasm sets in and her pussy walls close in on my cock again I finally cum too. Again I choose to cum deep inside her. Every one of my orgasm waves ends with my cock in the deepest part of her pussy. When I’m done I pick up my plug and pull out. Quickly replacing my cock with the latex device. I leave the bedroom again and head for the bathroom. There I start by running the water into the bathtub. It a huge tub and from previous experiences I know it easily fits both of us. I fill the tub up to a point where I can sit down an my cock will still come up above the water.

It wasn’t too long after I turned fifteen when I lost my virginity. Then after that, it was “Watch out world, here comes Grace Dean” Not too long after that, I spend the night at my best girl friends house, up in Brunswick Georgia. Grace stopped what she was saying, relizing maybe she’s telling a little too mutch about her wild past. Jack egged her on. “Well come on babe, why’d you stop. You’ve never told me much about your childhood up in Georgia.” Grace blushed. “Mom,” said Alyssa. “I never thought of you as the adventurous type,” she looked at Jack and smiled. He laughed thinking of Alyssa’s past and recent exploits. “Yeah, and so are you little girl. He noticed mother and daughter smiling cleverly at each other. They both spoke in unison. Grace changed the subject. “Alyssa….What do you think about me having another baby. Would you like a little brother or sister to look up to you? Alyssa gasped. “Mom…Are you pregnant? ” Grace laughed. “No but I want to be, so what do you think.” A smile rolled over Alyssa’s full lips. “I think it’s a great idea mom,” she hugged her mother. Jack cut in. “What the hell, we’ll have both. At least that’s our plan anyway, right Grace? ” “You bet your britches,” says Grace. Suddenly Alyssa feels better about things, seeing her mother and stepfather acting so happy talking of their plans for expanding the family. Now although the situation with Kayla and her mother is still on her mind, she places that away. I’m not done yet, part 6 should be out soon. I didn’t add it to part 5 because I felt it would’ve made the ending too long for internet reading.

As he began to roll over he felt something warm against his thigh. His first thought was that he’d left something under his covers and fallen asleep on it. He yawned and pulled away the blankets in one motion. He couldn’t believe what was underneath. Sticking out of the left leg of his briefs was a huge cock. His cock. But it was double the size it had ever reached before. It must have been 9 inches long, and as thick as a doorknob. Brian pinched himself. He actually, unironically pinched himself in an attempt to wake up. It’s not like he was small before, he had measured himself once and determined that he was about average. But this was something nearing on the inhuman. When it was clear he was still in reality, he stood up and pulled off his underwear. He felt a new type of heft as he stood, he wasn’t used to so much weight hanging from his crotch. He realized that his testicles had grown as well, now both the size of cue balls.

This card had a message with a telephone number included and was sent to all the beneficiaries of their hospitality, asking them if they would be interested in obtaining photos of the times they had spent together. If they would be so interested, Then please contact the sender on the above number. This remittance would ensure that they would continue to lead an untroubled life, and if they should ever feel the need to return to the resort for a short break, they would be welcomed with open arms. Ingrid was plucked. She had become firm friends with Maureen and after three months of having an increasingly attentive friend and confidant, sitting close by her side, her blouse unbuttoned a little lower than was proper, because of the heat. Occasionally her skirts were a little shorter than a woman would normally wear, unless, that is, she was in an ‘adult’ video. When she had her first experience of Sapphic sex, it flicked a switch inside her and she knew that she wanted to indulge on a regular basis. His wife was upside-down with her legs resting against the sofa backrest, wide apart and feet high in the air.

I feeled safe knowing that he is a good and harmless guy. He grabed the bulb and got on the table, it took some minutes to get it in the fitting because he is very unhandy with smaller things. He was speechless but started to look shameless on my breast. He is like a young boy who has so childlike gestic and that makes him such a nice and harmless but still very naive. I think he can´t lie for some reason. I moved my top slowly over my tits, still hiding them with my hands. Raised my hands with the top, leaving a perfect view for him at my naked boobs. He was one armlength away from them. I took my hands on my tits starting to squeez them together, smiled at him. He was grining all over the face and starred like a stone at my little boobshow for him.

The kind that would use and abuse me sexually in the most harsh brutal and humiliating way! My husband Jon had made all of the arrangements for me, and had signed the papers that this slave master with Becka’s help had sent! I knew little about the details or flights I was about to take. I was so naive and trusting and assumed that everything would be taken care of, as Jon had always done in the past, this left me deep in thought as to my fantasy, and how it would become a reality? My husband had seen me off, I had dressed modestly and looked like any other 30 yr old married woman traveling by herself. We both had mixed emotions at my departure and once aboard, the plane, I was surprised to see it was was half full of travelers, this allowed me a seat by myself, with no one on either side. I would cross numerous time zones and would end up tired with jet lag arriving at 8:00 pm in the evening London time.

I said, “John do you still want me to stay home with you? ” He said, “Cheryl I want you to stay home but I also want to experiment and have sex with your friends.” I said, “John are you sure you want sex with them? They are all either 14 or 15 and we could get into trouble having sex with them.” John said, “I want sex with them! John took off his clothes and said, “Cheryl I want sex with all of your friends.” I asked, “John do you mean you want sex with the girls and the boys? ” He said, “Cheryl look at this part of the tape and do the same thing with Dawn.” Dawn had sucked my breast in the video. I looked over at John and Keith. Another one of my fantasizes was being fulfilled. John was on his knees with Keith in front of him and sucking Keith’s 9” penis. I left John again to think about what we were doing. I decided I would convince John to stop this.

The night she and her mother shared Brad with each other in the motel room. She told Brad, she liked the girl on girl sex scenes in the movies. Returning to math class, she enters the room with a far away look in her eyes, and scrapped bruised knuckles on her right hand; of which she doesn’t feel. Her friend Kayla Morrison, sits next to her in class. She notices Alyssa seems different, as she comes closer she sees Alyssa’s knuckles are bleeding. When class is in session, they’re not allowed to talk. Kayla quickly scribed a short note. When the teacher turned his back, she gave it to her friend. Alyssa took the note, it read. Are you stoned or something. And why are your knuckles bleeding. Suddenly after reading the note, Alyssa feels burning sensations from her bruised scrapped knuckles. She quickly scribed a note back telling Kayla. I punched Mary Jones, right in her ugly face.

She was a sweet and shy kid who loved the attention. It had been a long and busy year for me and Gail. We had both changed jobs, as well as move house and had not had much time to see any of our family or friends. The time had come for our group holiday and we had only really communicated via e-mail and text to make arrangements. We had hired a huge villa in Tuscany for 2 weeks as the group now consisted of 18 of us. Gail and I could not wait to take a break and see our friends and we flew out of on a wet and miserable day, landing 3 hours later in the beautiful Italian sunshine. We picked up our hire car and drove into to stunning Tuscan mountains. The Villa looked like something a rock star or a drug dealer would own. It had 12 bedrooms a huge swimming pool set amongst 20 acres of lemon and olive groves. We arrived to see that everyone was there apart from Sue, Martin and the kids.

I walked up to the couch to see that Haylee had her legs spread wide. She had her hand in her panties and she was rubbing her tiny little clit in circles as she laid there watching her porn. At that point, I could really hear the girl crying out for her daddy and I could hear and see her breathing heavily as she played with herself. I then walked around the couch and sat next to her making her kind of jump and sit there as though she wanted me to see her like that, but was acting as though she might be in trouble. “What are you watching? ” I asked as though I was shocked making her look up at me, grin and bite her lip, pull her hand out of her panties, and close her legs as I laughed. “Um, I’m watching porn, see? ” She said as she showed me her phone with a grin.