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When they finally separated and stepped from the pool they lay back on the lounges and Dean topped up their glasses. Then Katie asked him about how he had spent his time, and wanted to hear all the details about his successful presentation and subsequent lunch with his MD. She was delighted it had gone so well, particularly considering how much time he had invested in it. The prospect of a decent bonus was something they spent a little time discussing, until Katie joked that Dean didn’t know how much she’d already spent! She suggested they head inside, pleading serious hunger pangs, so they went into the kitchen and Katie prepared a belated lunch, whistling when she saw the amount of food in the refrigerator and pantry. “I think I might let you take care of the grocery shopping from now on.” She smiled over the counter at him. They sat down and ate heartily, both realizing how hungry they were as neither had eaten since breakfast. Conversation was suspended until they had cleared their plates, finally satisfied.

Then they would get to know each other at a cafe, or after a movie. “And that’s our class today folks,” Mrs. Park dismissed the room of students with a wave. Brian started packing his bag and shook his head a bit. He knew it was unhealthy to fantasize like that. He blamed the fact that he was a kissless virgin partly on his tendency to get lost in his imagination instead of talking to real women. As if on cue, a girl with a splattering of freckles, medium length blonde hair, and oversized glasses stopped by his desk on her way to the door. She looked up at him with her hands on her backpack straps. “Hi Abby.” He sighed internally, this wasn’t the girl he was looking for. “Did you watch the new episode of Dragon Star? Disappointment flashed across Abby’s face, “Oh ok, I’ll see you next class then.” She brushed her hair away from her glasses, smiled nervously, and finished her trip to the door.

Do you have your friends’ phone numbers? Do you have your friends’ phone numbers? You’re not in trouble, but don’t go showing your friends that stuff anymore. Oh, don’t worry about it, Jeff. They’re getting about that age, you know, when they start to get curious. Hell, I’ve caught my son a few times looking at porn on the Internet, I’m sure what he saw at your house was mild compared to some of the crap on there. No, I didn’t see them, but I think I came home at the wrong time, and John seemed really embarrassed, you know? And his fly was unzipped, but I won’t get into all the details, I guess that’s just between my son and your daughter. Oh, she was bound to find out sooner or later. She’s getting that age, you know. She steals my romance novels, you know. I said, it’s really not a big deal, but thanks for telling me.

I removed my underwear and started stroking my cock while staring intently at the porn on TV. “Yeah, that’s a nice cock” he said. I continued and increased the pace until my hand was almost a blur as it flew up and down my cock shaft. I was fixated on the TV. Just as the man withdrew his cock from her pussy and positioned the knob at her asshole my balls constricted. As the head of it popped into her anal cavity and she groaned loudly my dick erupted. By the time he slammed his cock all the way in I had shot three little ropes of cum onto my tummy and chest. At this time I heard Uncle G moan deeply. I realized he was jacking off so hard he was making the bed springs squeak and that he was not staring at the TV but he was focused on my twitching cock! I glanced down at his cock just as he orgasmed.

His bed banged against the wall, his mother’s face filled with lust and passion. She stopped him, sat up, pushed him back and straddled him, kissing him. They rolled around on the bed, onto the floor. He picked her up, turned around and slapped her ass, before taking her from behind. Eventually they spilled out into the hallway. Gerald was pinning her against the wall while fucking her. Picture frames were knocked down; another lamp was too. They went at it like animals, finally arriving at Gia’s bed where Gerald slammed her down and climbed on top of her once again. Gerald smiled and continued making love to her. They playfully recreated every sex scene they had in the movie, substituting real penetration instead of pretending – all except their final scene in the movie. They fed each other dinner, afterward, Gia bending over the dining room table, offering her pussy for her son’s dessert.

“Ouch what was that for? “How am I supposed to know that? We got up had a shower and were sitting with robes on when Mary’s best friend came strolling in. Crimson red face and stuttering she said, “A.. Jean looking stunned and shocked moved like a zombie while mom went to the cupboard and brought out the brandy. Jean gulped her brandy and said, “Yes and I thought you loved me, just me, not your son and mother-in-law, yech, that’s just gross. Also we are supposed to be private not this,” and she started crying. Mary got up and went to hug her and she said, “Leave me alone I don’t ever want to see you again and she went to stand up. Jean was on her way towards the door when she stopped in her tracks looked at me then Jean then me and her mouth hung open. Mary led her back to her chair and mom poured her another brandy.

My god, there was so much cum, but I swallowed as much as I could because it tasted quite pleasant. So after that it was a rush to get him dressed and get him out of the door just before you arrived home. I’m surprised you didn’t taste his cum in my mouth when you kissed me. “Are you going to see him again Maddy? “You’d like that wouldn’t you David? I can tell because you are amazingly hard again. This must be a record for you; cumming twice in one day and getting hard again. Yes, because it’s Saturday tomorrow, I’m going to Gerry’s house in the afternoon. I still have a shift at the hospital in the morning, so Gerry will pick me up and take me back. Gerry has offered to let me feel his dick inside my pussy. “I’m not David; I’m just going to put his dick inside me so I can appreciate what it feels like. It’s not as if I’m going to let him cum inside me.