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Date: November 27, 2019

After several minutes of his oral attention to her pussy, Nicole was noticeably wet, and Todd pulled his face away from her hindquarters, and began pushing two fingers into her pussy, hooking them and pressing into her G-spot. As Nicole moaned with pleasure, Todd withdrew his fingers and began smacking her ass, making her buttocks shake and jiggle. Nicole giggled at that, and began mewling for him to fuck her. Todd walked to her nightstand and retrieved a condom, grabbing the bottle of lube as well. He didn’t think that penetrating her would be a problem this morning, but he wanted to be sure. With Nicole’s ass tilted up at a delightful angle, Todd climbed onto the bed behind her and lined his cock up behind her pussy. He grabbed it in one hand, and spread Nicole’s outer labia with the other before pushing into her. Nicole gasped at the penetration and purred with satisfaction. Todd placed his hands on her hips, and began a steady rhythm, pushing in and out of her. From this position, she looked almost exactly like Michelle, and Todd was able to fuck her without any feelings of guilt.

The sensation of the double she shared with Elaine was incredible as it rubbed against my throbbing pole through the thin membrane that separated both cocks. I felt myself bottomed against Karen’s ass-flesh, and fell into rhythm as she and Elaine continued their girl-coupling. Karen had raised slightly and placed her hands beside Elaine’s head on the bed allowing me to lean with my hands on her shoulders for support. Our menage a trois was soon in full sync, complete with the slapping sounds of flesh, intense, labored breathing, and the grunts, groans, and moans we each contributed to the foray. Elaine and Karen had both cum earlier, and I knew that I would soon fill my daughter-in-law’s hot ass with my semen. The combined sensation of the toys we employed, and the taboo of the threesome we shared, added to the fact that Karen’s ass was just fucking hot, brought me over the top quickly.

“ Yes, how did you know I was off? “ People are watching you, both on CD and in the flesh haa haa” he replied “right, do you have a pen slut? “ Good, here are your instructions. Tomorrow I want you to wear a blouse, one of your pathetic charity shop ones, but I want two buttons undone from the top. I also want you to cut one of your skirts, so its just above the knee, is that understood Yes or No? ” she said realising he gone. She got up to go to her wardrobe, she picked out a blouse and a calf length skirt. She, got out her scissors and started to cut, she realised it wasn’t straight and cut it again and again, crying as she realised it was way too short and had to get another skirt. She finally got it on the 4 th skirt and went to sleep.

Passing customers gave fond smiles. “She’s such a good sister-bitch, isn’t she? ” an old woman said, nodding in approval. I grinned at her as Jane lapped up to my ear and then nibbled on it. My cock was so hard. “Come on,” I said, aching to exercise her right here. “We need one more thing. Then we’re going to the park. ” she moaned and then fell down onto her hands and knees like a good sister-bitch. I smiled as I held the leash and strolled across the parking lot. She scampered with me, crawling on her hands and knees, her floppy ears swaying about her cheeks. She didn’t try to bolt away from me but stayed right beside me like a good sister-bitch. Damn, I was so glad I had her. When we reached my car, I opened the passenger door. She climbed right up, sitting on her knees in the seat, her head darting around. The heart-shaped tag glinted and flashed as it danced across the hollow of her throat. I unlatched her leash and closed the door. She immediately rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

“Wow” he sighed handing me my boxers so I could do some cleaning up of my own. Ha, it was hard to find a dry part on them but I did and when I finished I balled them up and set them on the floor. “Man you shot one heckuva load. Some of it hit my forearm and my side. “Sorry about that. It just kind of went all over. “You must have needed that .” I laughed reaching for my jeans. “Hang on.” and with that Paul left the room and came back and threw a pair of his underwear at me. “Yea man, what if you get in an accident. My parents always told me to make sure I had clean underwear on. I put his briefs on and we both got our jeans and sandals on and sat for a minute making small talk before I said it was time to go.

Notice that is sensual not sexual language. Women love love to hear you describe your feelings. Men are more direct and want to hear things like, “you are so big.” Women like to hear things like, “your skin is so soft.” 2. Touching. Women love to be touched and stroked. Stroking, cuddling, and touching is all great stuff that arouses women. Stroke her lightly with the tips of your fingers up and down her body, avoiding sexual areas. There will be lots of time for that later! Build up tension and anticipation. 3. Smelling. This could be scented candles or inscense. Women love smelling and being smelled. 4. Tasting. Women love to be fed all kinds of wonderful things like strawberries, sweets, and wine. 5. Sight. While generally women are not turned on by sight, most women love to look into your eyes. This kind of ultra-romantic stuff is a huge turn-on for most women. 6. Kissing. Kissing is a kind of touching. Our lips have tons of nerve endings in them which is why contact with our lips feels good. Make kissing an experience instead of jumping right in with your tongue! Lightly brush her lips with yours and then pull away. Keep doing this ‘brushing’ contact, and you will excite the nerve ending on both of your lips. Play with your lips lightly and gently. Remember when you were learning to drive? One of the first things you learn is – don’t gun the engine while its cold! Well sex is just like that! Robert Johanssen has written widely on sex, sexuality, couples, relationships and singles.

She stared at the gigantic cock in front of her in utter confusion. “What is that thing? What are you doing? ” Lisa asked totally perplexed. “It is mine, but you can borrow it for a while. ” the troll ordered. “Is it called a tool? ” Lisa asked as she extended her hand and placed it on trolls massive cock. Her hands rested on the cock gripping the middle of it, but not actually doing anything. She seemed unsure about what to do, not knowing she was expected to jack him off. Make me satisfied and you will have earned this food for today,” he explained. “I don’t know what to do,” Lisa mumbled. The troll groaned in irritation and with terrifying ease he caught hold of Lisa’s arm and pulled her down beside him on the bed. She laid there apparently not knowing what to expect, as the troll got over her and aimed the cock towards her face. Robin knew what would happen and could only stare in a mixed state of excitement and discomfort as the troll made Lisa open her mouth and then brutally pushed the cock into her mouth.

Lisa released her nipple with a loud pop, and slid down her sister’s body, kissing and licking along the way. She unbuckled Katie’s pleated skirt and tossed it aside. Slipping her fingers under the waistband of her white cotton panties, she pulled them down and off her legs, and added them to the growing clothes pile. Katie felt her sister kiss and lick her way from the top of her knee high white socks, along her thighs to her warm sex. Lisa licked her sister’s slit up and down, sucking Katie’s pussy lips into her mouth, her cheeks puckering inward. Very, very gently, Lisa slipped her index finger into her sister’s wet hole, moving it in and out slowly. Katie groaned and her body writhed on the bed, her slim hips rocking up and down with the rhythm of her sibling’s finger. The twin was happy to oblige, and as she added her forefinger, she felt her sister’s tight inner muscles clamp down hard on the welcome intruders.

Sara’s whole body shook as John slipped his finger out and returned the flat of his tongue against her slit holding it there until she came back down to earth. “Holy shit that can’t be the first time you’ve done that to a girl! “Yes it was for the both of us. But it looks like my little friend here is ready for the main event.” Sara returned noting his rejuvenated cock pressing her stomach. “You sure you want to go all the way I mean giving me your V card? ” john said suddenly not as confident as he had been. “I mean that’s a big deal. “Like I said I’ve been waiting for the right guy. But you never made your move. “Oh I see how it is.” He said grabbing her naked ass and pulling her in “I’m just a notch on your belt.” John said jokingly.

…Now Brad was wanting to make us both horny and if we made a move on him, he would have the advantage of: ‘I’m telling on you guys’ to threaten us with. His next ploy was to leave his bedroom door wide open. You could see his computer straight on. He put in a porn video and moved to the side to watch it. He turned the sound up and just waited. We heard it and Sissy looked out her door to see two naked girls with a naked guy between them in the video. We both watched. It was my first. The girls in the vid felt the naked guy up. Sissy and I started getting the hornies bad. Brad stopped the vid, turn in his chair and just smiled at us. Damn him, we wanted to see more of it. We whispered with a plan. The hall light was off and we turn off Sissy’s bedroom light. We stood in her doorway and faced each other.