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She asked me to meet her early, in the canteen, and she would buy me breakfast. I finished getting ready at the speed of light and was out of the door and halfway to my car before I realized I had left my backpack in my room. I hurried and got it, then stopped to double check I had everything. I hurried back out to my car and was headed down the road in record time. I ran two stops signs and a red light and got to campus in nine minutes, rather than the usual fifteen. I almost jogged to the canteen. I got there and she was already sitting at a table in the corner away from the woman at the register who still looked half asleep. She gestured at the coffee and muffin by the seat facing her. I sat down and looked at the muffin. Cheese streusel, my favorite. I took a sip of the coffee. Lots of vanilla creamer and sugar. Just the way I liked it.

More than anything, though, when he whips her clit, he wants to see the crimson red of her cunt lips and her small penis-sized clit painfully protruding. Warming a wet hand cloth in the microwave, he covers her cunt area pressing the cloth into her skin to wet the shaving area. Using an antique Badger brush, he works up a thick lather with the specialty soap he purchased just for this occasion. Shaving is no longer the luxurious experience it used to be. His Badger Brush is a reminder of just how opulent a good shave can be, rewarding, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Its trademark bristles are made of pure Badger hair and creates a rich lather that softens stubble, opens pores, and gently exfoliates. All those benefits lead to a closer groin shave without red bumps and often create a near-orgasmic experience as well, unlike a manual shaving-cream hand-smeared application.

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They were in a bedroom set – Eric’s bedroom. They were given no dialog only a premise. Eric’s parents weren’t home, Karen invited herself in. Gerald was told to resist as best he could. With the cameras rolling, only the necessary crew around in order to ease nerves, Gia sat on the bed next to Gerald. He had trouble looking at her. Hair and makeup done by a professional on set, made her look even more stunning. Gia, as Karen asked. Gerald, as Eric nodded. Gia whispered, tipping his chin to face her. Gerald gulped, looking into her eyes. Gia closed hers and planted a soft kiss on Gerald’s lips. Gia followed, pushing him against a wall. Gia thought how awkward it sounded, sure the director would yell cut any second now. Gerald had trouble breathing. Gia remained calm, laser focused on completing a scene she was sure was ruined by Gerald’s delivery. She said nothing, quickly pulling her top off, unhooking her bra, and exposing herself. Gerald’s eyes widened, he looked away, having seen those breasts on his laptop, but was now seeing them in person.

I was trying to be patient and prolong my destination as long as possible. She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me into her dripping pussy. I didn’t think she could get wetter boy was I wrong her juice flowed I did the best I could to drink it all in. I ended up with my face and hair sticky with pussy MMMMM I kept at this till she was begging me to stop and to give her a hug. I moved up next to her on the bed she looked at my face and said in shock’ Is that me? Referring to the wetness of my face. I nodded with a smile, and told her she was very tasty! OOOHHH god she said I haven’t cum like that in I don’t know if I’ve ever cum like that. I bent and sucked on her nipple and said that it was only the beginning.

For those you don’t hear back from, get on the phone and hash it out. Through all of your responses, you will come up with the consensus of length of vacation and dates through give and take. I like to periodically whet everyone’s appetite and keep the excitement level up. Setting up a website especially for your group is a great way to do this. It is just a little thing I whipped up using MS Publisher. An easier way for you to do this would be to get a free Blog set up for this purpose. I recommend blogger dot com. Over the years, we have realized two key things about lodging. The first is that it makes a huge difference in camaraderie when the whole group stays under the same roof. The second is the value in everyone having a separate bed (you know how guys are). The only way to achieve this is to pick a location where there are a bunch of rental homes in order for you to pick one that allows this.

My ankles sat directly on his broad shoulders. “I’m ready, baby.” I half-moaned to him. The camera panned across our intertwined bodies before zooming in as Justin’s dick pushed aside my fatty folds of sexual flesh. I moaned low and enjoyed the sensations he was creating between my thighs. With only two inches or so in, he paused so the camera man could get a good shot. A few seconds later, he pushed a few more of his numerous inches inside of me. My wetness covered his dick and my pussy held him tightly. I smiled up at him and let spontaneous moans escape my lips. The crew around us was eating it up. Once Justin was about half way inside me, he grabbed my hips and held them tightly. Without warning, he violently slammed his hips forward making the rest of his pipe disappear inside of my unprepared pussy. I arched my back and cried out loudly. He groaned and pulled some of it out before pushing it all back in.

This type of interaction, although rare, presents added challenges but if you know how to deal with them correctly, your stress will be greatly diminished. No person should have to tolerate behavior that crosses certain boundaries. Abusive language can be dealt with immediately with a firm, “Mr./Ms. Smith, excuse me, I want to help you, but I cannot permit you to use unprofessional language.” Nearly always, this results in an apology. Using the customers name and, if appropriate, formal title improves the chances of this working. If not, this person must be handed off; put on hold; or terminated with a statement such as, “Im sorry, this cannot continue.” Period. Any incident that goes this far, harassing, and/or threats of violence should be reported to other employees or supervisors and/or the proper authorities. Bottom Line: Your most loyal customers are not the ones who have never experienced a problem with your company… Rather theyre the customers whose problems were solved the right way! Mary Eule specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses get and keep profitable customers. Formerly a Fortune 500 marketing executive; founder of two successful small businesses and award-winning speaker, Ms. Eule is President of Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC. She has a BA in Journalism/English from the University of Maryland and earned her a masters degree in marketing from Johns Hopkins University.

With mere seconds remaining, he scrambled out the back door. In his haste he didn’t even have time to wonder why it wasn’t locked; Ken had forgotten to secure it when he raced out earlier in the evening! Dave, wracked with guilt and fear at almost getting caught cuckolding his friend, never sought to be with Jennifer again. He even spent the night on the couch. Within weeks Stephanie missed her period. She thought it was odd, but they had been late before. Once another month had gone by and still no period, she bought a home pregnancy kit. How could this happen? She told Dave. He was ecstatic! She was surprised, as they had never wanted kids in the first place. What had changed his mind? Now an easy choice to abort the fetus turned into an argument. He told her he would leave her if she had an abortion, and he was going to make sure his vasectomy was reversed. In Dave’s mind, this was his fault. He had had an affair with Jennifer, and it had been extremely selfish of him. His wife getting pregnant was a million-to-one chance, but he wasn’t going to ignore it. His family was all that mattered now. The two women finally reconciled, though neither told the other what had really happened. As their bellies grew, they got together to discuss maternity clothes, their growing bellies and breasts (Stephanie’s got even bigger!), and baby names. Jennifer’s baby girl was born 9 months after New Year’s Eve, and Stephanie’s baby boy in December. Dave counted backwards properly, and figured out he was the father of Jennifer’s little girl. Uncle Dave and Uncle Ken were frequently at each other’s house, and showed great interest in their secret progeny. They did the same damn thing!