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Date: November 22, 2019

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Once her breathing had calmed and the strength in her legs had returned, I pulled my fingers from her and brought them to my lips, licking her essence from my hand and sucking my fingers cleaned. I sat watching Carol walk wide legged to the sink and start to wash the breakfast things, I told her to finish her jobs and meet me in the yard as I needed her help out there today. I disappeared up to my bathroom to shower and dress so that I could go out on to the yard to carry out some jobs. When I came back through the kitchen she was gone, so I presumed she was getting dressed to come and help me. I had been working in the barn for a couple of hours and still no sign of her so went to investigate where she was. I walked through the house looking for her, eventually finding her in her bedroom, flat out on her bed, t-shirt gathered round her tummy, legs akimbo with her swollen, red, sore pussy on display.

“This was unexpected,” Robin mumbled. “Better than I could ever imagine,” Lisa whispered into his ear. “I had no idea that fucking like this could feel so good. “I had it all planned in advance, your little Lisa will not get pregnant by mistake just like that,” Lisa said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Robin frowned at her words. Did she mean she wanted to become pregnant or that she was on the pill? He was on the way to ask her when she surprised him with a question. “Would you like to fuck Emily? “Erhm, I have not really thought about fucking any of your friends,” Robin mumbled back. It was partly a lie, you could not look at somebody like Emily and not be awed by her curves. The short redhead had more than once been the subject of his fantasies when he imagined her giving him and Lisa a striptease and this somehow made Lisa bold enough to do more sexual things than a hand job.

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