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Date: December 2, 2019

I was too busy trying to keep up with Ashley, who i’d have to say, has got to be the most annoying 7 year old i’ve ever laid eyes on, she just doesn’t shut up or stays in one place. It was finally 8 O’clock and it was a real struggle tucking her in. Then afterwards i went ahead to the kitchen and got a soda. I sat by the counter and watched adam from a distance playing his video game. He glanced at me but didn’t say anything. Adam was cute. He looked young though, but i’ve always had an attraction for younger guys so i found him pretty attractive. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, he was 5’2 and he didn’t really look like he had abs but he wasn’t scrawny either. I got up and went towards him and sat next to him on the couch.

I just had to unleash a flood of spunk into her. “Beg for my cum, slut! ” I growled, fucking her as hard as I could. Her head snapped up, and she threw a look over her shoulder. Her mouth glistened with pussy juices. Her brown eyes smoldered with lust. “Cum in my nasty pussy, Master! Flood my cunt with all your jizz! I deserve it for being such a bitch to you! I’m your cum dumpster! ” Krystal moaned, shuddering against me. “Dump all your cum in the slut! Her silky flesh spasmed about my cock, caressing the sensitive tip. My balls thwacked into her labia. My nuts tightened. I thrust as hard as I could, reaching that pinnacle. I buried to the hilt in Paris, erupted in her depths. ” I growled. “Take it, you slut! You’re my cum dumpster! The jizz pumped out of me. I spurted powerful blasts of ecstasy.

With him still buried inside her lovely sex, he ended on his back. Moaning loudly she sat up and began to ride him, and every thought of slowing down was gone from Robin’s mind. He was totally in the moment as he felt himself tremble and spasm as his cock delivered its load deep inside her. She saw him coming, but this just intensified her fucking and he got no relief as her sex milked every drop of cum from his cock. ” he groaned as the stimulation became too much and thankfully this finally made her slow down. She looked down on him with a very satisfied smile on her face. Slowly she pulled herself of him and looked at the cum slowly leaking out of her sex. She giggled as she laid down besides him. Moving closer she wrapped herself tightly to his left side. He could feel the wetness from their sex as she rubbed her cum filled pussy to his leg. Robin enjoyed the after sex sensation as he rested at the floor on his back, but he was still trying to wrap his senses around her unexpected behavior.

The straps at her leg end looped around her thighs and pulled them as wide apart as they could go and the ones at the other end looped under her armpits and cinched tight. “I’ll tell you if I’m unhappy. Turning the windlasses a few rotations, I hoisted Alice into the air. When she was clear of the table, I pushed it to one side and then hoisted Alice higher until she was at head height. When I opened her bathrobe and licked her sex, she began to swear at me because she thought this was all about exercise equipment. I ignored her, and kept licking into her and sucking her labia. She tried to wriggle, but I held her steady and kept at my ministrations. “Oh what a beautiful, soft and sexy woman you are. Your pussy is like silk and is so wonderfully pink and fragrant, even when it is gushing juices as it is at the moment. I sucked her clitoris and she gasped, I pulled her labia open and forced my tongue into her vagina and she moaned, then I sucked her anus.

Tom sat down in his favorite leather chair. Excitement was building in his cock already. There would be plenty of time to fuck her, so he wanted to start slow and examine her. Chloe obeyed his command with a smile on her face. Tom had her turn around in a slow circle, squeeze her own tits over her shirt, face away from him and bend over, give herself a smack on the ass. Tom moved his left hand off her thighs and squeezed her right breast. He glanced at her face, but it was blank and emotionless. Tom continued to grope Chloe’s tits and his right hand moved from her lower back to her ass. Chloe remained silent and emotionless. “Chloe, I want you to react to my touches as you would if you were a real woman.” Tom told her. Chloe’s face suddenly reflected absolute fear and panic. She started flailing about and hitting him.

Miles said, “I guess you turned Nicole into a little nymphet? Kristen said, “Nymphet I have no idea what that means Doctor Spencer? Kristen said “Well, I guess that is true. Kristen said, “Well, no not exactly. Mr. Bowen seemed to last a little longer than he did in the morning time. After that it got real quiet again and I was able to fall back to sleep after I heard them showering. Then I was woken up again but this time the noises weren’t coming from Mr. Bowen’s bedroom. I could hear noises coming from the other side of my wall in Rebecca’s bedroom where Nicole was sleeping. The bed started to pound up against my wall and the bed was squeaking really loud. Mr. Bowen where are you going to put that big thing now? Then I could hear Nicole she was just moaning and the only thing I could think about was how good Mr. Bowen was making her feel. Then I could hear Mr. Bowen beginning to moan really loud too.

I looked at that ad for the next week again. It was an interesting thing, but nothing more. Again I was very curious, because she was from my city. The neighborhood organized a barbecue in my neighbor’s garden. He was Robert Urban and his wife was Eve. They had three kids, two-year-old twin daughters and a son who was four at that time. He was five years younger than me. His wife was the same age and she was a little but strong woman. She was very sympathetic towards me, but her husband was a cocky man. The barbecue was on Saturday, and the entire neighborhood was there, at least forty to forty-five people including children. Our kids were older so no baby sitter was needed, but we looked after them from time to time. Suddenly, I got a mobile call from my job about a serious problem. They wanted my personal assistance there. I told my wife and my kids that I had to go into work.

He made a dive down to my pussy to kiss and lick it. He started in my sensitive clit. “Oh daddy”….came the words out of my mouth. “Daddy….you make me feel so good…I’m gonna cum daddy….your making me cum so good daddy! He quick slid up on me and I felt his hardon slide in me so slick and wonderful. We played like my daddy was finally having sex with me. Every other thought left but to have him cum in me for the first time. He was shaking and panting with his dream of having sex with me as it was coming true…”Oh god mom….oh god…your so beautiful…I have to cum, I cant’ hold it back anymore! As I held my daddy tight and wrapped my legs around him….I felt the earth move as the hottest blast of cum filled my waiting pussy. We both moaned out of control. Our bodies slapping together until the last thrust…we both shook and it all shot out. Cum came flowing out and soaked us between my legs…we just kept fucking…and fucking…. It was a wonderful night, me holding on to my daddy.

Jim could feel Sarah’s movement and stopped his own thrusting, content to let Sarah move for both of them. Carl’s finger play continued for a few more moments, but with each passing second, his desire was increasing in direct proportion to the strength of his erection. And by now he was sporting a “blue steel” erection. Withdrawing his fingers, he applied a liberal quantity of oil to his cock and moving closer to Sarah’s lovely ass, placed his cockhead at her well lubricated rear entrance. “Are you ready, baby? ” Carl asked. In reply, Sarah arched her back, making her ass an inviting target for Carl’s raging cock. With a firm but insistent pressure, Carl pushed his dick into Sarah’s ass, smoothly penetrating the constricting muscles at her entrance. Jim’s eyes were glued to Sarah’s face and he was able to translate every action of Carl’s assault just by observing her expressions. He saw the look of concern as Carl’s cock was poised at her asshole.

My name’s Mark. I’m what most people call a regular guy. I like sucking cock on girls like you. I like being made to do it. I like your cum in my mouth. You’re a little slut cockclitsucker? I love boys like you.” She stood up and told me to come with her. I followed her into a bedroom. She turned and stood before me with her arms folded over her chest. “Take off your clothes Mark. She said to me. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled across the room to her until I was in front of her looking up at her cockclit. She held it in her hands and started slowly jacking it back and forth as she talked to me. I was getting hot looking at her standing there. This gorgeous woman with a big dick. She held it out and it was inches from my lips.