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Date: November 22, 2019

She finally turned to me and said thank you for being so concerned but I have made up my mind – I want you to show me how I can enjoy sex. I said if your mind is made up then I will but it will only be this once – Jan must never know, you have to promise me. She said I promise faithfully I will never tell a soul what we have done. I said your bedroom or mine. We went to her bedroom and I was still not convinced this was a good thing to do. I had sex with about four other girls before Jan – two were one night stands and two were girl friends for a while and sex was part of it. I thought this has got to be like a one night stand – sex for the sake of sex. It wasn’t to prove anything it was just going to be sex.

It was Friday night and Lena was in the shower getting ready to head out to her moms. I heard giggling. Lena and Millie both in the shower together? ….I envied lucky Lena getting to see sexy Millie naked and wet in the shower…and a lot more….. Ben smiled to himself. You see Ben already knew about Lena and her mom having sex together. ….the Limo driver Arthur. They went back many years and he was loyal to Ben. Ben owned a big company, and Arthur had been his personal family driver for years. He told Ben discreetly about Lena and her mom. They had had sex in the back of the limo. It had blacked out windows and a raised solid divider between them and Arthur…they thought. They didn’t know about the tiny video camera back there, that Ben had installed for clients. Lena would tell Arthur to ’take a drive’ and then the sex would go wild between Lena and her mom.

I could tell he was mad and sad because I told him no more, at least not until tomorrow. He smiled when I said that, I kissed him and asked if he would walk me home, he did. When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about him, his amazing body, I saw that he had a six pack, how could the day get any better. But it did the next day we went right to his room and started kissing, it was nice. He took my shirt off right away. I took his off and we started kissing more, I asked what he was going to take off next, he said it was a surprise. But inside I knew he was going to take off my bra, and I thought about it and I didn’t mind. He did, but he had a problem with it, he went to the back to take it off when he finally gave up trying to find it I said it was in the front. I laughed, he just looked at me kinda pissed off.

A large, strong hand ripped the potion from her grasp and tossed it aside. Shit. She reached into her boot and pulled out a small dagger. Her last defense. She swung out desperately and felt it stick on something. “Curse you,” bellowed the man in white. He held his bleeding finger and looked down at her with a gaze of such vitriol that even she cowered beneath it. She was in a corner, backed up against the bedside table. He reached down and squeezed her wrist so hard she thought it would break, she dropped the dagger immediately. It was over, this guy was going to punch her in the face and that would be the last thing she ever felt. She opened her mouth to get one last quip in, and then a strong, thick, pink rope of muscle appeared around his wound back arm. It looped around twice and yanked him back, so hard that he spun around.

“You have a yummy little body too, we have your daddy to thank for that.” She said while she giggled. “Yeah we do, we need to pay him back somehow.” I said. “How do you think we should pay him back for that? ” She asked with a smile. “I don’t know, sex maybe.” I said making her look like she just got horny. “From you but not me, he never gets sex from me.” I said before I could stop myself. Mom gasped, then moaned right before she started to breath hard. “Um, yeah, that’s true. Wait, are you saying that you wanna have sex with him? ” She asked while her face turned red and her hips started moving like she was having sex with dad, so I knew she really liked what I was saying. “Mmhm.” I said while I nodded my head yes. “Holy shit.” She whispered quietly the way she does when she’s having sex with dad, only it was way quieter. ” I said before she stopped me, I got scared because I thought she got mad at me for saying that about her husband.

After having her feelings for me all suppressed for so long, she let it all out. ….She whispered back: (“..Oh god, don’t say that, we can’t….I mean…Sheena and you are together and…I…well… I want you so bad too, but we can’t…we must have a private talk about this. I’m off for two weeks soon. Come by and…we must talk…I can’t take anymore of this….come by and help me deal with it. I know I shouldn’t…but….oh god…hold me tight! I kissed her for the first time and she stopped trembling and melted in my arms. We were all over us our with hands feeling everything. She gasp for air and ran out of the room. ….I came by one morning during her time off. She was wearing a robe and sat by me. “Randy”, she said quietly…”We should end this…but I can’t. Sheena must never know, but I’ve wanted you so long now, I’m tired of waiting.” She pulled me over on top of her and began kissing me and pulling down my shorts pants.

In one way he sympathized with Kristina, but selfishly he also thought that she would have a good reason for wanting to change things. He asked more questions about her studies about her hobbies and interest in music and under his gentle questioning she started to relax. He always looked at her face, never her body. Her timid smile lasted a little longer. “I just want to run over the business details. “What did you think? Kristina screwed up her face as she tried to think of a polite answer. Although Anton’s site was more tasteful than most porn sites she didn’t like the thought that someday she might be featuring on it. “Do you look at a lot of porn sites? “Do you look at them with your boyfriend? “Ah, these Russian men. Kristina laughed for a moment then her nervousness returned. “Did you and your boyfriend have sex after you looked at porn sites? She bit her lip and nodded.