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Jesus Christ, how much had she heard? I grabbed the nearest wineglass and took a big gulp. Martin and I exchanged awkward looks and raised eyebrows. “So, what have you been up to” I said to Martin while putting my arm around his shoulder and leading him away from the awkward atmosphere. The following morning I awoke with a pretty decent hangover. The night had been great fun. Catching up with friends and laughing about the things we got up to as kids. Even James and Sarah stopped bickering with each other, although as she predicted, Sarah did have to put James to bed when he got too drunk. He always was a light weight. Gail was in the shower when I eventually climbed out of bed. The bathroom was huge and had a massive shower room, as well as a full size bath and even a reclining sofa at one end.

He said his girlfriend would never take it in the ass. In the back of my head I thought, I will if you want to give it to me. I pushed him a little further, and told him as two healthy guys if we wanted to, we could loosen our sweats and put our hands down our own sweats. I did it to show him I was serious, and waited for his reaction. Would he take the push, or had I gone too far. He hesitated for a few moments, and then undid the draw string on his sweats. He looked to me like, are you sure about this was in his eyes. I told him to go ahead; it was just he and I. No one else would know about it. This was just between us guys. He looked down at my hand in my sweats, and then he put his hand under the elastic and reached in to grab his dick. He was a little unsure about this, but he was doing it with me. I let that porn run out, and when it was done, I put in an all guy on girl anal flick.

She said that she’d never touched a woman in a sensual way and had been shocked at how quickly she’d succumbed to the lust that Brenda had aroused in her and how much she had loved it. She then told her that Brenda knew that Pauline and Carol were having sex with each other and had guessed that Carol had told Pauline that she and Brenda had had sex together. Pauline sat quietly, pink faced and wide eyed. Jean smiled, and then leaned forward to kiss her. Morning finally arrived and the first part of the plan was carried out. Brian and Tony set off to their respective workplaces; Carol was rung on her mobile to alert her in case any questions came up at school. Now they were ready! Oh that is so smooth and sexy. Does anyone have any questions? Yes Jean, what is it? Good idea Jean, will they be happy with that? Brenda put an arm around Pauline and led her into the kitchen, which had a large blanket and sheet covering it. She removed her robe revealing a lithe body with small, pert, breast from which her already erect nipples were protruding.

Ronja could not tell if he did not know how to undo the hypnotic trigger or if he did not have time now with Julia now demanding his attention. Julia came walking down the corridor and like always she caught all the attention. Actually that might not be entirely true. A number of the guys, but also a girl named Marianne, was splitting their attention between Julia and Ronja. The change had been so subtle over time that Ronja had not really noticed, but her tight tops and short skirts was making her visible in a way she never had been before. Of course not visible in the way Ronja had wished for, they were all seeing her body and little else. Julia moved past them with a slight frown on her lips as she saw Ronja and Jonathan hurried to join her. Ronja pushed the thoughts away, she needed to prepare for the next lesson.

The younger the girls look or the younger the girl is the higher the price the men pay. Alicia uses these girls a couple of times and makes large profits from them. Then like I said she calls Sal and Sal tells her the requests that have been made from men all over the world. Tom remembered reading the interview notes done by two LA police detectives Karen Morgan and Matt Holladay that they had with Alicia Fischer where she revealed that Corporate Partners had some forty offices worldwide. Tom thought, ‘Damn Matt’s theory was right! Kelly turned to Tom, “I think we can work with this one. When you’re done we will take her into custody and start her paperwork. Young lady, do you wish to testify in court against these people? Tom said, “Oh it will. There is something that you do need to know though. I think you are under the wrong impression.

Like I said billy doesn’t like anyone else touching me, I told him I was sorry and that I was just trying to help. He asked how many times me and stud were going to DO IT, I Said we had to DO IT 2 more times. He got really mad, he asked why I said 3 times, I told him I said 1 but his brother wanted 3, I sweared about it. I also said to billy that if I didn’t go back to his house stud was going to come after me. He looked really sad when I said I had to go back, he said that he would rather get betten up then let me go back to having sex with stud. I kissed him and said that is the sweetest thing in the world, then I had a great idea, I told him that I had a friend that does great sex for free because she loves it so much.

He chuckled, “What do you think? I think next time, it will be just us four playing though……….. Did you ever feel like a fifth wheel tonight? “Only in the beginning…….. I didn’t know how this would work with 3 women and 2 guys……… I mean we all were enjoying some sort of sex at the same time……. “I know… I thought that too…….But it seems like she was ok with that then………. But you are right……. If there is a next time, I think it will be just us four……… are you tired now? “Not really, plus I need this one more time tonight……. I didn’t get it as much as the others……… So why don’t you get between these legs and fuck me to sleep Baby…….. Make love to me tomorrow…….. But now…. I need you to fuck me good” she boldly said, as she spread her legs. Josh got to his knees and moved in front of her, but then lowered his head to her waiting sex. “What are you doing Josh……….

Quietly, they crawled back into bed and fell asleep snuggled in each others’ arms. When I awoke the next morning, Shane was still holding my wife. I must admit now that the sight of them in an intimate cuddle made me feel slightly jealous. My stirring caused them to wake as well. I began to encourage my wife to give Shane a goodbye blow job to thank him for his role in fulfilling my fantasy. I was surprised at how eagerly she agreed. Shane asked me if I would consider allowing him to fuck her before he left as he believed that had been my real fantasy all along. I instructed Maria to begin sucking his cock and be prepared to be fucked by this man should I decide to give her pussy to him. She attacked his hard cock and began to moan from his roving hands touching her body while she fellated him. I looked for a condom for Shane to wear.

Her mouth was moving back and forth over his head as she rubbed the rest of his length with two fists. He was suddenly aware of her aura, a deep well of erotic power. Without thinking, he grabbed the back of her head and firmly pulled towards his body. Her eyes widened as he deepthroated her. In her moment of vulnerability he felt her aura wash over his body, he was absorbing it, just like on the throne. She was working with him now, jamming his cock down her throat, trying to take it all. His entire body buzzed with energy. Jerking off in the bathroom was paltry in compare to this, his first blow job. He saw an orgy in a modern mansion, flashes of aura and energy weaving between men, women, and people that were neither in a tangled mess of sex and magic. Somehow he felt their pleasure, and still the sensations of Betsy in her apartment. He was in two places at once. He was a man with two dicks, one in a woman each. His hands were tangled in Betsy’s hair. He saw a woman being fucked by a swarm of disembodied cocks.

She moaned and pushed her ass back, hopefully encouraging him to keep going. He pushed his thumb into her willing ass and she let out a loud moan of pleasure. This triggered something inside of her and she started to pump wildly against him. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock as it started to spasm and contract, sending wave after wave of chills across both their bodies. He was finger banging her ass and pounding her pussy for all it is worth. It only took about two minutes of that before they were both in the throes of their mutual orgasm. Reggie felt her ass tighten around his thumb and her pussy clamp tightly around his cock. Reggie grunted back as he started to spill an abundant amount of cum into her. He shots 5 thick strings of his semen into her cunt. He thrust deeper into her as he felt her cunt milk every last drop out of his cock. He collapsed on top of her and kissed the back of her neck and rolled to his side.