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The next time Harry woke, he felt much better. Sirius entered the room then, carrying with him a tray laden with toast, eggs, bacon, and potatoes, which he set down on Harry’s lap. Minerva followed him carrying a teapot and several cups. Minerva let out a chuckle. The adults all laughed, and Harry let out a weak smile. He felt awkward with them all watching him eat, but he couldn’t deny that he was ravenous. He polished off the entire tray in about five minutes, and looked up sheepishly as Minerva took it from him, setting it on the desk before returning to his bedside. Without the distraction of food, Harry was becoming a little more nervous. Seeing both McGonagall and Sirius next to him, he didn’t hold out much hope for being able to keep what had happened a secret. Poppy had departed while he was eating, apologizing and telling them that she had a few things to take care of at school, but she would be back in the morning to check on him.

Finally she took Sangeeta’s top and off entirely allowing her to stare at the soft brown breasts, topped with stiff nipples. Sangeeta enjoyed the control, speeding up or slowing down, suddenly stabbing the rubber cock deeply into Angela and watching the reaction on her face. She put Angela’s legs over her shoulders, like some men had done to her, letting her push even deeper into Angela’s wide open vagina, finally making her orgasm. At the end of their sex session, Sangeeta leant forward, and gave Angela a long kiss, more passionate than other kisses, which had mostly been to swap cum when a man had cum in one of their mouths. Sangeeta broke away from the kiss. “So even though you have sex with women, you don’t think you’re a lesbian? “Oh no,” said Angela. It had been a long day at the university, and Sangeeta was thinking about the night in front of her.

I had never in a million years thought of Mason in the romantic sense and had never thought that he would be interested in me. He had never shown any sort of interest in me before other than me being his ‘Best Friend’s’ wife. We simply contented ourselves enjoying each other’s company, sharing the same interests, and we both loved deep, meaningful conversations. We could talk for hours about anything and everything. It was the December Holiday’s and the three of us began experimenting with social drugs. We began using Crystal Meth and Alcohol. It had different effects on all three of us. For my husband RK, porn became his obsession. He would get high and spend endless hours downloading porn off the internet. He also stopped having sex with me. He preferred to just watch the porn, and staying horny for as long as possible and then taking care of himself by jerking off when he couldn’t control it any longer. He became so lazy and actually encouraged Mason to stay as long as he wanted because then he could continue watching porn, and not have to deal with me.

Now some time she was forced to satisfy two/three persons at a time. She was living life of a whore and her husband is her pimp. Her husband has earned a lot of money because of her. Different people used to fuck her differently. And because of the situation, she has become a real alcoholic and heavy smoker. She has accepted the fortune. Now, the situation is, she cannot live without sex and she needs daily more than one male to fuck her. Now she became a habitual whore. Now she does not feel any shame. I was shocked to hear all this things from Sara’s mouth, but Sara kept on smiling, drinking and smoking while telling horror story of her life. Sara: My pimp husband has gone out to bring his three foreigner friends and today I will be fucked by three foreigners. You are telling this very lightly.

Mom just laughed and suggested that we invite Katie’s brother over to have sex with Lisa then for the same reason. At that moment I felt a pang of jealousy. But since Lisa said that it was all right with her and I was going to have sex with Katie anyway, I told her to go for it. Katie made the phone call and told her brother what was up and then she told us that he was on his way. Mom then sent Katie and I up to my bedroom. I locked my bedroom door and got undressed first. My erection was up straight in anticipation. Katie really was shy but she did start to undress. She turned around to unbutton her top and take it off but then she turned back around so that I could see how much her breasts were swelled up in her tight bra.

Becka said don’t worry dear you will learn and understand completely very soon? She was still standing behind and said to, Wesley you are a horny young man? I know you are, and Diana is a naked submissive white woman here to accept and be trained as a sex slave for the pleasure of black men. So command her to get on her knees and arouse your cock to ejaculation by loving on it orally! Come on Wesley, “Tell Her on Your Knees Bitch”! Becka was having fun from behind Wesley, she had reached around first grabbing his large black hairy balls and started squeezing them, saying, oh! Wesley, they are so full aren’t they? You do want it to react don’t you? I am not sure why, but I really wanted it too? Was it because I had traveled half way around the world to satisfy my sexual fantasy, and that I really had no choice, or was my true slut and desire to be a sex slave subconsciously taking over? I was not sure, only that I wanted his cock in my mouth, and wanted it bad!

Her cunt was just right, not too tight, not too loose just perfect. Her pussy was untrimmed and unshaven, a completely natural cunt for completely natural scenery. I just loved sticking a few fingers into her cunt and rubbing her clit as she squirmed and wriggled in ecstacy. She started to join in the rubbing as she concentrated on her clit occassionally sticking her fingers in her honey pot to spread the juices. She grabbed my cock and rubbed her slippery fingers all over the underside and placed it neatly into her cuntal opening and eased back onto it as I slipped forward into her warm insides. As if on cue from a movie a flock of cockatoos flew screaming out of a tree as I entered her and revelled in the sensation of her silky smooth pussy. The urge to fuck like a mad man was upon me and I grabbed her hips and starteds to pound away like there was no tomorrow.

Paul had spent the night with my Mom in her bed. According to him they were mid coitus when the Taxi company had rung his phone asking where he was. The good thing about this was that I got to take him to the airport and also drop Caley off at her apartment. She lived in a small 2 bedroom place above a locksmith and a 7 Eleven. I had walked her up to her door and shared a nice kiss with her. The kiss had been interrupted by her flatmate Jenna who had thrown open the door and screamed at Caley about not being in contact since Sunday morning. The last I saw of her that day was her being dragged through the doorway with shouts about getting to work on time. Driving to the airport with Paul was just like the arrival 3 days ago. We talked about everything like we were discussing what sandwiches we liked. We both agreed that it had been a crazy weekend but a good one. At the airport he told me to use the drop off only parks. We hugged like guys usually do and made plans to Skype or call.

I run over to her it liquefies me, to see she doesn’t even care I’m watching her is dazzling. I grab the Ipod, she doesn’t even see me do it! I blatantly turned the volume up to the highest setting, quickly going for the other button, to decrease the volume. It is like a fucking hurricane now as it is filling the whole house w/the noise. I shout as I hit the mute button. I’m breathing heavily now as I fall to the floor. Holy fuck that was loud, I say to myself. I sigh. Then turn to see my sister completely frozen. I flinch at the site, & I push myself off the floor & onto my knees, looking at my sis. I begin to shake her. She looks up at me w/a smile on her face. Let’s do that more often she said, she hugs me & gives me a kiss. I’m so shaken, but just laugh, as I thank God she’s OK.

“C’mon in, Sarah,” Maddie said. Nick stared at the two new girls that entered the room as Maddie closed the door behind her. Sarah was a thin Hispanic girl with auburn streaks through her jet black hair with really long legs. She wore a short red dress that looked just perfect against her curves. Nick thought back to the photos he received last night and might have found a match. Josie was very petite and had sandy blonde hair. She couldn’t have been much taller than 5 feet. She wore a purple dress and a large necklace dangled from her neck. “Already showing off your ass to this horny boy? “Why are they all here? ” Nick asked. Even though his urges to take things further with Maddie were still present, he felt himself starting to come back to his senses with the interruption from Sarah and Josie. “Oh, Nick,” Maddie started.