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When she had finished eating she was given another injection, and within a few minutes she felt rising anxiety and nervous tension. That relentless restless feeling soon increased to frustration, and then anger. What were these people doing to her, and what were these strange drugs they were injecting her? What were they doing to her? She got up and paced as far as the chain would allow her as her frustration and anger grew. Her restricted movements served to further elevate her frustration. For the evening meal she had peas, corn and carrots, and a thick cut of rare roast beef. She was given another shot of drugs, then she was taken down to the ‘S’ deck, where the sadism acts were performed. She felt herself getting more and more agitated, and although she realized that it was the drugs, she couldn’t help but notice she was getting hornier as she grew more angry.

As I laid there she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and sucked like I have NEVER had, before or since. I had never cum in a woman’s mouth to that point and never thought it would happen but as she sucked I felt the cum start to boil in the base of my shaft and quickly bubble up and rise. I was squeezing closed to get all I could and not cum but she wouldn’t stop. I said. She just kept sucking and I was at the bursting point. I said loudly while nudging her head. I moaned in such sweet relief as I shot one huge stream of cum into her mouth. She sucked and licked my head while I squeezed out whatever I had left. My ex wife would suck dick and do it pretty good but no girl or woman had the suction and talent that Karen had. Even if my ex would have been able to she made it clear she wasn’t going to let me cum in her mouth.

He took his camera out and started taking pictures of me. I started to move around like a fashion model would as he took pictures of me being naked and all. Daddy always smiles when I spread my legs for him he likes that the most when my I spread my legs for him. I even moved his hand over my naughty spot and let him play with my naughty spot as he took pictures of it. I like the way daddy touches me. He makes me feel so warm and like tingly all over my body. Then when I was naked standing on the coffee table my daddy kept taking pictures of me he looked at me and said, ‘listen pumpkin you know that you are daddy’s special girl right? And mommy is special too daddy as well. I just want to make you both happy okay? So, let’s get you into your dress, please? And let’s go visit with mommy and her new friends.

She asked if it tasted good and I told her that when it went into her mouth that she could kiss me. I said that we both could try it. I started to shoot my load into my sister’s mouth. She didn’t gag to my surprise. When I finised, she came over to me and we locked lips. My cum tasted salty but good. We both swallowed some and took a little break. She asked what we should do next. I told her that I would lick her pussy and see if she could cum too. I started to lick and started to kick back and forth. It didn’t take long for to ejaculate. Her cum tasted sweet but delicious. She told me that was the best feeling she ever had. I told her that we should have real sex now. She asked if it would hurt and I told her it would at first but it would feel better latter. She said lets do it.

He squeezed my butt and separated my cheeks. His finger circling my asshole. I sucked on my fingers as he thrust up into me, he took my fingers from my mouth and put them in his, sucking off my saliva and replacing it with his. It was getting hot and I wanted to cool off, “You want to do it in the pool? ” I asked, he didn’t reply but just got up and we jumped in the pool. I floated on my back then he joined me, he blew a few bubbles next to my pussy and said “Can I fuck your ass now? ”, he loves anal sex but I only let him on special occasions, “Fine” I said. We moved to the shallow end and I spread my legs and leaned back, revealing my tight asshole. He fingered it a little to loosen it up then slowly pushed his throbbing cock up my ass. I moaned as it went in inch by inch until it was all in.

I said “What’s the matter, sake all gone”? He smiled and said that my husband had finished his and a few of the other men’s also. He was ready to pass out. I said “Oh, no, that would mean I would be here all alone with a group of strangers” He smiled again and walked out with his water. I strolled into the room and saw my husband indeed passed out face down at the table. The room grew quiet as I strolled past them and left the room again. My last words to them all were “Well, I’m going to my bedroom, if anyone needs anything that’s where you can find me”. As I knew what would happen did. Each of the men followed me upstairs to my room. They wasted no time trying to fuck me. I stopped them dead in there tracks. I said “Look guys, I am not a cheap whore.

He received a text from his mom earlier, stating she was running late, assuring him that they would still go to dinner. He wanted to watch those sex scenes again. He fought with himself all day. He did yard work, homework, he drove around, he walked around; he couldn’t sit still. He took a few steps forward when he was saved by his mother. He breathed a sigh of relief. He survived jacking off to his mother, for now. Gia arrived at his door. He threw on some khakis and button up shirt. Several minutes later his mom met him at the front door, wearing a tight, short, tropical pattern dress. Gerald couldn’t help think how hot she looked, given that he’s seen her naked and in sexual situations – even if they were simulated, or so he assumed. They ended their hug, Gia grabbing Gerald’s hand, walking to her car.