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Date: November 27, 2019

Manny may have been a horny teenage boy, but at least he was true to his word. After that blowjob marathon, he did not return, leaving Nicole to collect herself before her own son returned. The first few weeks of having Daniel back was awkward as she had a hard time looking at him without feeling guilty and ashamed. Worse still was when Manny returned to being a presence at the house. He would grin and make suggestive eyes towards Nicole but never acted. Nicole grew curt with him, doing her best to avoid confrontations. Normality was forced back though, as the teens started senior year. The teens had jobs, school, and college preparations to deal with. Nicole managed to float through work and life’s responsibilities, but her romantic interests had come to a halt. She stopped going out, instead electing to spend nights with her imagination and ‘toys’. Fall turned to winter and winter to spring. Holidays and special events came and went without incident.

Like a toad, Nick flicked his tongue at her clit. With each movement of his tongue, Lizzy moaned louder. “Ahh, please lick my pussy. Deciding he teased her more than enough, Nick inserted his tongue inside of her love tunnel while he moved his thumb to her clitoris. He alternated between eating her pussy and sticking his middle finger inside of her vagina. The heat of her body had a noticeable effect on Nick’s penis as it was stiff as a board and as hard as ever. While he toyed with Lizzy’s pussy and enjoyed her expressions of pleasure, Nick used his left hand to jack off, prepping himself for her pussy. “Oh yeah, jerk off for me baby,” Lizzy said. Nick thought he might last longer after having sex less than an hour ago, but he was still determined to make Lizzy cum before he penetrated her. He applied more pressure on her clit with his tongue and inserted two fingers inside of Lizzy’s pussy.

John’s tongue slid out and touched Kamala’s lips as her tongue thrust forward to meet it. She closed her eyes but the hunger that burned in them took hold of her body and pressed against him as her mouth clamped harder to his. Minutes later they came apart. She looked at him. “Tomorrow, don’t be late okay? They kissed again briefly and waved and walked back towards their houses. The next day he wasn’t late. She walked around the corner and saw his easy smile. She walked right up to him and kissed him hard and eagerly. He had to step back to keep from losing his balance then put his hands to cup her face and stroke her hair because the temptation of her body was too great otherwise. She gripped his hair and held him to her. Her body pressed against his and he knew she felt how hard she made him.

Danny came in waving a DVD. “Brad and Alyssa. You’ll love this one, it’s got some hot scenes. My favorite scene is the foursome scene.” Danny winked at Kayla. Alyssa thought Kayla would blush, or become angry with Danny. But contrary to what she thought, Kayla’s lips rolled into a broad flirtatious smile. She eyed Alyssa with flirtatious affection. “I do like the girl on girl scenes.” She stroked Alyssa’s long brown hair joking playfully. Her joke; if it was a joke, made Alyssa blush beat red, but warm tingling sensations rushed over her body. Her friends comment aroused her. Brad blurted out something Alyssa told him during their threesome with Grace. She slapped him on the arm. “Brad. Don’t tell them that! But the way Kayla affectionately stroked her hair is turning her on. She tried thinking of Brad’s cock, sliding between her legs, but a sudden vision of Kayla going down on her, made her daydream fantasy disappear.

Bev & Tracy had now switched positions . As she bobbed up and down on Arthur’s prick , Tracy made room for Bev to continue with ballsucking . Tracy was a pro at giving head , not as good as coach’s wife thought Arthur but she was getting there. Dressed in a pair of daisy dukes , 3 inch heels & a pink bra she was in full contrast to Bev who was collared ,leashed & wearing 7inch thigh high hooker boots. Bev was his sex slave to do as he pleased . Bev’s tits were pierced , as was her nose & clit. Tracy was Arthurs steady at school, but the 19 year old senior also , had Tracy lick pussy for his own pleasure. Arthur unloaded in Tracy’s mouth & she immediately kissed Bev in a sperm-filled french kiss exchange with Bev. After they both swallowed their just dessert,Arthur told them to to 69 , with Tracy on top. As Arthur took pics with his cellphone , this could be his screensaver he smirked. Bev was sitting on the couch jerking Arthur off, Coach Marvin was in the footstool position as BEV put her hooker boot covered legs on his back. Arthur was enjoying himself , the season had ended they had a winning season 10 -3 .And best of all he had a College football scholarship . Bev was wearing her collar but not her leash , Arthur had left for the evening . He had told her to have fun with her limp dicked husband . She was in the doggystyle postion as Coach Marvin was licking her asshole . Over their bed the poster size picture of Bev’s face covered in Arthur’s cum so they would know that even when he wasnt there,Arthurs presence would be felt. As Marvin tounged his wifes ass Bev played with her clit as she brought herself to a self-induced orgasm .

Our parents had gone to the second wedding of mum’s sister and had left me in charge for the weekend. This was only Friday night and already I had to work at not letting anything spoil their trust in me. They hurriedly left as Alice pushed her breasts back into her bra’ and fled into the house. That was the first time I had seen my sister’s breasts and I have to admit that I stared. I found the vodka bottle, tidied the ‘van’ and locked it then returned the key to its usual place before taking my shoes and coat off. The next part would be a little awkward, but I had just had an idea and I was determined to give it a chance to succeed. I didn’t knock on Alice’s door, I didn’t need to because it was wide open and she lay on her bed, sobbing. I sat on the edge of her bed and stroked her hair. She turned and sat up before answering me. “I have no intention of talking with their parents, I never did have.

“Oh God,” Mike moaned again, his vocabulary limited by the pleasing warmth of her oral cavity. Meanwhile, Carl’s tongue had very effectively replaced Mike’s and was creating havoc with Sarah’s pussy. Each time he contacted her clit, pleasure radiated through her body. Her hips rose up to meet his tongue in a futile, but concerted effort to increase the oral stimulation she was receiving. As Carl continued to lap at her labia, Sarah closed her eyes, her breathing became irregular, her nipples hardened to a point that was almost painful. She could no longer focus on the cock that was urgently thrusting in and out of her mouth. Taking the organ from her mouth she began to moan softly. She placed one hand on Carl’s head to help maintain contact with his tongue. In seconds, her moans changed to groans, and then . Once his cock made contact with her labia, Sarah bent her legs at the knee and drawing her legs up toward her chest, granted access to the deepest reaches of her womb.

” Bethany said with Chantelle nodding in agreement. Rachael had been the best blowjob of my life in that alley the week before. Tiffany was a class above – assumedly down to her admitted swathes of experience – but this little minx in front of me was giving her a run for her money. “fucking hell. Do you girls take classes or something? ” I squeezed out between gasps and moans. Chantelle just shrugged. “A girls gotta know how to suck dick, and we’ve both sucked a lot of dicks”. Her eyes then returned to the spectacle before her as Bethany reached new heights of oral excellence. ” she asked Bethany after a few minutes of watching us. “mmmmm” Bethany moaned as she pulled off my cock, the welcome break giving my orgasm time to recede. “she’s right, he does have a really nice dick. Its … like… the perfect size and shape. “aaah,” Chantelle’s knees wobbled a bit as she forced down her own orgasm before looking back up at me, my eyes jumping from one slut to another.

He continued to tell me that when in early high school, he and a friend used to rub their cocks together and mutually jerk eatch other off, but that was as far as it had gone. All he said is, I will think about it. It was Christmas break. Josh’s older brother was in town from college. We was into pot smoking and playing guitar. Josh and I were out on the town cruising around honking at girls and trying to be players. After it seemed that all the girls had gone home for the night we decided to go home too. When we got home our parents were asleep upstairs and our older brother was high and playing music in the basement where we normally watched our videos and played video games. So we sat in the living room, which was within ear and eyesight of our parents bedroom.

”you gonna cum again for me? I wanna you to cover your mans face with all that squirt baby. Cum in my mouth bitch, do it my sexy little bitch. SPRAY IT BITCH, NOW! GIMME IT YOU GORGEOUS LITTLE SLUT! ” She loved feeling dirty and nasty. She loved the dirty talk and the filthy names he called her and him yelling at her to squirt pushed her to cum again. She came and my cock was pushed out of her as her tasty spray went everywhere covering nearly my entire body from my waist up.. Tasting her cum again sent my cock into a frenzy and I grabbed her hair as she got on her knees, eyes and mouth open, begging for my cum to cover her face. I stood over my new cum slut jerking my big cock as she rubbed her clit and watched me wide eyed as my balls tightened, seconds away from giving her what she craved. ”COVER MY PRETTY FACE BABY! Gimme all that cum, blow that big load on me.