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Date: November 28, 2019

“So, uh, my dad is not gonna be home till, like, seven tonight.” He said with a small laugh. We got out early on thursdays, three hours early in fact, and both our parents had to stay late on thursdays, so I would be over at his house till right around seven anyway. “You wanna, um, watch some porn? “Well, sure I guess.” I said with a shrug as we turned down the side road to his house. “But, like, what if we get caught? ” I asked tilting my head as he dug into his pocket for his keys. Who’s gonna catch us? Your mom ain’t coming to get you till seven and my dad won’t be home till seven, there’s no way we can get caught! “Yeah I guess that’s true.” I said as I stepped under his oning and shook my umbrella dry. After a moment of getting settled and pulling up a second chair to his computer, we started.

“My God” she says “you are so hard, you feel huge” as she wipes the pre come from her lips. Gail smiles knowingly, turns and kneels on the bed. Her perfect heart shape arse and narrow hips draw me closer until the tip of my cock touches the smooth shaven lips of her pussy. The soft wetness envelops the tip of my cock and she moans. I push forward to be greeted by a satisfying tightness. Gail pushes forcefully back and my cock slides all the way home. My balls make contact with Gails clitoris and she moans more deeply. In the early days of our sex life I would always have to take it easy while Gail got used to the size of my cock, but she soon learned to love it and sex became much more physical. Now however, all I wanted was to pound away at her pussy to relieve the ache in my loins and maybe my mind. I began to use my full force to shove my cock as deeply as it would go, only to pull out as quickly and bang it home again.

I think that you’re really hot and all Mr. Bowen. ’ Then he pulled my face close to his and he kissed me full on the lips as his large hand went between my legs. As his hand came up the backside of my thighs he pulled my nightie up over my naked butt and he started to squeeze my butt all hard and nice and all. Then he said, ‘you never answered my question Kristen. Whose idea was it to have the father’s have sex with their daughters? I looked at him in shock and said, ‘you never ever looked at Rebecca that way? ’ Mr. Bowen said, ‘No absolutely not. It wasn’t until today when I walked into the bathroom and saw my preteen daughter sitting on the back of the tub with her legs spread open. Then her two girlfriend’s practically naked wearing nothing but those g-string bathing suits that only consisted of three triangle patches to cover their most intimate parts and small string connecting them.

I made a new friend. “Oh,” I said, my stomach twisting. Just hearing Elliston made me think of Clint fucking his mother, which made me think of James fucking me. My pussy grew so hot. ” Jenny asked as she passed me. “Takeout,” I told her. “I left it on the dinner table. Go get your brother. I shivered, my pussy on fire. I climbed the stairs and headed into the bathroom. I stared at my face in the mirror. I had to get my lusts under control. I needed to go and find a bar, pick up a young stud, and just get laid. My forehead looked flushed from my excitement. I grabbed a piece of toilet paper and dabbed at my forehead. I dropped it in the wastebasket by the sink and then frowned. ” in purple, the rest of the word obscured by my piece of toilet paper. My stomach clenched. That couldn’t be the discarded box for a pregnancy test. Jenny couldn’t be having sex. She was so young. So innocent. She still wore her headband and tights. I mean, I knew girls were so active these days, but not my sweet Jennifer.

Each pinch caused her to buck beneath me and she sobbed through the hand clamped over her mouth. The struggling and sobbing of the little cunt beneath me turned me on greatly, and I came quickly as I ground against her ass. As soon as the buzz from my climax ended I high tailed it out of there as quickly as possible, leaving her crying and half-naked in the leaves. I spent the next few weeks immobilized in the fear that she would report the attack and I would be caught. That, however, did not stop me from jacking off each night into the captured panties as I relived my memory of the girl’s violation. After the third week of nothing happening I began to wonder if I got away with it. I went back to the scene of the attack. No increased police patrols or warning signs or anything like that. If anything the number of likely victims was increasing due to the warmer weather. Having gotten away with it one time the urges made it impossible to stop and I continued my violations, claiming a new victim every three for four weeks.

We simply had to move up and down to get his full length inside me. That’s not fucking and he didn’t cum inside me. I wanted to get on top of Gerry so he rolled us over and I had to spend another half hour moving up and down before I could take his full length again. Once he was all the way inside me I just sat there without moving and I could feel orgasm after orgasm flow through me like waves. That’s when you rang me. It was so erotic speaking to you with ten inches of Gerry inside me. “What are you on about Maddy? It was supposed to be a one-off. Just to be able to know what it felt like. “David, you are the one who’s been cheating on me. You’ve been married to me for four years and we’d been going out for two years before that. You’ve enjoyed the best years of my life, and what have you done for me, FUCKING NOTHING. You’ve never given me an orgasm during sex. I’ve always had to use my finger.

The genitalia brushing against his legs as he walked was a constant reminder of the impossible. What was happening to him? Somebody appeared ahead on the sidewalk, and he suddenly became very aware of the bulge in his sweatpants. Anybody who looked down would notice. As the pedestrian neared, he saw that she was a middle aged woman. He started to attempt a subtle turn of his crotch away from the woman’s field of view. Then his mouth fell open. A soft glow was coating the woman’s body. Loops and swirls of light danced across her profile in dark green and orange. The lady must have noticed his staring, because she quickened her pace as she passed. What the fuck was happening to him? The rest of the trip was uneventful. Save for the whirlwind of thoughts in Brian’s head. He had just discounted accidental ingestion of LSD and clinical insanity when he realized he was at the mysterious address. It was an apartment complex like any other.

Once we’re in sex mode very little else interests us, so this is not a good time to raise an unrelated topic. The Inverted Wheelbarrow position is unlikely to get happy results. One thing at a time, please. Continually playing either the helpless schoolgirl or the strict governess is a short cut to bedroom boredom. I once dated a girl who had the dominatrix thing going on,’ says one friend of mine. At first it was really hot but after a while I wanted a change, and she really resisted that. It became tedious.’ What’s exciting sometimes isn’t exciting every time. If you insist on always being dominant, you’ll come across as being on some kind of power trip. Not attractive. If you insist on always being submissive, you’ll seem sad and needy. Also not attractive. Learn to mix it up a little. Does anyone imagine that asking, ‘Do my thighs look like croissants?

I saw, he was watching her doing cleaning work in the room and they were talking to each other’s. Once, when she passed near to him, he pumped his big boob hard with his hand. She laughed and moved away. Next time, he did something between her legs with his fingers when she was on move and she jumped in air. He must have stroked his finger hard on his pussy or ass hole. She again laughed and looked at him. She moved up to the chair on which he was sitting and I saw that he hugged her hard while he was sitting and she was standing. She was moving her fingers in to his hairs. His face was on her big boobs and he was rubbing his face hard on her boobs. His hands were behind her moving on to her back and on her big ass. He moved her bra straps through her shoulders without opening hook. She moved her hands out of her bra straps and he pulled her bra down.

One day, while Avery was out at a friends house, Nicole and I were alone. I was so horny that day, and so glad we were alone, so I could finally see if I could get anywhere with her. I asked her if she had ever seen any porn. She laughed, and said she had only ever seen magazines. I asked her which kind, and she said the usual; Playboy, penthouse, some Club magazines. She said she had walked in on her brother masturbating one time, but nothing more than that. I asked her if she ever masturbated, and she laughed and reluctantly said “yes.” When I asked her if she had ever had sex, she said no, and that she was a virgin. I was a virgin too, but I would often spend my time masturbating to internet porn. I had discovered it when I was about 12 and I found some unclosed porn windows after my cousins boyfriend had used the computer. After that time, I was hooked. At first I would browse around for the basic stuff, but after a while, I started coming across some hardcore material.