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This was the first time Jane had actually done anything like this, and what had happened with the black men was a turn on for both of us as she explained what had really happened. I had fantasized just like she, of her being forced to have sex with two well endowed black men! I still love the thought of her dancing nude or even being a Porn star with black men and many husbands would feel the same way about having there wives do something like this! I think that the way you tell the story it sounds very real. I’d be tempted to truly believe it (not as porn fiction like so many) if you hadn’t said something about this at the very start of this story. My husband met me while I was still dancing go-go in New Jersey back in the mid-70’s. No undies, just bikinis and heels. I also danced in New York; full nude and my pussy got licks for a dollar.

The first thing we did was to take a few pictures. I especially wanted a pictures of SCD’s very nice large cock slowly entering my ladies pussy. She helped him get erect and than I had him sit on a chair, lean back with his cock straight in the air and had my lady stand over his up turned cock. I than asked my lady to sit down on his big hard cock just enough so that the head of his cock disappeared in her pussy. She did so. I took a picture. With her still sitting on the head of his cock, I than asked her to lower herself so that half of his cock was in her pussy. I took an other very nice picture. I than her asked to lower herself such that his entire cock was totally in her now very wet pussy and she again did so. Another gorgeous picture with wonderful smiles on both of their faces.

His lean sweating body came toward me. His balls were so big and juicy. I was scared, but mostly excited. He leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, then to my mouth. His lips were plump and wet. I loved the taste of his spit in my mouth, his tongue was so warm and slippery. He started to take my T-shirt off. He rubbed my arm and then he started licking my neck. I took my shorts off. I was in boxer shorts and my dick was surely gunna rip right through the fabric. I could smell his sweat, his smell made me hotter. I was so excited. I started feeling my nipples, it felt sooooo good. He licked them and started sucking. Then nibbling. I put my trembling hands onto his neck and started rubbing his back and arms. His hair stood up and I loved his hairy arms and him muscles.

She broke out in a sweat and attempted to clench her muscles, as the orgasm overcame her senses. The visually stunning orgasm also started her brothers. He pulled his rock hard cock out of her and then placed it between the strong cheeks of her ass. The damp valley was firmly pressed together but offered a wonderful alternative to finish his strokes. His cock rode along her ass crack for a few more seconds before he felt the explosion exit from his body. Looking down he watched as his seed coated much of his sisters tail bone and upper crack. She moaned contentedly, happy to feel his hot sperm upon her skin. Slowly standing up and stuffing his penis back into his pants he said, “Your going to be late for school if you don’t hurry up.” He quickly turned and began to leave her laying there. He turned about to see her looking past her sweaty shoulder. He simply smiled as a response then turned about and departed.

I pulled on a light weight tee and a pair of nylon gym shorts and started down the stairs to get done what I had to do. I was just sliding open the glass door leading to the pool area when I realized I was being a complete bubble brain. I always wear one of my swimsuits (bikini) when I work around the pool. I don’t know what I was thinking when I dressed in regular clothes. I paused and briefly debated going back upstairs and changing, but decided the hell with it and continued out back. The sound of our next door neighbor’s lawn mower running registered vaguely in my mind as I hooked up the pool vacuum and got started. The pool, as usual, was a snap, and inside of fifteen minutes I was stowing the vacuum and getting ready to sweep the deck. That turned out to be not much of a job either, and twenty minutes later I was picking up the last small pile of sweepings when I heard the screen door to the deck open behind me.

John said, “Ok Cheryl when Phil ejaculates in your face I’ll clean the sperm off your face with my tongue. I’ve fantasized, like you, sucking a guy’s sperm. John went to my thighs and vagina again. Erick, Cheryl and I went to a nudist beach. I took off my bathing suit top and John went to my vagina and sucked me. Erick knelt by my face and guided his penis in. Erick pumped his penis in my mouth and ejaculated all over my face. I said, “John please kiss me and clean the sperm off my face.” John licked the sperm off me. I said, “Guys lets go back to the hotel room and continue this. You might say that I fantasize a lot. I do and having two penises in me at the same time is another of my fantasizes. I didn’t know John would be part of it. Todd masturbated all over my breasts and on my chest.

She would place the nozzle directly onto her clit and literally suction her clit to orgasm, but without the pumping effect. I loved watching her use this. However she didn’t like using it too often. As it always left her clit quite sore afterwards. Katie would lay perfectly still, just letting the suction work its magic. The powerful suction combined with the vibration from the vacuum gave her some really intense orgasms. I loved seeing her pussy as it began visibly, rhythmically snapping. Her juices literally oozing out after each snap of her cunt. I really enjoyed that because I got to rub my thumb along her lips and taste all her delicious juices oozing out. Katie even worked her love of masturbating into our sex life. Being in the Navy meant I was away for months at a time. So Katie would set up a camcorder to video herself masturbating. She’d talk through it, telling me how she missed me, and pretending I was there and we were having sex.

I also like the ones where a teenager fucks older men.” He said making me shake a little. “Mmmm those are so so hot. I love those too, especially since my boyfriend is an older guy so I can relate to that, Finally.” I said. “But we haven’t had sex yet.” He said with a sexy fucking grin. “Yet.” I said while I got my face as close to his as I could. “That may change today.” He sighed before he looked in my eyes since he was stopped at a red light. “God I hope so.” I said while I started to breath hard. “It will.” He said before he kissed me twice. “So what kind of things do you like a girl to do to you? ” I asked before I bit my lip. “Well, exactly what you’re doing now for one and two, I love being touched and rubbed through my pants, it drives me fucking crazy.

“We were wrong.” I said backing towards the wall as he stepped closer. ” Devin asked distracted as he watched my mouth and closed the distance between us. He held my face in his hands then rubbed his thumb along my lips making me shudder. “You have no idea…how…” his voice trailed off as he lowered one of his hands and slid it into my jeans pinning me against the wall. I stood paralyzed not sure what I should do. He looked at me with lust filled eyes then kissed me in a way no brother and sister should. Heavy and hard. Instinctively my body moved against his and I felt his hardness. He pulled me tighter too him and kissed my neck as his cold finger tips traveled the length of my back. ” I gasped. He looked at me with impatient curiosity. “We can’t.” I said moving away.

I wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone’s opinions are heard and respected. Of course, now I’m running a company, I appreciate that you can’t always act on everyone’s opinions, but I wanted them at least considered. I also have special programs for college students, they have to keep up a B average to get on the program. The “College Nerds” series is so popular now, I can be really selective about the talent I use, they’d have to be a very special person to get on with only a B average these days. We also have the “Naked Notes” series, we make serious instructional videos, except that we use the College Nerd talent, and they try to be as distracting as possible. They’re some of our most popular lines. I’m not sure if anyone ever learns anything from them. AVN: Why did you start your company, rather than continuing your academic career? It pays better. Seriously, the chances of even getting a postdoc position are slim, less than 10% of new doctors are likely to get a postdoc.