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Date: November 24, 2019

Mike loved the feeling of her lips. They were so kissable and so soft. She was the most beautiful female he had ever been with sexually and the great thing was that she really wanted him. He could sense that it wasn’t for play, she wanted to be there. Taylor was now super turned on. She reached down and grabbed his dick and started stroking him. Mike was so turned on that he melted into her arms, but reality hit him and he remembered that they were not equals and now was not the time to give her that impression. He got off of the table and lowered it so that her head was level with his dick. He grabbed her head and guided it to his dick. She had been waiting for this moment as well. From the first time she saw his dick, she had wanted it in her mouth. Taylor loved nothing more that sucking on a dick.

I didn’t want to get too obvious with his wife there. I had several fantasies that soon had me fingering my pussy. When they returned, hunky-husband offered to give me a ride home. I was wondering what I could do on the short ride home. His wife went to check on their daughter. I went to the bathroom as he waited for me. I took off my bra and jammed it into my purse. I was still wet from all the fingering. I rubbed my clit for a minute then undid two blouse buttons before returning. I then headed out the door with my new employer. Once in the car, he paid me 50 dollars for my work. I was surprised by that amount for a couple of hours of my time. He said in a deep tone. I purred in my flirty voice. I tossed my hair, smiled, and batted my eyes.

He places clover clamps on the top of her cunt lips and secures them around her legs, pulling the string tight to ensure her cunt lips are spread wide. Attaching another set of clamps to the middle of her cunt lips, he does the same, tying them around her legs. Finally, clamps on the lower lips, her clit fully exposed, but also both her holes. Stepping back, he poises the crop on the floor between her legs and swings upwards with startling quickness, repeatedly slapping her naked female flesh. The force of the impacts sends shudders up her chest, even her tits shake from the sheer power of each hit. Again, deliberate, well aimed snaps of the wire sending leather soaring into her exposed folds. The burning, stinging, blazing pain is unimaginable. She is overwrought, her brain soaked with pain, her throat choking on the gag. Her knees give way but the belts hold her securely to the cross. Back at the workbench, he assembles a wicked clawed clamp with a small bucket hanging from a foot long chain. Bending between her legs, he flicks her beaten clit, raw, dark red, yet fully aroused.

Her pussy was very lovely with very small trimmed hair. We were so much in love and sex that we both forget that my bf is also there around. Now I know that he was watching us from the door of the bed room. He entered in bed room and joined us in sex. He was lying on the bed between us and I and Anju had made him naked within no time. His erected cock was in front of both ladies and we took charge of it. She was sucking his cock and I was sucking his balls. Both of his hands were on both of our lovely pussies and his fingers were playing with our clits. This was the first experience of group sex for three of us and we were enjoying from whatever knowledge we were having about sex. He was fucking me and I was sucking Anju’s pussy and after some time we changed our position and his cock was in Anju’s pussy.

She could feel Vinny’s tensing and his fingering on Davine’s was not as consistent because she was pleasuring him and he found it hard to keep the same rhythm in pumping her wet pussy. Vinny was feeling great, being with a women that he never met before and after half an hour being together they were masturbating eachother. He thought it was a pretty good achievement getting in a women knickers that quickly. Both Vinny and Davine every so often were grunting of pleasure and more they were pleasuring each other more the rhythm was accelerating. It got to a point where Vinny felt that he was getting difficult to contain himself, he therefore got his hand out of Davine’s pussy and reached for Davine’s head pulling her down towards his penis. Eventually Davine’s showed her disagreement by pushing her head back up but Vinny reminded her about the consequences of her not doing as she was told, then Davine from her own will gently lowered her head to his cock. She first started to lick it like she would lick a lollypop but eventually she wrapped her mouth right around it making her way up and down the shaft.

I can almost smell the aroma and taste it. I was racking my brain on how to get my dad to let me have oral sex with him. I got a break. I was in the kitchen and dad in the living room when mom announced that she was spending the weekend with her sister. She giggled to me and pinched me on the butt. She whispered: (“Sis is covering for me, its an oral weekend for me.”) I smiled…but not for her. Dad and me alone this weekend, now’s my chance. I devised a plan. Mom had left and that evening, I started in teasing daddy a little, rubbing up against him and acting sexy. He smiled but no move on me. I waited until bed time. I put on my skimpiest nightie and waited in my room with the door open. I heard daddy get out of the shower and saw him in his robe go in his bedroom and close the door. I waited for a minute and then got up and went in his bedroom and closed his door.

She swiftly rotated around, and for Jamie’s benefit, and for her enjoyment, she seemed to like being looked at, Alice bent forward about 45 degrees, leaned one hand on her desk, and used the other to masturbate. She positioned herself closer to Jamie this time, to give him a view of both her ass, and her vagina. She could hear the increase in his pace at this moment, the reason for the onomatopoeia ‘fap’ quickly becoming apparent, and increased her own pace. Then she remembered something her Dad had told her. “Play with the clitoris”. She removed her middle finger from her pussy, and put it on her clit. She felt some pleasure the minute she touched it, but it was when she started to properly rub it that she really felt good. She moaned louder than she had before that day, and rapidly increased the pace of her masturbation, and with another massive moan, she orgasmed for the first time.