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“Hey, Mom. Thank you for all the hard work that you and Fred put in today. We couldn’t have gotten through it all without your help,” I say before they go into her room. I see her blow me a kiss through the air as they shut the door behind them. In my head, I really like having Mom here at the Chateau. She’s sort of taking the grandmother position giving some of the younger girls’ advice and for the older ones like Paula, she listens when they have questions. Mom will have a glass of wine with some of the ladies, something she is probably enjoying. I make no mention of Bob as she is enjoying life and there is no need to get her emotions all stirred up about being a widow. I head over to the kitchen, where the group is hanging out. John is eating like a man who hasn’t had food in days.

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We wanted the same church that our parents got married in many years before that. “Be honest, how bad do I look in the dress being this pregnant? “Bite your tongue sis, you are beautiful,” Ray replied. “I love you Ray, but you are a such a guy,” I said. “Well I’m only marrying you sis, seriously who walks into a trap like that and what kind of guy would say anything else? “A double head moron I guess,” I replied as I laughed. Then I gave him a big hug and then we were off to the church. We got there and everyone was there waiting for us. So we got to start the ceremony right away, and we both wrote our own vows. “Well Ray, you are the best guy I’ve met in my life. You love me, care about me and take care of me. Ever since then I’ve been so happy with you.

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