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Date: December 2, 2019

Thoughts of loosing her friend makes it impossible. The next morning Alyssa woke up feeling depressed, her conversation with Liz Morrison echos through her tired mind. Hearing her parents are awake, making breakfast in the kitchen. She walks in finding them making out like teenagers, her mothers nude under the short blue terrycloth robe she’s wearing, and Jack’s nude under his tan terrycloth robe. They don’t notice she’s standing in the kitchen doorway, but she sees everything. Jack has opened Grace’s robe, he’s fondling her pert full round breast, Grace is stroking his half erect cock. Seeing them showing affection for each other arouses her need for sex, but Brad’s not here for her to cuddle with like they are. Suddenly she’s overcome with sadness and jealousy. “Hey you two, stop that,” she says in a loud voice. Jack and Grace quickly pull away from each other. Jack sees she’s staring at his exposed cock, he closes his robe and turns away. Now he’s suddenly overcome with shame, even though it was just yesterday evening when he had sex with his pretty teenage stepdughter. Grace closed her robe noticing sadness in her daughters eyes.

I look up on the security monitor and see their car pull up. J greets them at the door. Very nice couple. Really good looking. They have been on the road for over an hour. They will need some time to decompress. At least a bathroom break. I am always skeptical of couples. I have thrown a lot of money away on shoots where the man cannot perform. This is more common than you might think. Time to get down to business. Stage lights on and cell phones off. I still can’t believe that J answered the phone right in the middle of a really hot scene. It was someone trying to sell insurance. I can only wonder what they were thinking. So we get down to filming. Whoa this couple is hot. Her body is curvy in all the right places and she has a nice bronze tan from top to bottom. He is well built and has no trouble performing. At least eight positions before I lost count. They had great chemistry between them. These were two people that were really in love. Then it hit me. That was what was missing from a previous video shoot that went bad. If they were a couple then, they were clearly having problems outside of the bedroom as well. People may say that they are in love, but until you watch them have sex, You won’t truly know for sure.

He put the car in drive, grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He then started playing with my cock as we drove down the road. We played with each other’s cocks for the entire 30 minute ride to his apartment. Once we arrived we got ourselves together and went into his bedroom. In a flash we were both naked on his bed. I was on my back and we made out. It was passionate, something that you share with a lover. He slowly kissed down my body, trembling with nerves until he got to my cock. He took my cock in his mouth and sucked on me for what seemed like 30 minutes. He then sat up next to my face where he could lean over and suck my cock with his in my face. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him like it was the last cock I would ever suck.

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Every once in a while, we’d trade or show each other a particularly hot girl. I liked reading the letters in Forum a lot, too. I was getting a serious case of blue balls, staring at some huge tits in a Penthouse and massaging my my swollen dick, not knowing what to do cause I had never beaten off before. That may sound dumb but there were things I just hadn’t discovered on my own yet. Jeff looked over at me. “Have you ever put a rubber on? “what, those things from the machines? Sure.” I lied. I’d never gotten one. “Do you want to put one on now? Jeff got up and reached under his mattress, took out a handful of little packages and threw them on the bed. I kind of waited to see what he was going to do. Still standing up, he dropped his underwear. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen his dick.. But it was still exciting and somehow different this time. He tore open one of the packages, put the condom on his cock and unrolled it down the shaft. I stared at his cock, all weird and shiny, encased in rubber. After a few seconds, I caught myself and stopped staring at his dick. I grabbed a package, ripped it open and placed the rubber on the tip of my swollen head. I tried to unroll it but it just wasn’t working right. It unrolled but wouldn’t go down. Does it feel good?

His finger was sliding deep in her clenching ass, spreading the thick lube in preparation for what was to come. She lifted her head and looked at the TV, her eyes absorbing the hot action as her body conveyed exquisite sensations from Rod’s probing cock and fingers. The movie action was getting rapidly hotter, as the actress was on her hands and knees as the studs ravaged her from both ends. Both men were sporting huge, rigid cocks, with one thrusting firmly and deeply into her ass, while the other was doing his best to choke her with his monster shaft. Trails of pre-cum and saliva were hanging from her lower lip as she took them willingly, and Carol groaned as the visual stimulation added to the erotic feelings coursing through her body. “Give it to me Rod, please! ” She begged. “You know I’m a slut for your cock, so treat me like one and slide that huge tool into my ass.

Kamala looked back over her shoulder at her boyfriend enjoying the feel of his cock rubbing against her. He holds her against him by grabbing her hips and pulling back. She stood back up and turned to face him and they kiss again. “Baby, I want to taste you first.” John told her. Kamala didn’t want to stop but she acquiesced, she sat on her bed with her legs slightly parted. He kissed her resting his hands on her knees spreading them further. His lips dropped to her neck, then to her chest (paying a good amount of attention to her nipples) and then down her belly. Kamala lifted her butt up so that John could slide her panties down her legs, he then stared at her mesmerized by seeing her naked for the first time. “You’re perfect.” He told her through his constricted throat. She smiles and places his hands back on her thighs to encourage him to continue. She lay back as he resumed kissing her stomach.

I answered the door, and it was my friend Shasta. She was visably upset, so I invited her in, and told her to take a seat. I didn’t have time to turn off the TV, so she saw what I was watching. I don’t think it made a difference to her. She was upset because her boyfriend had been making it a habit of staying out late, and this night was no exception. She just needed a friend. I made her a stiff drink, of which I was enjoying my third by this time, and told her to just relax. We sat and talked for awhile, and eventually got to the point where we were laughing and thinking about stuff that had happened in the past. Shasta went to the bathroom, and my hands slipped under my blanket almost immediately. It was like habit. I hadn’t had a man in almost a year, so I played with my pussy when I wanted to, not when I had to.

People who have sex with each other a few times, and who find that it’s gone really well, often tend to discover that they are starting to fall in love with each other. So again and again, I have seen couples who thought that they were having a ‘purely sexual’ relationship, and then found that they were in love. I had one male patient who kept telling me that his latest relationship (and there were many) was not emotional, but ‘just sexual’. Yet again and again, within a few weeks he found himself hopelessly in love with his newest girlfriend. This made his life pretty chaotic, over a period of many years – until he eventually learned a little sense in middle age. Finally, even in 2010, it’s the case that many young women are virtually unable to draw any distinction between love and sex. So, when a man wants to have sexual intercourse with them, they immediately assume that this means love.