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“I fully intend on gaining real satisfaction and pleasure from this. Porn isn’t just a job for me. ” he asked while taking a big bite out of a freshly baked bread stick. “It’s a long story. Porn has always fascinated me. When do you think you want to do the scene with me? ” he looked me in the eye. “As soon as possible.” I laughed. “You’re under contract with West Coast Productions right? I shook my head. “Pimp my Black Teen? ” I said matter-of-factly. We worked out the details for the scene and he gave me a date. I was satisfied with our meeting, and I was very surprised when Caesar (real name: Julius) asked me out again the following weekend. That weekend, we drove to the bay area and had dinner. After dinner, we went to the beach and sat in the sand and enjoyed each other’s company to almost three in the morning. The following Monday, I was set to be filmed. I showed up at the studio (which happened to be a very nice house in the suburbs) with clothes and a makeup bag in hand. The director and camera man, a man named Ronnie, met me at the door. He told me where I could get ready and gave me a short run down of what was going down. Julius arrived about thirty minutes later. 10/10. it was good! Good job there. an authentic and fascinating story plot. Not a bad effort. Fairly well written with just minimal errors in grammar, but I truly liked it. Next installment soon, please!

Force editors to eliminate any reference to sex that involves participants under the age of 16 (18 in some areas) under the guise of protecting youngsters from the reality of their own bodies. Even if the editors stand up to the pressure, the social guardians of our virtue will pressure the hosting services to drop these objectionable outlets of socially unacceptable erotica. Our erotica will adopt a cookie cutter standard. John and Pat meet at age 18 and experience their first kiss. They date for 3 years before considering marriage. On their wedding night, Pat will lie down on the bed and John will do his “thing” to his virgin bride. Then each will get a shower separately before retiring to their respective twin beds. When they get bored with sex, they might experiment with oral sex as long as she doesn’t swallow and she thinks about how nasty this is.

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“Are you gonna stop? ” he asked worried and opening his eyes. She slurped once or twice more before allowing his spent cock to slide out of her mouth. A smacking noise filled the air and she moaned. When her eyes opened, they were icy blue. “That was tasty,” she said after a moment. Jacob had always thought cum was supposed to be salty, but he didn’t want to correct her. Instead, he tried to stay lucid as a wave of relaxation washed over him. “So, for our first worship, I feel this was productive,” she spoked, nodding her head in agreement with herself. It left Jacob bothered that there actually hadn’t been any sex. Feeling a bit slighted, he came out of the relaxing fog. “We aren’t done,” he said. “Suck on it again,” he commanded. She cocked her head in confusion. “Why would I want to do that, you already gave a more than adequate offering? She stood up and stretched. He saw that the front of her shorts were wet with moisture.

I’m in a large and very light living room. There are two couches and a bare mattress on the floor in the centre of the room. And eight very naked older men staring at me and stroking their cocks. I panic, I’ve lost my bottle and I just can’t do this. I turn and run back to the bedroom. Chris followed me, and as I bend down to grab my underwear off the floor, he comes up behind me and gabs me. I’m flung onto the bed and I’m in shock. Chris uses this momentary pause from me to climb on top of me using his body weight to pin me face down on the bed. My head is facing the door and I can see the other guys enter the room. Chris tells them that they’ll just “fuck her in here” and I feel his cock press against my ass.

Leigh’s heart was pounding as her breasts perked up, her breathing would stop each time Damion squeezed her pussy lips that had now found her clit through the thin wet fabric! The outline of her slit and lips were becoming even more obvious to Ben as the wet panties vividly showed most all of her thin pubic hair and pink skin that left little to his imagination! Both Ben and Damion were big men, they stood well over 6 feet, and both were quite firm and muscular from the work they did. The sight of these two big black men and though of what was happening to Leigh a young horny woman was shamelessly arousing both her and her husband. Before anyone could stop what was happening, Damion and Leigh were kissing, and his hand and fingers had now found their way into her panties and was aggressively rubbing the insides her sopping wet slit! She gasped at first when his fingers easily slipped into her vaginal opening and again found her clit!

I didn’t care as I swirled my tongue around his fat cockhead. I said goodnight to him a little later, he assured me we’d fuck again on Monday at the office. When I got home, the house was quiet, the kids and Kirk still asleep. I looked long and hard in the mirror of our bathroom. I looked at my disheveled dark hair, tiny, slutty dress. I thought about how sexy I felt fucking that black man. ” I asked myself, undressing, stepping in the shower to wash another man’s cum off and out of my pussy. In the process I rubbed my clit, working myself up again, thinking about Robert, or any black man, joining me in the shower. When I climaxed I moaned pretty loudly, I wondered if it’d wake Kirk. It didn’t. A few moments later, naked, I climbed into bed next to him with a smile on my face. I ignored guilt, feeling as though what just happened that evening was destiny and I was meant for it.

As she kept sucking and her pussy got wetter and wetter, she slid two fingers inside herself and began pushing them as deep as she could. She kept fingering herself, but it just wasn’t enough. She needed something bigger inside her. Then it occurred to her. You could fuck this guy. She pondered the thought for a while. Then her angelic voice spoke up You can’t do that, you don’t know where he’s been. He could have anything. Then the devil spoke up again. You aren’t even on birth control, you could get pregnant. Thats why they invented the morning after pill. He looks pretty clean to me! At least use a condom if you’re going to do it! She finally agreed with the angel. Having sex with a complete stranger through a hole in the wall was a bit risky, a condom was definitely a good idea. She stopped sucking the guy. Came a gruff voice, that sounded a little confused. She picked up her purse and rooted through it, three pound coins!

She could see the outline of the bulbous head clearly through the light cotton of the khaki shorts, and she felt her pussy getting wetter by the second. She sat back on her haunches, never taking her eyes off of the imprint of his cock, as he unfastened the waistband of his short and pulled down the zipper. He paused before letting his shorts fall to the floor, looking down at his daughter. ” he asked, teasing her. She looked up at and nodded, then looked back down to his cock in eager anticipation. “Okay, sweetie, here it is! ” he said, releasing his shorts and letting them fall. ” she exclaimed, her hand flying to her mouth again. “Told you,” he said, looking down at his daughter; he was actually enjoying showing his big cock to someone new after all these years, and the effect it had on Lisa made him feel good and excited him anew.