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“No we’re not.” Molly nodded. “I never said I wanted it.” Molly disputed. “Molly, I swear to God, I’m going to start tape-recording our conversations.” I groaned. “You did. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m using your exact wording here. Even if you don’t believe you wanted it, that’s what you said, out loud, to me. Can you believe that? “That doesn’t sound like me though.” she protested. “You know what, I agree.” I laughed exhaustedly. “It doesn’t. It really surprised me at the time. But please, Molly, I really need you to trust me. If we want to go anywhere, I need you to trust that what I’m saying is real. I’m not trying to manipulate you, I’m not trying to deceive you, I’m having this conversation with you to figure out how to treat you right. So when I’m citing what you said when I’m asking to go forward, I need you to trust that’s what you said to me, and that’s why I’m saying it right back.

We both looked at each other and laughed a little and went back to watching the video. When the second video ended Tim said he had a video to show me. I said go for it, I love seeing new porn and he put it on. His video was also from Sweden, it was a threesome with the three sexiest people I have ever seen in my life, and it was pretty long too. After a couple minutes of sitting there with our hard-ons trying not to move too much or touch ourselves too many times I said something. “Have you ever wondered how big another guy is? “Oh, well, how big are you? “I don’t know, I’ve never measured. How big are you? I had, I just wanted to compare, I’m sure he knew exactly how big he was too. We looked at each other and slowly felt for out jeans.

I had told the flight attendant to bring only non alcoholic sparkling cider, but apparently she misunderstood and thought I had asked for a sparkling champagne! My mouth had been dry due to all of the hustle of trying to make the flight, and although earlier had airline food , but had eaten little. It was obvious by what was said and needed little in the way of translation that their conversation had turned to me? The one sitting by the window sensing my aroused uneasiness said in perfect engilsh as he put his hand on mine, one with my wedding ring, said honestly your husband must really like you to buy such a ring! But did not removed his hand from mine? Flirting a bit with me and going on to ask why such an attractive married woman like me was traveling alone? I was not prepared for such a question and with sinful guilt obviously all over my face, he quickly deduced I was on my way to something my husband knew nothing about much less would approve of!

….of course they did. It was building up in all of us and tonight….they whispered between them. ….My dad, before he left, had loved to make them sexually aroused. He started fondling them early. They both liked it. As it progressed he use to sneak in their room late at night. In the dark he would feel their pussy’s and then jack off as they watched. They both liked doing this as everyone got a sex thrill out of it. Their sex play progressed further. Dad now licked their pussy’s and they gave him full blow jobs. …When he left, they missed the male attention and the sex thrills. They then turned their attention to me. In the wee hours of the night, they would both come in my room and talk about sex to get me aroused. By about the third visit they ask me to jack off for them as they fingered their pussy’s.

I stopped moving and allowed her to calm down before recovering the remote and switching its mode of operation. I started the motor and Alice’s head began to rise. Once she was in an almost vertical position, I stood in front of her and adjusted her height until I was happy with the geometry. Putting the remote back in her pocket, I inserted my rigid and throbbing cock back into her vagina. Sliding my hands under her buttocks for purchase, I fucked her furiously as she urged me to go faster and harder until she cried out that she was coming and did exactly that. A little later, once I had released her and we were having coffee, she told me that being unable to move as her arousal turned into a climax heightened every sensation that she felt from my thrusting erection. Being fucked as she dangled in mid-air had intensified every feeling that she had experienced and she loved it. By the time I had explained all the scenarios it could be used for, Alice was gagging for more demonstrations. I promised her that she would experience all it could accomplish.

“Let’s go save our Master! She raced down the hallway past Ji-Yun and me, her time as a cheerleader giving her speed. Her lithe legs flashed beneath her. Rebecca, another blonde cheerleader, ran with grace at Aurora’s side while the two busty girls, Petra and Tracy, trailed after. “Let my Master go! ” howled the other three. The NSA agent in the suit whirled around. He stood by the doors that led out of the building gripping my poor Master by the arm, holding him tight. I wouldn’t let this bastard take Justin. ” snarled the agent. “This little fucker’s done some real damage here! I didn’t care how much damage Justin did. Master could make every girl on campus into his. It felt so right to me. I couldn’t let these dumb government agents take him away. I would throw my all into saving my Master. I was his sex slave.

She pulled her skirt up to the tops of her stockings and exposed her bare upper thighs. Is this what you want me to do Kevin? Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes or his ears. Do you feel better now Mrs. Estevez? Did you have a good cum? Yes, that was something I’ve needed for a long time. Did you lock the front door? I have something better in mind than just sucking your cock”. The words felt like fire coming from her mouth and she found herself enjoying the feeling. “I want to fuck you Kevin, right here on the desk. I want your big dick shoved up my cunt. I want you to suck my tits and push your cock into me. Please don’t let anyone know about this Kevin. It was wonderful and I want to make it a regular affair. You really satisfied me. I haven’t been satisfied like this since I first started having sex years ago. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? I’d like to do this for you whenever you need it Mrs. Estevez. Your a beautiful woman. If your husband can’t satisfy you I certainly can. She thanked him and kissed him gently and said “Let’s get the door unlocked and make this place ready for business”.