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Date: November 27, 2019

As she passed Becky’s room, she heard what sounded like moans of pain coming from Becky’s room and stopped. Tapping gently on the door she whispered, “Are you OK Becky? ” Not getting any reply Stacey repeated herself a little louder before she gently eased the door open and stuck just her head round the door, keeping the rest of her body behind the door to conceal her nakedness. Becky was on the bed on all fours and totally naked, her ass pointing towards Stacey who stood open mouthed. Her daughter had her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself furiously as she was glued to the screen, and the reason she hadn’t answered her mother became clear as she had headphones on. Stacey was rooted to the spot as she watched her daughter slide two fingers into what was clearly a very wet pussy and then back over her clit, grinding her hips down onto her fingers.

Maid’s outfit, stockings, and high heels. Janet wore were her high heels and bracelets. After serving Stephanie, both girls ate quickly in the kitchen. Finally the strap was locked with a small padlock. It was impossible to stop the orgasms from coming one after another. It was her job to clean silverware, dust, and wash floors. Still, they both managed to get their tasks done. Lunch was a quick affair. Camille served Stephanie, then they ate together. They were both allowed use of the bathroom, then again locked in their harnesses. Thought Janet. I’m going to get it now! The sound brought both Stephanie and Camille to the kitchen. Camille remained behind to help Janet clean up. Janet was dejected and lonely while she cleaned up the ness that she had made. Somehow, she had managed to avoid crying. Dinner that Saturday night was strained. Mistress first, slaves second. After dinner, Stephanie had removed Janet’s harness.

Please read first….I am a 38 nypho, bitch, slut, who loves to fuck. I have been advised by my therapist that I need to channel my urges by some other means besides spreading my legs. These stories, which I hope you will enjoy…are real. Most of my stories will not be this long. If you are just looking for the sex part so you can get off, do a word search for the word BREASTFEEDING. However I hope you will take the time to read my back story as it is intended it to give you better understanding of who this slut is. Hi, my name is Debbie and I am a nypho. It has been two months since I have been fucked by a cock other then my husband’s. I confess, I celebrated on New Year’s with my best friend and her husband, but that doesn’t count as they are my closest and dearest friends. It has been two months since any “stranger” cock has fucked me. I love to fuck and to be fucked.

She was panting and soon enough, he had the hard nubs of her nipples poking out of the mammaries. They were hard and felt like firm rubber in his hands. Hissing and gasps filled the air. He became aware of his hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass. “Want to do something with that? ” she asked with a throaty moan. Her hands fell away from his and he felt her pull her ass cheeks apart. His cock found itself buried back into her. “You don’t need to move,” she said. He said nothing and instead did relax. Quickly, he learned what she meant was that she planned on grinding on him. Ass pressed up against him and cushioning them as she groaned, her heat slick as it molded itself around his length. In moments she was spasming heavily in his arms. A surge of adrenaline hit Jacob and he took advantage of her weakened control and shoved her forward. Their slapping bodies meeting with his thrusts seemed to echo in the bathroom. To the point that it almost deafened him. Eventually the water got to him and he slung the shower curtain.

“Let’s get these clothes off,” Josie said. Maybe she wasn’t as shy as he thought. Maddie and Josie helped Nick unbutton his dress shirt and roll it off of his shoulders. He wasn’t wearing an undershirt this time, so there was nothing covering his upper body. Sarah busied herself with his belt and jeans, finally sliding them off by the time his shirt was off. “Feel this big cock,” Maddie said. “Let’s take his underwear off then,” Josie suggested. Nick felt his breathing increase and his heart rate accelerate as the girls toyed with him. This was a whole new side of sex that he had never experienced, letting the girls take control of him. He found that he liked it. Maddie took his underwear down to expose his cock. The girls gasped as his hard uncut cock emerged. “It looks so delicious,” Sarah said. “Who wants to suck him first? Josie all too eagerly bent down and put the head of Nick’s penis in her mouth, gently sucking it.

These striking young girls, naked before strangers, had sacrificed their remarkable beauty to the destructive whips for the entertainment of this transient audience that was likely to forget them completely when they saw the next show. These girls were in it for the flash of attention and recognition they received for their daring naked exposure to the biting whips in front of a real live audience. Jennifer was convinced they had not known it would be like this, certain that nobody would willingly sacrifice their body to such a degree of demolition just for money. She was equally sure they were completely willing to take the risk they did because of the momentary flash of fame. The girls were now gently sobbing as the audience inspected them. When Jennifer came up beside Jennine, she saw for the first time how severely the French teenager’s lower belly had been cut. Through the gape in a tear in the girl’s stomach muscle she could see the moving pulse of the teen girl’s pink intestines!

“You’ve got a beautiful body, Stella,” I heard Steve say, a little breathlessly, “Fucking beautiful! ” she said, and then louder, lifting her head, arching her back, she said, “I’m,” pausing, gasping again, “gonna come! My mother’s back arched again, and she clenched her fists on the bed in front of her, and my she lifted her head, and cried out, “Ohh, JEE-sus, that’s good Steve! Steve’s thrusting slowed, and he stopped, still with his cock inside my mother, and he said, “I’ve had it, Stella, I’ve gotta lie on the bed. My mother had a swingy, girlish gait, similar to Tina’s, and her pleated skirt was ruffling around her legs as she walked, emphasising the sway of her hips, and the smartness of her step. Neither Tina nor I had spoken since we stopped outside our mother’s bedroom door, and saw what was going on in there. ” Tina said, “I’m surprised she can walk after that! “I could see them all right,” I answered. Watching my mother and Steve had made me very horny, and I could feel my hard cock in my jeans.

SEX with my older Cousin! One weekend evening I decided to go out onto my grandparents enclosed back porch. It had been added onto the house at some point. My grandparents had one of the big chest freezers on the back porch. It was located under the bathroom window which would have looked outside before the porch was added on. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided to climb up on the freezer and look into the bathroom window. I looked in and saw my cousin Debbie taking a bath. I had never seen anyone naked before besides myself. I peeked in the window and watched her get out of the tub and dry herself. I wasn’t aroused sexually but was just curious at this point. She was a heavy set girl more on the chubby side rather than what I would consider fat. I watched her dry her huge tits and her naked body. Then I jumped down off the freezer as I did not want to be caught by any one.

She told me she could smell me on that black man she’d just been talking to. She yanked me towards her then told me that she could smell him on me too, two and two adds up to you lying together. I told her of the last couple of days and she asked searching questions of my fidelity, questions that I was not able to answer at that moment, questions that left me stuttering and staring with my mouth open. Then she totally stunned me as she said. “Don’t look so shocked, I spent much of my life in Africa. You have an uncle there, my son lives with his father in Mozambique so I know exactly how you feel when you see a handsome and well endowed black stud. I’ve just seen you married but I’ll ask you if you want me to distract Ray for half an hour”.

What she had started in the shower this gorgeous man, named Sterling Bruce, was finishing with his hands and his lips! She held on to the edge for as long as she could. Then she allowed her body to relax and the orgasm swam around her and through her. She actually saw fireworks as she closed her eyes. When she opened them she was a little embarrassed. She started apologizing for not waiting for him. Helena was amazed just how right he was. She definitely needed that just as much as her body needed water, food, and shelter. They moved up stairs into her bedroom. The sheets were still stained with the juices of her soon to be ex. Together they changed the sheets. Her ex had never offered. He was too manly to do something so basic. The domestication of the moment made Helena need him all the more. She wanted to please him unlike she had previously pleased a man. She wanted to explore him and fill him completely. She had not realized it, but was ready and oh so willing to accept his proposition. Laying down on the clean sheets he held her in his arms. He told her of his proposition and all that it may hold for her. A wonderful profitable relationship that would be hers to enjoy. What would her mother say?