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Date: November 22, 2019

The camera was positioned so it couldn’t see what Gerald was doing, just that his head was in her crotch. Her pussy was right in front of him. He ran his nose over her trimmed pubic hair, smelling her, while his hands traveled over her stomach and breasts. Gerald looked up to his mother’s eyes, listening to her erratic breathing. Gerald gave a soft smile, eyes back to her pussy, opened his mouth and drove his tongue as far as he could inside her. Gia arched her back, moaning, not acting, at the feeling of Gerald’s tongue in her. She grabbed her own breasts, and closed her eyes. Gerald licked all around inside her, he licked outside too, around her clit and lips. He didn’t care who she was, he only knew he loved her and wanted to make her cum. She gripped his hair, holding his head in place, her legs trapping him too.

I finally spurted my load into the air, it fell on my hands, my legs, and my stomach. I continued to spurt as I kept stroking, my body started to convulse with an orgasm. I couldn’t hold my cock anymore as I lay there convulsing with my orgasm. My orgasm subsided, and I stopped convulsing. I sucked my cum right off my hands where it had landed. I tasted so good, and I now knew why M can’t get enough of my warm sticky cum. I turned the bullet vibrations off and put it to one side. As I climbed off my bed, my knees were still a bit shaky as I walked to the bathroom to have a shower. That was certainly one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had in quite a while. I clambered into the shower to wash up before the rest of my family got home.

Her dark-blonde flowing over her shoulder, her big D-cup breasts heaving. Her glance went over her curvy body to her neatly trimmed pussy. She saw Katie coming up to her, saw her head move in and just closed her eyes. Next second she felt warm, full, sensuous lips connect to her mouth, a tongue darting in and out. She returned the kiss, connecting to Katie’s tongue, feeling those heavy breasts on her own. At the same time Frank was kissing his way down Nathalie’s back, each touch of his lips giving her small shocks. His hands had wandered to her pussy and were stroking her mound and the base of her cunt lips. Nathalie in turn was exploring Katie’s round, full body with her hands. She had never had sex with another girl before but pushed all thoughts from her mind. Katie and Frank exchanged evil looks they knew this girl was theirs for the taking, it could not have been easier if they had planned it.

Her fat nipples poked out of the thin material that struggled to retain her huge tit flesh. The top edge of her pink areolas were peeking out of the overmatched bra teasinly, the small top unable to cover all of the sluts DD’s. Her shorts were just as outragous, cut-offs that were cut to reveal over half the horny blond’s shapely ass cheeks to potential studs with big cocks. The sides were cut up even higher, exposing her long tan legs up to her waist. The crocth in the front was so short and skimpy, that the red g-string panties covering her hot pussy was the only thing keeping her cunt lips covered. The edge of the sexy panties showing on either side of her fuck hole, tempting all men that looked. Finally she put her long blonde hair in two ponytails, making her look much younger and more fuckable.

Kathy just laid there. “yeah” I agreed “how do you feel? “you know.. when you.. “ohh, ohh, what happened? “ok, ok, but what happened to the checks? Can we get our money.. “what do you mean it’s not good? “yeah the guy says we have to do it again….hmm.. “he said that you have to finish on tits or on my mouth.. Now that was a twist, I never expected this, I didn’t know how to feel, did I want to do this , my head was spinning a million miles an hour. At once Kathy guided me to her bed room, we got in and locked the door, I don’t know why there was no one in the house at that time and I don’t think anyone would be showing up. “all right, do you want to fuck me again , or should I give you a blow job and see if you can cum? “you ready for your part? She looked up to me and smiled, got up and went towards the camera, turned it off, then stepped into the bathroom and came out with a towel, drying herself. “it was” she agreed with me “listen I’ll call you tomorrow as soon as I deliver the tape ok?

Again to be fair, no one man can. One time my best friend, again another story, arranged for 8 guys to use my cunt as a cum-dump. I think only then, after each of them came 3 times, was I satisfied. My motto in life is that toys and fingers are nice…but sometimes you just need a good hard cock to fuck you. I get myself off all the time. My typical day goes like this. When my hubby’s alarm clock goes off and he goes to the bathroom, I finger-fuck myself. I know he is naked, pissing. Though I am not into golden showers, I love the site of a peeing cock. So as he is peeing and showering, I finish my first. Typically before he gets out of the shower and back into our room, I am well into (or perhaps finished) my second. I have learned that if I don’t get off twice before breakfast, I am such a bitch to my kids in the morning.

“Don’t worry Tina, I sort of rigged it for you.” Silvia says and then winks conspiratorially at me. I wonder what she means as she takes my arm in hers and leads me back to the bar. The jackpot noises come to an end, replaced by Eddie speaking through the intercom system. 5 is our lucky winner! It’s gonna be a little more intimate of an occasion. Tina, I hope you are up for a hot little threesome! Up ahead I see the boy and girl from that I greeted at the door looking at me. I try to read their expressions which seem a little bit excited and a little embarrassed. I blush as I realize the girl is going to be playing with me. Resigned to my fate, I use a chair to climb up as gracefully as one can with a breadstick hanging out of her cooch. I sit on the table figuring to lay back with my head against the wall and my puss facing the open end of the table and the gathering audience.