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Before that, the idea of my ‘Mother’ as a sexual being was utterly ridiculous, I mean, that would be incest, wouldn’t it? I had been at home alone and naturally, being at the beginning of puberty, I had snuck onto my parents pc to look at porn. We weren’t exactly well off nowadays with dad losing his job and all, so it was the only computer left in the house. I had been watching one of my favourite porn clips intensely when I heard footsteps from around the corner. Shit, who’s that, I didn’t hear them get home! I immediately turned off the monitor and still fully nude, slipped behind the large filing cabinet near the corner of the room. I couldn’t afford to get caught here either, having left my clothes in my room. I sat there listening with my eyes closed but hearing only scuffling sounds as someone pottered around putting their bags and other essentials away. I heard my moms voice huff out. I expected her to exit the porn site, and get on with whatever it was she had turned the pc on for in the first place.

” He muttered out loud. He stood and headed inside to pour a drink, his throat as dry as desert sand, before he realized he may not hear her call and strode back to retrieve his cell. ” He admonished himself as he poured the strong liquor over some ice cubes. “Anything could have happened. Her Dad could have wanted to talk or they could be heading back to hospital, just be a little patient. He sat back down and glanced at his watch yet again, and shook his head in silent frustration. Just before the two hour mark it finally rang, and his palms were sweating to the extent he almost dropped it on the paving as he fumbled to press the answer icon. “About time you called.” He snapped. “I’m sorry Dean.” She replied, oblivious to his recent discomfort. “But I was reading your story, and all I can say is………” He held his breath, waiting for the axe to fall. I’ve never read anything… incredibly erotic.

These days, we can legitimately use the word ‘love’ to cover several different things. 1. The powerful emotion of romantic love that so many couples (heterosexual and same-sex) feel for each other. 2. The strong love that members of a family often have for one another, e.g. in the case of parents and children. 3. The love that some great friends feel for each other. 4. Perhaps the strong love that many people have for things like music or art. In contrast, it doesn’t really seem appropriate use the word ‘love’ in the casual way that so many people do, in order to indicate mild approval or interest for something – as in ‘I’d love a bit more pudding’. Sex is a totally different matter. Sex is of course the powerful biological urge that makes people want to have intercourse, or some other form of sexual contact, with others. In many ways, the word ‘sex’ more or less equates to ‘love’ or ‘desire’. Sex is the force that has kept the human race going, since it has made us populate the planet. It’s to a large extent dependent on hormones, particularly testosterone.

He was moving his middle finger on my panty very skill fully between my pussy lips and I was continuing to release juices out of my pussy. Did Anju know about me? She knows everything. I told her about you. Me: do you like if we see and meet each other? Next time when you come to my house, I will take you to her home. Suddenly, the waiter appeared on our table and wanted to know whether we need anything. We stopped movement of our hands but our hands remained on our target. We did not move our hands even the waiter standing near our table. We ordered for dinner and waiter moved away by saying that food will be on our table in next minuet. Our hands were playing with each other’s sex instruments and our eyes were going close in pleasure. I was near finishing on rubbing my bf’s finger between my pussy lips over my panty.

She said she found out X lived nearby! ….she was going to hook up with him! Oh god I was so envious I hurt inside….. I stopped PM’ing with my daughter but I hooked up with another amateur writer. Her stories were hot, but not a good as my daughters, in my mind. I found out she actually lived close to me. As time went by, I wanted to meet her real bad. She ‘claimed’ she was legal, but you just never know, I just hoped she was and not a ‘guy’ or something weird. We settle on a common restaurant in the area to meet one evening. I scanned the place very carefully and a good looking girl sitting by herself had to be her. She had on a red head band to help me find her. I slowly walked up to her. Oooo nice tits, cute face and body as I quick scanned her.

I slid my hands down his back, hooking his belt as I began to move harder against him, pulling him even closer. This felt fucking amazing! We continued to kiss each other hungrily, needily, licking and sucking, exploring each other’s lips and mouths. His body felt so good against mine. He was slightly taller than me and had a lean body that fit perfectly against me. I wantonly grinded my hips against him, trying to get as close to him as possible so that not even a slither of space existed between us. My hands left his belt and moved down to grab his ass which was taut and perfectly rounded. I pushed right up against him and caressed his ass. He had such a sexy ass. His hands caressed my waist, moving slowly up my sides to my tits and he cupped them, massaging them slowly, taking his fingers and softly pinching my nipples through my T-shirt, and I moaned with dizzy pleasure.

She longed to take it into her mouth however she resisted the urge for now. She also deliberately missed washing his groin area doing his legs first. Once she had finished washing his legs she turned him around got back up then started to wash his shoulders and back and worked her way down to his cute butt. She was once again knelt down in the water her face level with his butt. All the time she had been washing him Danny’s breathing had been getting faster and he was getting more excited. He suddenly moaned out with pleasure as she parted his butt cheeks and put her tongue into his ass crack and started to lick up and down his asshole. Danny was amazed that getting his asshole licked could be so pleasurable. He was also amazed that she was prepared to do it. She continued to lick his asshole for a few minutes, she had her face deep in his ass and his cheeks parted as far as they could go. She loved the smell of his asshole it was so sweet to her.

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Glancing downwards, I realised that it was going to be impossible to pretend that the package had not been opened. This whole mess was beyond my resources to deal with – but I suddenly realised who could sort it out! I sat for a minute or two longer, trying to think of any other solution, but nothing else remotely workable came to mind. I was going to have to summon up the courage and face this, for my Mom’s sake – and, I guess, for my own as well. I picked up the phone and dialled Diane’s home number, not quite sure whether I was praying for her to answer or not to answer. However, my guess turned out to be correct, and after about the fifth ring, I heard the familiar warm tones of my Mom’s best friend – and lesbian lover. ’, I said, the last two words coming in a purely automatic response to her enquiry.