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Date: December 2, 2019

Within a few minutes she came back out. “ Jenny, John said he wants us to go through this back side door and up to the private VIP room up top. He and a few others will join us upstairs and he will have the girls come up to dance for us after they dance for small crowd downstairs. Are you sure you want to go in? “ I really do…” I said. We got out of the car and went in and up the stairs. The sign outside of the door we entered said Private VIP Room. I looked inside. It was a decent sized room with about a 6 by 12 stage with a pole in the center on it. It was dark except for the multi colored lights that lit up the stage and part of the room. We went in and had a seat in chairs that surrounded the stage.

The bath was ready so the pair of them hopped into it, kneeling opposite each other in the big tub of soapy hot water. They bathed together all the time and took a great delight in soaping and rinsing each other’s naked bodies. Whilst bathing, Debbie began telling Jake about the website she’d found. She explained the message she’d posted, and the responses, and was glad that Jake was excited as her about being able to share their experiences with like-minded people in similar incestuous relationships. Neither wanted their relationship to become public of course, but now they’d be able to keep their secret a secret from their acquaintences but were still able to discuss it with other people in the anonymous realm of the internet. After drying each other off with fluffy white towels the naked mother and son strolled downstairs where they had a light supper. Then Debbie turned the computer on and, with her son standing nearby – his cock beginning to re-stiffen – she went to the incest website she was at earlier.

Normally, I sit in my car and wait but today I’m in such a good mood I end up getting out of my car and stand next to it. As I’m waiting, I look around and standing next to the car behind me is the lady from Jane’s Hideaway. I say over to the lady. I walk over to her. I grab her phone and put my number in it. I hand her phone back and head back to my car. I wait there until I hear the final bell ring and look around for my daughter. I spot her coming out the front doors and when she gets closer I can see she was crying. She gets in the car and slams the door. I walk around to the driver side and get in. I try to plead with her but she just stairs out the window and doesn’t respond. We end up driving home in complete silence.

As Nick entered the dressing room, he saw a beautiful girl in a short floral patterned dress. The base color of the dress was white and the flowers were in various shades of orange, yellow, and purple. It looked like something straight off of a Hawaiian island, Nick thought. She was a little taller for a woman, standing around 5’10” and blonde. It looked like she was waiting for someone outside of the dressing room. He couldn’t help but feel captivated by the sheer beauty of the girl who stood before him. Maybe he stared too creepily. Before he chickened out and hid in the stall, Nick found himself speaking. Nick hardly believed it. Here he was again, lucky enough to have a random girl be interested in him. It was a dream come true that these situations seemed to fall into place for him. Nick and the blonde made their way into the nearest changing stall.

After breakfast, Harry moved himself to the sitting room with a book, waiting for ten o’clock, when his guests were due to arrive. He, Minerva, and Sirius had planned out what they wanted to do, and believed the best way to start would be to explain to Neville and Susan about Harry’s godfather first, before they moved on to anything else. The Floo flared promptly at ten, and Harry looked up from Intermediate Transfiguration to greet Amelia, who took in both his worried smile and tense posture, offering him a hand as she said hello. The fire went green again, and Susan stepped out, looking around in fascination at her professor’s home, before she greeted her classmate. Susan had been confused to receive the invitation from Harry, but when her aunt had told her she wanted to introduce someone to her, Susan was willing to go along with it. The fire once more flared, spitting out Hermione first, and then Neville a few moments later.

I could tell that he was just fighting his desires but he gave in with-in a few seconds and started eat my wet pussy. I was in heaven as he licked me in just the right spot. “ Yes daddy lick me” I said sighing in total ecstasy. He was doing everything just right. “ Yes daddy oh I’m cumming. ” With that I came right on my daddy’s face drenching him is my juices….. Dad might have had some reservations before, but they were gone at the moment. Dad stood up dried off quickly and then dried me off from head to toe. He then picked me up and took me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed on my back and he positioned himself over me. He then looked into my eyes as he leaned down to kiss me. I grabbed him and once again pulled him even closer to me locking tongues with him as we french kissed each other.

The very tight working arrangement’s greatest advantage was the fact that she wouldn’t have to see how ugly the runty little bastard was who was giving it to her up the ass. And that was worth a whole lot to her because Pablo’s weasel-like looks were beginning to make her queasy. Watching her react, almost helplessly, to the work of his invading hands, he had to laugh to himself at how dumb these temporarily sex addled Anglo broads were to come here and let themselves be used and demeaned this way. Once these oversexed, pampered, trophy wife sluts got fucking in their minds, they couldn’t seem to be able to help themselves. It clearly explained why women so easily become whores. The stupid Cunts were made to give in to temptation and let themselves get fucked. It seemed to be their inescapable destiny, no matter how good-looking they were. He soon worked a third finger in next to the other two, then forced the cluster of digits further up into her anal passage and, resultantly, pushed her panting, open-mouthed face towards the back of the pungent, damp urinal.

“We are going to have to take care of this little pussy next time huh Kat? “Uh-uhh”, was my only response. So did your friend Karen tell you I fucked her that night? “Yeah”, as I was enjoying his “handy” work. I love this dress (it was a tight fitting bright blue dress) on you. It really shows off that hot little body of yours. With that he removed his hand from under my dress and started to firmly grab my tits through my dress. Then he slid his hand under my bra and pinched my nipple. “Ummmm”, I responded softly. “How about next Tuesday after work at 5:30 you meet me at …..(he named a short stay hotel one town over and close by work) I want you to wear this dress for my ok hun? “Ok”, he knew I was hot and bothered and would agree to anything at that point.

She instinctively kicked frantically toward his big testicles, but he was holding her in a position that made effective contact with his balls virtually impossible. The dress was so tightly stretched as he bent her backward that at first her big tits were squeezed so that they bulged obscenely, then the seam down the center split, freeing the firm breasts. To the cheers of the audience the guy holding her ripped the flimsy dress off her, leaving her stark naked. Now she wore only her spike heeled shoes and cheap costume jewelry they had given her for the act, and was more of an attraction than the fading kid, who she noticed had just passed out. Jennifer’s asshole hurt like hell from the man’s thumb digging into her colon. Tony’s thick cock had ravaged her pretty shit chute each night, but that was no preparation for this brutal treatment. She felt shame as she was turned, completely naked except for the shoes, to face toward the audience who she could now see clearly.

Harry and Ginny made up one set of Chasers, and Neville and Susan made up the other. Fred was Beater for Harry’s team, and George played Beater for Neville’s. The air was filled with shouts and laughter as the adults looked on, smiling at how much fun the children were having. At lunchtime, the kids all descended rapidly, and fell upon the food with a ravenous fervor. Mrs. Weasley had truly outdone herself with the cake. It could have easily fed twice the amount of people present, and had a miniature Harry done in frosting, flying around the top in pursuit of a tiny golden frosting snitch. Harry’s eyes almost bulged at the pile of presents waiting for him. Hermione gave both him and Neville their presents, since she hadn’t been able to send anything from Spain. Harry couldn’t wait to read Dueling Techniques for the Master, while the three gardening pots she had brought back for him from Spain intrigued Neville.