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From the look on John’s face Maria did very much do the right thing. It looked like his legs trembled as he pushed his cock deep into Maria’s throat. Ronja had never known that Maria knew how to deep throat a cock, had she learned that from playing with the dildo? Ronja felt the last of her resistance melting away. She could no longer stand waiting, she needed to get laid right now. Needed to have that dildo deep inside her. She moved towards John, he was totally oblivious to what she was doing. In his hand he still clutched the dildo. Ronja bent forward beside him and took hold of his hand, directing the dildo towards her pussy. It felt marvelous as the dildo touched her sex. John mumbled as he realized what she was doing. Ronja commanded. The reward was instantaneous, he pushed the dildo inside her. Ronja could not help to moan. She had intended to wait a bit to respond to get John to work for it, but it simply felt to marvelous.

She started screaming. “Help. Nobody gonna hear you, fucking hag. The gangbangers were laughing. “MY SHOULDERS, ARMS I FEEL LIKE I AM TORN APART. Juan took off her blindfold. They wore their gang colors, tat’s crazy hair cuts. I was so fucking hot. I could see she was raw where she was tied by the leash. She struggled to keep her head up. I could her look around desperately for help. “Bob, help Me. Please.” I was making out with Sonia and we laughed as we heard her beg. She hung there totally exposed. Her tits hung down. Her back was arched in awful position as her body pulled down. I could see the tension in her thighs and butt. Sonia leaned over rubbed my cock. Bob, they are going to terrorize her. I was so excited I didn’t know if I could wait. Juan blindfolded her again so she couldn’t see them. They walked around her. Yelled in her face. Screamed at her. Were gonna cut you bitch. Whip that bitch ass.

We were having great sex and I wanted this night to entered in the record books. “Come on Ray, we haven’t had sex in months now, show me how much you love me and really fuck me hard,” I said. Then he put a little space between us and began thrusting his cock a little quicker. That really hit the spot as I began moaning louder. “Yes Ray, that’s good, jam that cock up into me deep, I mean deep, show me no mercy,” I said. He really began thrusting fast and my pussy already started to get a little sore, but I knew it would be worth it. The best part of sex to us was anal sex when he could just pound me like mad. It would hurt a little in the process and a little more later, but it was gonna be the best sex we ever had though.

However, it did a lot for her ego. We started out with sex in my kitchen with her bent over the counter holding on for another rear assault. Then I had her pose in every room in my house in the same way that she had in her mother’s home. Kay was naked and on her knees giving me a blowjob when her mother and my wife entered. I had told her to keep it up even after they had come in and she did. They told us about their day as I sat in a chair and had Kay sit on my cock facing me. As she fucked me I listened to the women talk about shopping, eating a nice lunch, and running into some friends to talk too. My wife said, “He better not shut me off either. Sex this morning was fantastic. I had my wife and Kay’s mother undress and then I had the three women pose for pictures together.

It was a whole lot better than jerking off. Lillian did lay on our little bed right next to me as the sunset faded away leaving us in almost total darkness. I hugged her tightly to me and she kissed me again. She kissed me again and asked me if I could find my way home. I said, yes I could. The hard part would be finding my clothes. I made my way to the car and opened the front door. The dome light illuminated the area around the car. While I found my clothes and put them on, Lillian pulled her little dress on. She handed me her panties and said, “You certainly earned these. Enjoy them. Brag them up to your friends. She replied, “Good boy. You want to do it again don’t you? I got the flashlight out of Dad’s car, closed the door, and offered Lillian my arm. We walked up the dirt road to the paved road and followed that to my house.

Charles was 8 years older than her , so his sex drive had diminished , so when this young man started pounding her cunt Sonia moaned with ecstasy , she was addicted & knew she’d be back for more . After doing her for 10minutes missionary style , Harry turned Sonia over & fucked her doggystyle while he spanked her asscheeks til they were both rosy red . Harry didnt know but Sonia had cheated on her husband before but only with women . As Harry kept fucking Sonia who was older than his mom , he thought that Sonia & he could pick up sluts together . He’d train her to be a slut for pussy as well (he’d find out later , that this was easier than he thought) Harry let loose & creampied Sonia’s pussy . After which they showered together for the first time before Sonia left to be with her soon to be cuckold hubby Charles.

” I sighed making her moan with her lip between her teeth and with slanted eyebrows. “Yes, oh my god. Have I told you about the deepest, darkest and sexiest fantasy I I’ve ever had? “No, you never have.” I sighed as my chick became rock hard. “Wanna know what it is? ” She hissed with a grin as my cock began to slide between her soaking wet pussy lips as I nodded my head yes. “I’ll let you guess, but I’ll give you a hint, it’s happening right now.” She sighed as she slimed my cock. “Haylee seduces me.” I said with a smile. “Exactly, only you two have sex, she fucks you like her mom does.” She half whimpered making my cock throb against her. ” I sighed making her moan again as she slid her slit against my cock. “We have a threesome, you me and our little girl all have sex together.” She whimpered making my body tense up and shake.

I finally confided in my best friend, who suggested I go to the police. But I was so ashamed I couldn’t. She insisted he was the one who should be ashamed and that I’d done nothing wrong. I knew she was right but I couldn’t look past the fact that I’d been reduced to a character in a DIY porno flick. When Paul wanted the DVDs back I told him I‘d destroyed them. It was true but he didn’t believe me. He hounded me for a while until I threatened to go to the police. As an up and coming attorney he evidently didn’t want this tainting his reputation, so he disappeared. I still feel used but with the help of my friends I’m trying to put it behind me. I can’t tell my family what happened and I’m always scared that some sex tape of me will surface on the Internet. I worry about how many people might have seen the footage, how many other girls he’s exploited and whether he’s still at it. There were signs that my boyfriend didn’t have that much respect for me, or women in general, but I ignored them. I have learnt to be more careful in trusting people next time I get involved with someone.

They also had the most powerful orgasms. Their experiences seemed far more intense than anything that the male porn actors experienced. I was fascinated and very curious by how it would feel to be submissive and experience being taken. This led to me experimenting with male assplay, (by putting things in my ass, mainly zucchini and the like) and imagining that I was being fucked and going through the same experiences as those ladies. The same thing with cumming on my face. I would lift my ass against the wall and stroke my cock as it pointed at my face. My own hot cum pouring all over my face when I came. This led to a number of years of confusion and mild depression from not exactly fitting into established sexual roles. Those feelings lasted well into my late twenties. I was a fairly good looking guy, while in school. Participating in a few team sports, mostly football and baseball.

We continued to kiss until we were both wanting more. We started touching and rubbing each other. Things went faster this time as I pushed him to lean back against his arms as I leaned down and took his dick into my mouth. I still saw his as large, but after being with Roy it didn’t look like quite the monster that it had been before. I took it into mouth as deep as I could, getting at least three quarters of it into my mouth. I sucked him hard and fast and before I knew it he was saying he was getting close. I was a little disappointed but at the same time I wanted to taste his cum again. I started rubbing myself and with-in a few moments I was about to cum my-self. Jason went off into my mouth and I easily caught it all in my mouth as I starter to swallow. I was on the very edge of going off.