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Ending this step of the procedure effectively negates all the progress made to this point. Without this step, the probability of the wife becoming pregnant obviously drops dramatically. Jim and Sarah exchanged a serious, questioning glance. Jim turned back to Laura, “I know what is going to happen, and I think I can deal with it. “I know you are trying to be receptive Jim. But the fact is Sarah is your wife and a beautiful woman, and you are being asked to watch her have sex with four men – none of whom you know. They will have sex with her multiple times in multiple ways, including oral and anal sex. All of that is difficult for most husbands to accept. It is even more difficult if the wife is a receptive and eager partner. Based on my observations to date, Sarah is very receptive and she will enjoy this procedure thoroughly.

From the view my wife’s tits could be seen hanging beneath her, her hands on Todd’s cock and balls, and her head bobbing on the top of his cock. My wife obviously knew the camera was there, but she didn’t care anymore. After a minute I heard Laura say, “You should change positions now, bury that cock in your pussy, if you’re wet enough that is”. My wife came off of Todd’s cock and stood up, “I’m dripping wet for this cock”, my wife said hungrily. She pushed Todd back on the couch and swung one leg over him, moving herself over his cock. As she lowered herself she reached down with one hand and grabbed hold of his cock, holding it upright so that she could get it into her pussy, using her other hand to spread open her cunt. Laura moved to get the camera into a perfect position to watch as Todd’s cock entered my wife. My sister-in-law stayed kneeling on the floor as my wife worked her pussy down the whole length of Todd’s huge dick.

That lack of transparency brought opportunity for a would-be thief. Her challenge wasn’t thinking of ways to embezzle funds. Instead, the evening’s intellectual game was choosing which methods best fit the traces that had been left behind. At one point she even allowed herself a rueful chuckle. It was almost as if the system had been designed to allow people to skim money off of the top. Since the system was the product of the very people who stood to profit most from such crime, she doubted that the flaws were simple oversight. She had never let herself see that before. Hell, she should have been playing that game all along! If she had, then maybe she would be the one sitting behind the big desk! One thing that she was certain of is that had she decided to embezzle funds, she never would have been caught. In her mind she was building a list of envious competitors in the office who might have done this. It was clear that whoever had framed her had meant to leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs for Mr. Jameson to follow.

‘Why do you want it in both holes Cindy? ’ Steve rasped in my ear as I felt him push the ridge of his knob past the entrance of my stinging ass. … because… UGHNNN because Im a FILTHY COCK HUNGRY WHORE UUUUGGHHHHHNNNNN! ‘Cum in me you big fuckers.. The boys didn’t need much coaxing, almost simultaneously they grabbed me roughy and forced their cocks right into me and released their hot loads into my willing body, I writhed slowly as they emptied their balls in to me. God so much cum! We collapsed into a happy sweaty cum covered heap. After a while, once we had enjoyed the after glow and got our breath back Steve gently got up and put his robe on. I purred happily, my head on Lees belly, his semi erect cock laying near my face. I gently kissed it. ‘That’s it girl, you like that cock don’t you? I looked up innocently and gently began to suck him again, massaging his balls with my hand, his dick began to respond to my touch. ‘ I’m putting my number in your phone, you little whore.. Steve doesn’t need to know, ‘cos I know you’re hooked aintcha babe? You a slut for black cock aintcha? I could hear Steve on the stairs but Lee carried on, the idea of being Lee’s plaything getting me all wet again as I worked his cock with my hands and mouth. ‘I’m going to have you strutting around my house in spike heels, stockings and your leash ….

I pointed the camera at her grinning image and said, “Here is your very first full on incest pussy close up mommy! I did too. The head of my cock slipped right in the the buttery center of her pussy with a very little force from me. I aimed the camera at the juncture of her legs where the joining of our genitals was now taking place. No other man’s cock has ever went that deep inside me, well, except for that group of guys I use to hang out with in high school out at that damn old cabin! Mom took the camera so that I could grasp her thighs and pound away at her tender cunt. When she pointed the camera at me she said, baby after you finish fucking mommy will you tell me some of the fantasies you’ve had about me and all the perverted sexual things you’ve thought about doing to your mommy? I laughed at her and said, oh hell yea mommy I want you to really know just how perverted, sick and twisted your little boy is!

Me:(irritated)Please ma’am, stop this…. Rani:(after about 2 minutes)You want to hold it again? Now what the fuck was happening. Is this a wild dream or something…? Was she really asking me this? Rani:(repeating)You want to hold it again? Rani ma’am didn’t say any other word and slowly held my hands and guided it to her soft big butts. Oh my god..any moment now..I would ejaculate on my boxers. I could see Rani too was enjoying the moment very much. She had an amazingly beautiful naughty smile on her face, and closed her eyes. Rani: Come closer to me.. And she pulled me towards her. Her Big milky boobs were touching my chest…. The amazing fact that Her face was still miles away from mine. It was very warm…..her fragrance aroused me way much higher….. I simply couldn’t inculcate the fact that the whole school’s dream girl, thinking of whom many masturbate was letting me hold her sexy assets.

They were huge compared to the other girls, not in the fact that stood straight out, but in the fact that they were big and round. I had never seen my sister topless before and I was impressed to say the least. Her breasts looked almost the size of a volleyball cut in half and stuck on her chest. After I regained my composure I looked down. She had a pair of panties that were so small in the front that they tucked up into her pussy lips. There was a string around her waist and another string down her butt crack. When I looked around everyone and I do mean everyone was looking her. The other girls were envious and the boys were lusting after her. I knew they were jealous because I was the one standing next to her and not them. Brenda took my arm and we walked out of the entrance area and down a hallway leading to the cafeteria and breakfast. Brenda took me over to her table. She introduced me as her brother and then introduced the other three brother and sister combinations to me.

With one motion of his hand the guys are on me, holding me, forcing me to my knees and then forcing my jaws open before asking Lisa if she wanted to suck my dick while they fucked my throat? “No, his dick isn’t big enough for me to even suck anymore”, she spat defiantly! Besides, she says, ”I want to watch him suck the cum from your black balls”. He laughs and then shoves his dick in my mouth all the way to my throat. When finally we leave the club and return to our room we shower together and I wash her gently all over, soaping her as I marvel at her beauty. I am so proud of her, proud of her accomplishment at sating a whole club of people with her newly discovered appetite for sex in all forms especially black cock fucking. I gaze into her eyes and feel like crying as I say, “That’s not the question now Lisa, the real question is do you love me now that I allowed it all to happen.

” “I don’t know, can’t remember what’s in there. You welcome to check it out”, I said. “Okay”, Julie said with a smile. As soon as she hit the play button, I suddenly remembered what it is and said “Hold up Julie! ” But it was too late, she hit the play button and porn started playing on the tv. The screen showed a girl riding some man’s cock on the couch. All we heard was sexy sounds of moaning. Julie looked at me like wtf and then looked down at my pants. My cock was bulging like crazy. I felt so embarrassed. I told her to turn it off but for some reason she wouldn’t listen. The porn was getting her excited and I can hear soft moaning sounds coming from her mouth. So I said to her, “Julie, I don’t think we should be watching this.” She says “We’re mature adults, it’s just porn. Besides, I can see you’re enjoying this”, pointing to my cock. We sat there for another (5) minutes watching porn and not saying a word.

Akira is my sister and I want her to know what love and sex should be like. I wish I was a virgin so I could give you my virginity. Truth is all I can give you is my willingness and something else. Akira and I have spoken at great length about this. We both agree that you should be her first. If its ok with you that is? I don’t want her first time to be with an asshole like Hiro. So please my love. Show my sister how a gentleman makes love to a woman. For the second time tonight I was dumbfounded. Amya was giving me permission to fuck her sister. I must not be getting enough blood to my brain. I’m dreaming, no wait I’m not dreaming. “Are you sure Amya? “I don’t consider it cheating if I’m giving your permission. Akira deserves some of the things I have.