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That’s ok Dear, I have no place I rather be right now,” I reassured the new love of my life, “you take all the time you need. Are you awake or just having a really good dream? Both,” I moaned without having opened my eyes yet. “I am having a dream that my dream girl is lying beneath me, snuggling me, nuzzling her face and soft hair against my neck, her naked breasts pressing to my chest. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she is rubbing her sweet, inviting pussy on my dick. It is safe to open your eyes. If you were talking about me, I am still here. You brat. You fucking brat! OOOOO. Let go of me! What’s going on, Babe? Are you worn out already? Did I break it on you? Ohhh, do you need some viagra or something? Is the place where you tell me ‘it was fun, but it is over’? Do we have to do this right now? Can’t you at least wait until you’re not inside me? Baby, whoa, calm down Sweetheart,” I cooed, “It is not the kind of thing we have to stop making love to talk about. Will you marry me? Now it’s my turn to show off my skills at making simultaneous orgasms. It was easy for you to desire me enough to want to marry me right now. It would be equally easy for me to say ‘yes’ right now. But, what about in two weeks?

I put every thing back and went in her bedroom and put the camera back on her bed, like it had never been moved. I waited until night and she went to bed. I had told Jodi earlier to come to my room later, I had something to show her. She took it as a sexual invite and said: (“…oh? Really? Mom might hear us and we‘d be in trouble.”) I explained I’ve got something out of mom’s camera you will want to see. She look puzzled at first and then began to smile. I just smiled at her as we did a short feel on each other. It was an hour after mom had gone to bed when my bedroom door slowly opened. In came Jodi with her pajamas on. I sat in my computer chair with her on my lap. She liked that and quietly squirmed on my dick. I clicked on the video.

” “All sorted Sir” replied Atty “were just about to bring her in, she’s with your ladyship, and Tom, her files on your desk, her old man is waiting in “the room” we can start on her whenever you like. “Mrs Smith” can you hear me? “You will do as you’re told, and do it immediately! You listen in disbelief “I said do it now! Mrs Smith, you wont be told again” you hesitate turning your back on the cameras. You hear an aerosol being squirted “keep very still Mrs Smith,” the shaving of your sex commences, satisfied you are devoid of all hair, oil is massaged into your skin “very good, we can see you much clearer now. Your cheeks are pulled apart and a small nozzle is pushed into your rectum, lubrication fluid is pumped deep inside, the snap of examination gloves makes you tense. Suddenly your blindfold is removed, the intense light forces you to keep your eyes closed. ” you nod your head. ” again you nod, “Very good, alright these are your choices, but before you hear them understand this! You will not be released until we are happy with your, shall we say progress, remember that when you choose. Option one, you can elect to have the old men suck and fuck you in all your holes to continuous orgasms, you will be forced to swallow there cum. The constant use of your surname keeps the proceedings in a very formal, matter of fact and detached atmosphere, this you find most unnerving. ” you nod your head. Elly and the old men are beckoned away as the assemble crowd take there seats and begin to watch. Jen I think yes lets get a little more personal shall we? Derek please forgives me, stop them!

This was a wonderful, exciting period of our lives. Our lives further became involved with other couples and singles, both men and women. One such couple was from the eastern US, B & J. We met them at a nudist resort where we had a meeting of our nudist church group. We immediately related and established a long sexual/non-sexual relationship. Our first adventure with B & J took place in Texas. J having a meeting there and my lady, B and I flying in to meet J. We had a very nice lunch and J headed her car to our nudist resort destination. We arrived at this old shack at the edge of a valley where the resort owner welcomed us. We were very concerned as to what we had gotten ourselves involved but followed the owner anyway. Down into this beautiful valley into a gorgeous nudist resort. We couldn’t be happier until our next rude awakening, accommodations. All they had for us was two very small camping trailers each with single beds.

“We may try it tonight. See you tomorrow,” she said as she left the class room. Jason watched her walk away. “Damn,” he said, expressing his appreciation once again. Later, as she was driving home, Heather thought about using her cell phone to call her husband, Steve, and let him know she was on the way home. Traffic was heavy, the sun had set, and unlike most people, she thought it was unsafe to talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time – let alone drive at night and talk on the phone! By the time traffic cleared enough for her to even consider calling, she was almost home and elected to forego the call. As she pulled into the driveway, she was encouraged to note that Steve’s car was already there and light was on in the second floor bedroom window. The thought crossed her mind that it was odd for Steve to be in the bedroom at this hour – he was usually camped in front of their large screen TV in the den when she got home.

It is the locking, what ever females lives for. Locking is delightful for the male. He feels my sphincter squeeze him between his ball and the base of his penis where he is sexually sensitive. He slides back and forth, further exciting this finely tuned part of his anatomy. But every time he reachings bottom, as if trying to pull out, the pressure on the inside of my closed anal lips drives me to an absolute distraction that goes even beyond the orgasms I’ve already had. As with vaginal penetration, I loose track of time. Nor does it matter. No activity imaginable is more important than satisfying a male of either sex. I do not know how much a man can control when he ejaculates in my fanny. All I know is that eventually he must. And Gemric did. I was not surprised when the pleasure became suddenly so great that I lost consciousness. It had always happened this way with alphas.

“Oooh god, oh my god Trevor, oh fuck baby! ” I sighed between gasps and sharp exhales. You’d think that I’d get mad at him for doing that, but oh my god no! I LOVED that he took all of the control, and I mean all of it. That was literally the very first time in my life where I had no control of anything like that. That just made me so hot and horny that I had the worlds biggest butterflies in my stomach, so bad that my whole body ached so so bad for him! When he kissed me this time, it was just as passionate and yummy as all of the other times, only my lust for him was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed of. While he was kissing me, he helped me sit back up and put my seat belt on before he closed the door and walked around to his side. I was so fucking horny for him that I didn’t even wait till he was all the way in the truck. I just reached over, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them, pulled them down to barely below his sexy ass.

Ashley stood there and watched as Mike made love to Taylor. She slowly grew aroused. She reached down into her shorts and started to rub her pussy. Her other hand went under her shirt and started rubbing her tits. She was more turned on than she had been a few days earlier. As she watched she heard Taylor start to moan loudly as she started to shake in orgasm. Once her orgasm was though, she quickly took off all her cloths and came into the room. Mike and Taylor were both shocked and scared that she saw that. Ashley went over to the bed and got onto her knees right above Taylors face. “ Eat out my pussy you little whore.” Ashley demanded to Taylor. “ And you, you bastard, stick your dick in my mouth.” She demanded to Mike. Mike stood up onto the bed and but his dick into Ashley face.

“Stop fucking looking at it you perverted faggot. Lick may balls” Knowing I had no choice I shuffled forward on my knees, let in and with the tip of my tongue I tasted my first ball sack. Slowly licking it up and down as a child would an ice lolly. Suddenly he reached forward and grabbed the back of my head. “Open your mouth bitch” he almost shouted before pulling my head forward. His huge nut sack slipped into my mouth and my nose was buried in his thick musky pubic hair. His semi but rapidly hardening cock pressed up against my eye. ” I started sucking on his balls taking them deep into my mouth. Using my tongue to swirl them around. “That’s it bitch, you like that don’t you, you pathetic ball licking slut.” I was horrified to realise that while ashamed and embarrassed my cock was once again getting hard and leaking pre cum. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by this disgusting, taboo act.