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Despite the cruelty perpetrated against the elves members of other races do not permanently injure and rarely kill them. The primary reason is that elves are the most costly of slaves, relatively speaking, because they cannot become pregnant without the restoration of their home temple. The only way for the elves to grow is by adding players like you. Choosing to step outside your natural race will bestow you some special abilities both good and bad. You will be blessed with amazing beauty and rapid healing. You will also be born into servitude and be unable to have children if you so desired. Elves also have the lowest will power on average due to centuries of slavery. You will have a moderate amount of control of your appearance. You will also enter The World in a random location as either a personal slave or as stock in the only elven slave trading company controlled by the beast kin. Even generic the elven woman looked amazing.

As I zoomed in and scanned the crowd I could have sworn that I recognized some of the other people. I saw the lady from the grocery store, the lady that plays the church organ, and, and, and I saw Miss Amour there too. She was to be my English teacher in the fall when school was back in session. She was not with a man but I knew that she wasn’t married. All of those E-books I had to read were because of her. She was naked and she was in my viewfinder…click! That first day was sort of a meet and great out in the backyard. Tables were set up with drinks and snacks. I followed Miss Amour around with my camera pointed right at her and I took lots of pictures. There seemed to be a standard greeting whether it was between two women or between a man and a woman. I never saw two men do it that way. Anyway they would kiss for a while, French kiss, I think.

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“ Jason feel free to have a seat on the couch, me and Jenny will be back in a few minutes.” I then followed Jennifer outside. “ Jenny I am glad that you came to visit me, but I am curious as to why you brought Jason with you? How are we going to have fun with your brother here.? “ Me and my brother have been having sex for the last 2 weeks and I really enjoy being with him. I wanted him to come over and for us all to have some fun together. Plus I thought that he might also be able to get you pregnant, you know double your chances.” I said. “ Good thinking Jenny. You really are smart aren’t you. But is he able to keep a secret? “ I tell Jason everything, and he is okay with helping you get pregnant. Actually he is available a lot more than Roy too? “ Okay, lets have fun then.

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The few times I’ve done it, everyone seemed quite pleased. Anyway, what Phil suggested was a staged gang bang. The tentative plan was that I’d get naked, maybe slowly with much help. There would always be a lot of guys around me, sometimes fully clothed to highlight my nudity, sometimes naked, surrounding me with erections. The idea was to make it look like every one of them was taking a turn fucking me, while no part of the rest of my body was going unmolested. Phil explained that as long as the men changed places, it would look like they were passing me around. While in reality, it only had to ever be Phil actually fucking me. In most pictures you hardly ever see the man’s face, often not much more than his dick where it’s stuck inside the girl. Phil knew what double penetration was, but had never heard it referred to by just the initials. Anyway, when he finally realized what I was saying he was surprised about three things. First, that I’d allow anal sex.

He said that he has already seen me naked so what’s wrong with no shirt and pants? I smiled tiredly and got on the ground with me and another sheet. I turn so I wasn’t looking at him, I don’t know why I did but why did i care I was sleepy, he turned me over and then put his arm around me. I snuggled up to him because he was so warm and i was freezing my butt off. I was hugging him when I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up he was already up. He was looking at me sleep. I asked him what he was doing? He said that I was the hottest chick in the world when I was sleeping. I laughed and asked him if I wasn’t the hottest chick in the world when I was awake? He said I was always the hottest chick in the world anytime and all the time. I smiled and kissed him.