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Just as Smith turned he saw Leela peeping into the porn and laughed. Leela noted that Smith caught her and she ran away in embarrassment. Leela spent the rest of the day by imagining the porn she sew earlier. Next day Smith again came into the living room with just his trousers and again played the porn in TV. Leela now got up and went straight into the living room and was shocked by what she saw. Smith had his mighty 10 inch long cock that was not even fully hard and was jacking off. Smith knew that Leela watching her but he ignored her and continued jacking. Suddenly Smith waved to Leela to come over and sit next to him. Leela was confused whether to go near the monster or stay faithful to his husband. After all she was sex less for almost for lot of days. So she let go of her thoughts and went slowly near Smith and sat next to him. After Leela came near he was encouraged and she started to praise her for her sexy tits and ass. He asked her whether his cock was nice?

My wife Nickie and I got married when we were both nineteen; we were high school sweet hearts and had gone together since we were sixteen. Nickie was a beautiful young lady with dark auburn hair, five foot five with a very pretty figure, very small, one hundred pounds and small but very perky tits, she looked like Audrey Hepburn. After a couple of years of collage I got drafted into the army. When I came home on leave from basic training Nickie and I got married. After all my training I was sent to an army base out side of Bakersfield Cal. I told her I was ether going to leave her or was going to get sex somewhere else, she said she would try. Sex did get a little better and we seemed to be very happy. The couple next door were our age and had two girls the lady, Linda was very small and very good looking I guess the guy, Sam wasn’t bad ether.

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She then said,”Please come in me, I want to feel what that is like.” That was all it took to make me spurt deep inside her, filling her up. After this we held each other tightly keeping me deep inside her while we came down from our intense feelings. At this time I was still a little hard and it only took a few slight movements by Monica to make me fully stiff and twitch my cock. “Oh, am I causing that? ” So she started moving more and we started to fuck again, this time more leisurely but just as intense for both of us. Every now and then we would stop moving to kiss deeply using our tongues (something new for Monica to experience). Again Monica started to moan and get into a frenzy until this time she had an orgasm before I came this time and another as I squirted into her for the second time. This time after coming down from our excitement she got off me, we cleaned up our messes and got dressed. We left the boathouse, Monica going to the Manse and I to our camp ground.

500.00 with her. We then got back into Jennifer’s van and headed home. “ Hey Jason this is Mallory she is going to be staying with us for a week.” I said as I passed Jason smiling. I think that he got the hint as he smiled at Mallory. Mallory just smiled back. “ Wow Jenny you look great.” Jason said. We all unloaded my new clothes into my room, it looked like Christmas had come to my bedroom. I then took my money and put it into my shoebox. I waited until Jason and Mallory was out of my room to put my money in the shoebox.. Hey you can’t never be too careful it was a lot of money. When Dad got home I introduced him to Mallory. Dad looked at her from head to toe and said that she was very beautiful. He then asked me where I met her. I lied and told him that she was Mrs. Stevens (Jennifer) niece.

If Laura hadn’t written Stacy about Todd, all this would never have happened. In any case, in order to keep my job, which I loved and was good at, I had to divorce Stacy and the sooner the better. A lawsuit for money from Stacy for making a porn movie was completely justified in court because she knew about the morals clause in my company. She, as my spouse, had to sign the papers along with me under my employment contract agreement. I was too anxious and mad to get to sleep. I looked at my watch and marked the time so in a couple of hours, I’d make my move to drug Todd and the sisters. The standard injection of the female birth control drug would make Todd impotent and sterile for three months under normal circumstances, but I had plenty of the drugs. I planned on giving Stacy and Laura each a double dose injection and Todd a triple dose, or more. I thought about using all that I had left from the sisters on Todd!

Usually, he turns on the computer and shows me the pictures he’s kept only on soft copy. The bad stuff has been simply erased, so what’s left, about ten times as many poses as what he’s made prints of, are all still quite good. My definition of good seems to also be Phil’s, a nice smile, a natural pose, exposed crotch, and nicely displayed tits. There are usually a few where the girl still has some clothes on, but he doesn’t waste photo paper on them no matter how good she looks. I think Phil likes showing off his photography almost as much as he likes fucking me, eventhough he’s always telling me how great I am in bed. Actually, I’d better be great in bed, because I couldn’t hold a candle to any of these girls he hires to pose for the club. Maybe Angie would rate up there, and Kendra would make the cut.

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