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Grasping her clit and pulling it completely free of its protective hood, he closes the clamp on the full length of the bud. Her body jerks and tries to shake it off, but the clamp holds tight, stretching her clit at least a quarter inch. He swings the empty bucket between her thighs, laughing as she cringes under the pressure of the clamps. Scooping a cup of lead weights, he slowly pours them into the bucket. Her clit is drawn further down and the clamp bites deeply into the flesh to support the additional weight. It sounds like she’s howling but it is difficult to tell for sure with the gag. Just as well, he is not finished with her clit. Scooping another cup, he slowly pours the lead weights watching as the bucket drops heavily towards the floor. She cannot lower her body to ease the pain. It is like he is tearing her clit from her body, stretching it four full inches from its base. Feeling a bit ornery, he gives the bucket a push and watches her reaction as eight pounds of lead swings from her clit back and forth between her spread legs.

My hand had found it’s way between my legs and had began massaging the juice maker, just like last night I was getting off on watching these two fuck in front of me. The camera panned down again and Phil was taking longer and slower thrusts, showing me the full length of his cock leave her wet pussy before it slid right back in again. He began slowly rubbing the tip of her clitoris with his thumb, it made her cry out and moan even louder. I was now led on my back with my knees in the air, my hand was going twice the speed that Phil’s was and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. My breathing was getting heavier, and Claire’s breasts bouncing over the screen of my phone was taking me to that familiar place. Her moans came through the speaker as though she was actually there on my bed. I guess last night when she thought I was asleep she held herself back, becase right now she was bringing down the house. I thought for a split second about muting the call, but I was far too occupied with my growing climax.

“ That’s cool, not a problem Roland, but just for the record it’s Gary. “ OK Gary, I’ll remember that. “ Well, I’ve called twice before and was starting to think that you gave us a bogus phone number. “ Oh yeah, I listened to the message just a few minutes ago and couldn’t figure it out. But no problem, I got it now. And hey, I’m not married and I don’t live with anyone so when you call you can leave any message you want. “ OK. The reason I’m calling is that we wanna take you up on your offer for a private show. Barbara is looking forward to watching you. “ Yeah, really, that’s way cool, I’m totally down for that. Does she want to do anything else? “ At this time I don’t think so but who knows. When she see a nice cock it always gets her juices flowing and when she sees sperm squirting it really moves her if ya know what I mean.

I hadn’t moved fast enough. I opened wide and he plunged his cock right down my throat. I’d been waiting for this all day. He put one hand on the back of my head and wrapped one hand round the front of my throat, holding my head in place while he fucked my face. I had my mouth open and my tongue out, letting him get as far down my throat as he could. He stopped with his dick all the way in, his balls resting on my chin, and held me there while he looked in my eyes. My eyes were watering and I was starting to gag as I ran out of breath. He held me there until I started to shake then roughly pulled out, pushed my head back and down onto the edge of the bed and put one leg up with his foot resting on the bed behind my head.

But also so innocently willing and naively stupid! She never got hired even though she had been coached by one of the women that interviewed her, trying to help, and have her say all of the right things! As they really wanted to hire her! But she was a bit to naive and clueless at the time! I certainly know about this as during the early 70s . I had been a service rep and had traveled a lot in California using PSA one of the commuter airlines at the time, that out did every other airline in hiring the most attractive women they could. On top of that they also had the girls wear the shortest possible miniskirts! Once at Ontario international airport on an early morning business commuter flight from Southern Calif to San Francisco at around 6:00AM I witnessed a most spectacular event caused by one of these PSA stews.

“I will, and we’ll even use his dick.” Mom said making me moan. “Wanna know what else I saw? ” I asked making her nod her head yes. “Please.” Mom said while she started to touch my face like she was about to start kissing me. “He’s got a gorgeous dick doesn’t he? ” She sighed while she started sliming my leg like crazy. “Yeah, I want it, I want him to do that to me.” I whimpered. “I wanna see him do that to you.” She sighed making me get those feelings so bad that I couldn’t help but really hump her leg. “I don’t want to be a virgin anymore mommy, I want him to take my virginity.” I whimpered making her kinda moan and smash her pussy against my leg so so hard. You want your daddy’s dick inside of you? ” She asked making my pussy and legs so so slimy and making me so so dizzy. “Yes mommy, I want daddy’s big boner inside of me.” I sighed while I started to shake like crazy. “Want me to talk to him about it? ” She asked making me kind of moan.

I’ve discovered the only way to keep one’s balance on heels is to adopt a sexy “look at my ass” style of walking but I suppose that is the entire point. I strive to put cheer in my voice as I greet table 30. “Enjoying our tasty breadsticks tonight? ” I try to make flirty small talk as I wait for someone to explain to me, exactly how I am suppose to “serve myself up” alongside their next order. Luckily I see Phil and Silv coming over with an order of breadsticks. I am embarrassed to see that Toby has followed them out to the table. He seems to know the plan as he quickly clears away all the unneeded items on the large tall top table before heading back to the kitchen. “Ok hon, climb onto the table and then you show these boys a good time. Just flirt, play with yourself, and help these boys enjoy your hot little body.” Silv says in her soft voice as if she is explaining to me how to use the cash register or take an order. Awkwardly I use an empty chair to climb up and scramble onto the table.