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Without even allowing me the dignity (god knows he’d stripped me of enough of that) to get dressed he pushed me out the house still covered in his piss. “Fuck off cum dump! ” he shouted as he pushed me out the door. There I was stood on the street, naked, covered in urine, totally in shock. Looking around I saw a man on the other side of the road looking at me, lust obvious on his face. I instantly started running down the street. I passed two girls I knew from school who pointed and burst into laughter. I was mortified. I ran round the corner straight into and old couple whose look of disgust I’ll never forget branded me with their scorn. Finally I came to a row of garages where I was able to hide long enough to dress. It was only then that I was humiliated to discovered that he had kept my boxer shorts, and even worse had cut the seat out of my jeans.

They begged him to tell more of whatever crazy story he extracted from his head. Nick thought for a minute. Would it hurt to listen? He could always run out and leave with Danny if things got weird or out of hand. As Nick contemplated the situation, he looked closer at Frank’s features. Frank had the eyes the same shade of blue as Nick and a similarly hooked nose. Nick imagined at some point that Frank looked similar to himself, tall and lanky, with sandy blonde hair. Nick just hoped that he didn’t end up looking like Frank in twenty or thirty years. “Ok, go ahead,” Nick said. “Let me tell you a story. Though I don’t know you as well as I should, given that you’re my own flesh and blood, I suspect we have very similar stories. I want to take you back 25 years ago, long before I met your mother. I was 16 years old when this started, just looking to get laid as much as any other boy. That was probably you not long ago, am I right? Nick tensed up as Frank asked the question. Vulnerability was not one of his strong suits.

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I was cumming – hard. Kirk was too. He was panting, whimpering, while I struggled to keep quiet after an extremely powerful orgasm coursed through me. “Wow,” he whispered when I laid on his chest. “Yeah,” I whispered back, seeing myself having sex with one or all of my black coworkers and clients. I imagined them taking turns with me. I imagined me meeting up somewhere, cheating and cumming every night. I quickly slid off Kirk and took a shower, rubbing my clit as I climaxed two more times picturing myself riding a black man and cheating. After my shower, I dried off, and climbed nude into bed. “I have to get away from that place. Before I do something I’ll regret,” was my last thought before sleep overtook me. A couple weeks later, on the verge of walking out of work if another black man complimented, I finally got a call.

She was aware that her backside and most of her naked body would be on display to anyone in that part of the store. She saw one other woman some distance away near the front. She stood in front of the mirror and turned to view the suits fit. The thin strings holding the cloth triangles in place caressed her tanned body. This one will work Joan thought as she turned to return to the dressing room. Walking toward the dressing room she encountered a man who appeared to work at the store. He smiled and greeted her and in a heavy middle eastern accent askIng if she needed any help. She thanked him but said “No, I’m fine thank you.” She continued toward the dressing room aware that the man had stopped to watch her as she walked away. Joan removed the yellow bikini and looked over her next selection.