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Date: December 4, 2019

My body was moving up and down on hers while the soles of her feet could be seen resting on my back, and our bodies constantly made a thumping noise as they landed towards the dirty cement floor. The other monster with the huge dick came behind me, and positioned it at the entrance of my anus. She pushed it in without hesitation, and I moaned heavily with my mouth dropping open while her big dick slid fast right inside me. I felt my anus get split open like a knife entering a fruit, and my nerves shot straight from my rectum to my penis, causing it to be more stiff, and feeling more stimulated. She began to penetrate and pound me, shifting her body against mine while I shifted my body against the other one I was fucking. The other monster with a big dick got in front of us, and opened my mouth with her fingers.

I never want Scott to know about our coupling. I don’t think he would be able to handle what you and I just did. “He will never hear it from me, Mrs. J,” Jamal assured her. “Does that mean we will never do it again? Do you want to smell my dick? I’m sure her amora is still on it! Jamal walked into the den and stood by the sofa. He gazed down at her and said, “She seems to be resting comfortably. Mrs. J opened her eyes and winked at Jamal. He understood her message and winked back at her. She closed her eyes again, and Jamal joined Scott and Billy as they went upstairs to Scott’s bedroom. They played a couple of video games before switching to a porn site. Billy said he was going down to the kitchen and get a glass of orange juice. He volunteered to check on Mrs. J while he was down there.

She told me to keep my mouth shut and to let her and Lisa deal with it. At home the girls relaxed and turned me into their slave. I got drinks, I got snacks, and I got to answer the phone. It was ringing off the hook. Every girl that Lisa knew was calling her to confirm the rumor that they had heard. Lisa told them all the same story, that she and her mother were both three months pregnant, that they were keeping the babies, and that they wouldn’t know the fathers even if she told them who they were. Then Lisa got a serious phone call from a girl that she just barely knew. She had heard that Lisa had been walking around the mall wearing a T-shirt telling everyone that she was pregnant. Then she asked Lisa if she could come over, she needed someone to talk too.

I was not in their grade so I had different classes than they had. At lunch they told me that the other girls were very curious about sex and since they had obviously had sex they asked them. Then when we met up after school the girls were laughing about being called into the Principle’s office for wearing those ‘I’m Pregnant’ T-shirts. They had called our mother because Katie told them that she no longer lived with her parents since she had gotten pregnant. Anyway Mom kept them waiting in his office for close to an hour and then when she did arrive she was wearing a third matching ‘I’m Pregnant’ T-shirt. The Principle was silent as Mom chewed him a new asshole for disturbing her over a stupid T-shirt that only told the other students that they were pregnant instead of just being fat. Then she told the girls to get back in class where they belonged. As they left she was still yelling at him.

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He groaned with a little pain, but then he started moaning with pleasure. I was aroused by his vulnerability, usually I’m the vulnerable one. I started to go deeper sending my tongue off like an explorer, looking around for his treasures. I knew he didn’t eat anything because I couldn’t taste and shit, which was perfect for me. The tip of my tongue could sense that as I went further, burrowing into his ass, it got warmer. His hips were shaking with pleasure. I started to grab his hanging cock, which I noticed was now hard again. I was done looking around. I got more lotion and started to rub my fingers, I slowly inserted one finger, then two into his ass. I knew two was enough because he could barely handle two. How was he going to feel with my cock inside him? After four minutes of fingering, I was done, I needed to fuck his ass. I kept him in doggy style for so long that it was rude of me to not do more to him.

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When Howard left, Gia closed the door. Gerald watched her walk back and forth in her small, tight dress. He stared at her legs, butt, and chest. The kiss was incredible, but guilt once again found him. Gia and Gerald shared a look before she left him alone in the room, his mind spinning. He was joined a couple minutes later by an assistant with paperwork. She thanked him and told him to report back in the morning. He stood outside at her locked car for a few hours. Gia emerged after a long day, unlocked her car, and mom and son got in. Gerald was in his room, his lips still tingling a few hours later. When they got home his mother headed straight to the shower. Gerald warmed up some leftovers, never saw his mom reappear, and eventually headed to bed. The thought of kissing her again was appealing, but filming a sex scene with her seemed unreal.

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But the blue color, although similar to the blue, protects the fifth chakra, which is responsible for sight and hearing (creative abilities). Yellow. What associations does it cause you? Most immediately remembered the wheat field, the sun, honey or sunflowers – the gifts of nature. So it’s easy to guess that yellow is the color of wealth and wealth. It protects the third chakra – the solar plexus, the center of vital energy. Let’s now talk about ornaments. Of course, they are very many, but we will consider the most basic and popular ones. In total, in Ukrainian embroidery, there are three types: geometric, plant and zoomorphic (animals). Embroidered fire signs have traditionally been considered masculine – a lattice in the form of a diamond, the signs of the sun with rays and dots. But straight lines in the form of landmarks were considered female. Also on such embroideries depicted water signs in the form of spirals, snakes, and waves.