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Elisabeth Navore on the other hand looked ill. She was obviously having second thoughts about the deal we just had made. I gave her no chance to reconsider. Elenore followed with the bed rolls, her eyes were filled with anticipation. This was probably the first time she entered a major city like Netter’s capital. “What shall I say if the guard remember I left on my own and notice I now have company? ” Elisabeth Navore asked. “In that case just tell them we are Lydia and Elenore that you have recruited as servants after you at the prayer site got a promising sign of how your things would improve for you,” I said. “What should I know about where you are from. If I shall be able to claim to have hired you I should know some things, right? “Official story are we are from the foothills of the Ambracks.

However that wasn’t possible in a situation where you are trying to hide the secret that you are together. “ Hey, how you doing today? ” he said. “I am fine, I was hoping that I would get to see you.” I returned. “ So, you came just to see me? ” he smiled. “ Yes, well and to get my Dad a birthday present.” I said. He snapped back fast with a scared look on his face. I told him about what had happened and how I got out of it. “ I think maybe we both owe Jason for that one.” He said. We then sat off to our separate detours towards the same spot. With-in a few minutes, Roy arrived. “They have really made this a nice park since they cleaned in up, doesn’t look like many people come here though.” He smiled. I knew by that look that Roy had more than lunch on his mind. I just smiled at him and I starting talking to him about different things while we continued to eat lunch.

Though I did have to admit to myself that she was easily the hottest Mom out of all of my friend’s Moms. What was that song they used to tease me with? And it was all because she’d wanted implants after I was born. So that’s what dad had done, he had got her a pair of large silicone teardrop implants. At the time he was still employed and doing quite well for himself, so money wasn’t that big of an issue. As I sat there in my uncomfortable position staring at my throbbing member, I finally worked out what everyone had meant when referring to my Mom as a MILF. By this point in time, moms panting had blossomed into full-blown moaning, and my erection was still standing at attention, so I tentatively reached forward and prodded it. I’d never actually jerked off before, only having just discovered how to find porn on the internet.

She couldn’t look at him, feeling sick at his smirk as he remarked that she looked good as a blonde! They pulled up outside the University, it was closed and she looked confused, he got out and walked through the delivery yard, Bianca following as she was expected. The door was open and they walked through leading to the library. The doors opened and she saw her boss, plus another man. There was a few stage lights, props and backgrounds, Bianca assumed for the grand opening of the new lecture theatre on Monday morning. Bernard ran to the door, locking it shut as they came in, drawing the blinds then the curtains. Him and Anthony shook hands as Bianca stared wondering what the fuck was going on. Anthony asked if the trunk arrived, Bernard confirming that it was in his office and then Anthony walked towards his office clicking his fingers for Bianca to follow. Bianca was stunned as normally in front of Bernard he played the perfect gent, but he had become his true self.

After a few minutes her hands went down to her crotch and she began to rub her cunt over the tights she wore. I asked her if she wanted more and she said she was well satisfied but she would like to see me finish jacking off and watch me come. I was somewhat disappointed that she didn’t offer to blow me but that was okay. I sat down again in the chair next to her and stroked my dick and rubbed my balls while she looked on. Her clothes were still undone with her tits and her cunt exposed. When I got close to cumming I stood up, about to shoot off and she motioned toward her stomach. When I came I shot a massive load all over the front of her torso. Soon after that we both cleaned ourselves up with some paper towels I had brought. The two of us were now alone in the theater. The other guy that had been there must have gotten himself off and left without us noticing. She got up to leave, smiled and said thanks for the fun afternoon. I told her I’d like to arrange to repeat the experience but she said she wasn’t able to let me contact her but maybe we’d be able to meet again sometime by chance like we had just done. I took that to mean that she was most likely in a relationship but enjoyed a fling now and then. Although I’ve been back there many times since then, I’ve never met up with her again. I’ve had a lot of other fun experiences in that theater and some of those may be the subject of later stories.

Each inward thrust of mine being met by an upward thrust from Carolyn as she drove me even deeper into her. I eventually changed to shorter but much more rapid and harder inward strokes into her. I would also slowly withdraw myself to the point where I was almost completely out of Carolyn and then shove myself back inside of her as hard and rapidly as possible. Regardless of what I did Carolyn was always able to match my rhythm and meet each thrust with one of her own. We continued to have sex in this manor for well over thirty minutes constantly changing but never stopping. I did not take very long before Carolyn started making soft moaning sounds from the pleasure she derived from having sex. As we continued having sex her sounds of pleasure became louder and more frequent while her thrusting to meet my inward strokes became more intense. Eventually her breathing became more rapid and shallow and I could feel her body begin to tense up.

My hand was under the tshirt and I was rubbing away. I was very slick and wet and I read the good parts again and shuddered with my second orgasm of the day. After I was done I wondered if I did that because I was horny from ovulating or did I get off to the idea of having sex with a dog? I was alone in the house today. My son was away at school and my daughter was spending the weekend with a friend. There was one other in the house with me. It just so happened to be my dog. Now I have had lots of kinky sex in my life. Some pretty wild but I will be honest I had never even considered bestiality. Sure I had seen my dogs cock when he was licking it and I had seen dogs fucking before, but sex between me and a dog had never crossed my mind. That is up until right now.

He sucked up Daniel’s precum with his curled tongue as though it was a straw. John smiled inwardly at Daniel’s torment and then skewered his loving throat back onto Daniel’s enraged organ. Daniel’s hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped John’s head tightly. Again, Daniel felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of John’s incredible mouth and throat. All the while, John’s lunging fingers fed the hot coals of Daniel’s sexual frenzy. John knew that Daniel was now in extreme orgasmic torture. He pulled up on Daniel’s erection so the aching head rested inside his mouth and clamped his cheeks snuggly around the head. Daniel arched up and wailed at the incredible contact. His erection jerked as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland. John’s, fingers began a slow, soft massaging action motion over the sensitive tissues of the excited organ. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout his body.

As I pounded the glass dildo in me, harder and deeper than ever before, I felt the settings on my vibrator amp up and all rational thought seemed to flee from me. ’ ‘Tell us how it feels! ’ ‘You’re a fucking slut! “Uh… uh… fuck me… yeah… it feels soo… eek’ I squealed as I felt something harshly twist my nipple but I was too close to care, my words coming out less coherent than before. ‘You like fucking yourself with a dildo? You get off on it? You need a real cock, don’t you? ’ The voice seemed to almost be coming from behind me, and I couldn’t deny how much it turned me on. “Fuck it feels good. Yes, I do… I need a real cock… big and thick and…” Again I thought I felt something prodding at my ass, but it only seemed to turn me on more. “Tell me how much of a slut you are…” It seemed louder this time, and I felt a stronger urge to respond.