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Barb laughed as well and said, “ just tell me when. Roland stroked his cock for about thirty more seconds then said, “ Barb, better measure. Without any hesitation Barb took his cock in her hand and pressed the beginning of the tape measure up against his abdomen and worked it down the length. “ Ah, you’re just a touch over 9 inches Roland. Next she took the tape measure and wrapped it around his cock at about the mid point. “ And you circumference is 6 and 3/4 inches. I also note that the head of your cock is on the thin pointy side, that will make it east to get your cock inside of me if you ever get to screw me. Very nice cock Roland. “ OK Roland, you can continue, do your thing onto the mirror. Roland wrapped his hand around his cock again and started pumping it. Probably forty seconds later he was looking down at Barb’s breasts and said, “ I’m getting real close .

I was mentally and physically prepared for it also I had the best ally possible, knowledge of what to do! I wouldn’t be a blind kid not knowing what he was doing I had a plan with all the tips my sister had given me, I was going to have a good time. Nothing would go wrong tonight. Then the unexpected happened. It began to rain, not just any kind of rain, it was pouring, with thunder and lightning included. I was pissed I couldn’t believe it! … Around 8.30 my dad dropped the towel, there was no way the barbeque was happening and no way was I going to have sex that night. Crap was I depressed. What were you going to do? Why is your pussy wet? Nothing else happened that night, we both went back to bed and that was it, we didn’t even talk about it. I shook her a little bit and she opened her eyes-what’s up- she asked? Next morning the sun was shining, my dad declared that the barbeque that was previously foiled because of the weather would be happening that night. I could see she was pissed about something,- walking down the beach with Marie why what’s wrong? I yelped – I couldn’t believe it all this time I was thinking I was going to have sex, and Jessica was the one having it all this time. There’s no going back- I answered her with a kiss, then it finally happened. What about your butt-I asked? What about it – she responded with a question. I don’t know I told her should I put it in it?

Next, he slowly shaved inwards towards her vulva. He took care and used deft little strokes as he shaved the full length of her lips. Chloe’s outer lips were surprisingly generous and plump, and her hips were also starting to fill out nicely with puberty. She looked very inviting. Her inner labia were neatly tucked away inside her cunt, out of sight. The fat outer lips were neatly folded together and looked like a delicious butterfly cupcake, ready to be piped with cream. In fact, Chloe even preferred the shaved look to the yucky black hairs. And it also happened to feel good when her underpants rubbed against the bare skin. Despite the best efforts to ignore all the attention being given to her pubic mound, extra blood had started flowing to the area. All of the touching and rubbing during shaving had worked to sensitize Chloe’s genitals. Chloe sensed that her private parts were responding to the attention (without her permission).

Or a gigantic black cock head! Saenger Obstetrical Forceps perfect for clit clamping! He had given Reggie some history and instruction in the use of the high tension pulsing buzz box, warning him not to exceed the red line! Then went on to explain that during the late eighteen & early twentieth century, vaginal stimulation with numerous devices mostly electrical and vibratory were used for the treatment, of what was then called female hysteria! A condition that the black medical community still treated used, and embraced! It was a common and lucrative part of many physicians office practices, and Reggie’s doctor friend specialized in this procedure, especially for well to do white women! Female hysteria was a once-common medical diagnosis, found exclusively in women, which today for most doctors is no longer recognized as a disorder, essentially they were just horny unsatisfied women! A physician back in the day was noted for claiming that a quarter of all women suffered from this sort of hysteria!

The soap on her bush is dripping into the water while the hair hangs down like a wizard’s beard. My mouth is just hanging open right now and I don’t know what to do. I step into the tub, which is pretty big but not huge to be far from one another. I’m literally face-to-face with her now. “It’s hard to see when we’re face to face mom.” I said with a trembling voice. With that, she puts her arms on my shoulders and pulls me into her like she is giving me a hug. I almost slip at the shock of this but catch myself on my mom and hug her to keep balance. Now my nine inch fully hardened cock is smashed between my stomach and my mom’s bush. “OH GOD MOM I’M SO SORRY! I slipped I didn’t mean to! “Shut up it’s what I wanted to happen. How does my curly bush feel on your big cock?

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This interview, along with the three that followed it were fairly standard and soon enough I became lost in the world of complex body language theory and poker tactics with people who had spent a lifetime watching them. It was 2pm when the procession was called to a halt and I was shown to the restaurant. As my complimentary steak was placed in front of me, my mind drifted back to the two men in suits. My brain kept spinning in circles, like a tire trying to find traction on ice – working frantically without making any progress. After finishing my meal and sporting a new headache, I decided to put the whole episode out of my mind. The game would be starting in a few hours and I was anything but focused. If I didn’t get my shit together soon, then this would be a very short night. I received a text from Rachael at about 6pm, they had arrived at the hotel and had been shown into the bar, apparently, they weren’t allowed to see any of the players until the game had ended. Oh, well that sucks, been looking forward to seeing you all day. Aww poor baby, I was looking forward to helping you relax again as well. Sorry baby, but rules are rules. Besides, we have the whole night together after the game. Just the two of us. Sounds good, how is everyone? Everyone is great, I had a nice chat with all the girls on the way here, they told me about you being their booty call. So at the moment you have about 10 horny women down here all wanting to use you for their own personal pleasure. Yeah, Me and Tiff, Bethany and Chantelle and the rest of their friends. Tell Jess I’m very disappointed her name isn’t in the list. Jess couldn’t make it. I don’t know what’s wrong with her recently, she’s been acting weird.