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She is so much younger looking than anyone else at the party that evening. She never had a chance to help me convince Sal to take one of the other VIP girls. Tom asked, “So once you were at the hotel why the two rooms if Sal wanted both of you? Also if Sal wanted you so badly every time he comes to LA why did he pick Kristen over you? Farah shrugged her shoulders and said, “I really don’t know and really don’t care. I guess because he had me so many times and Kristen was new and is a hot young piece of ass. He probably figured that he wanted to try something new that night. Adam was the one who paid for two rooms not Sal. I think that was his idea not Sal’s. I mean it was Adams idea to go to that hotel Sal wanted to go back to his hotel the Howard Johnson’s. Once, we finally got upstairs to the suites Sal took Kristen by herself into his suite. Adam and I went to the other suite that was right across from theirs.

Funny, he always wanted to have me, but never got the chance. He was the one who named me Ruby for my red hair. I always like the the color red, but for some reason, when daddy had his heart attack, I started to crave red. I bought red drapes for my bedroom. And these were not just the red curtains for my windows, they were ruby red drapes for my four poster bed. So I would wake in the morning surrounded by red. I bought red lipstick, well that’s not so different, but it was bright red. I always wore red earrings, had matching red nail polish; the face of my watch was a red dial. I even wore red panties. “I noticed that when I was sexually aroused, that my nipples were a brighter red, and my pussy tissues went from pink to red. That was the point where I started to have the need to have sex constantly. I don’t know why but having my private parts red was a big turn-on, and when turned on I like sex even more. I’m rambling again. I do that. I’m obsessive about sex.

That splattering cum shot brought cheers from the other three boys, as they watched the hot Mexican spunk begin to flow onto her eyelids and run down her nose. Following Pablo’s turn, the second young Mexican took his place on the toilet seat and aimed his weapon at her waiting mouth, then managed to shoot his first volley right onto her tongue. When the second, especially thick stream of jism, splattered against her tonsils, she climaxed. As her body spasmed uncontrollably, her mouth closed and the third stream of Latino semen splattered against her closed lips. The Mexican slid forward on the seat and forced his cock between her teeth, then gunned the rest of his spunk directly into her gasping mouth, then watched her swill it all down, leaving her gasping. That unexpected forced entry sent her right over the edge again and, she climaxed, another time. When thhe fourth youngster had finished empting his balls, Pablo exclaimed, “God damn, muchachos, can this Anglo MILF take cum shots, or what.

This was going to be fun. The blood was running through my cock and soon it stood to attention I decided I would let it free and pulled off my pants and boxers completely. I put them in my bag and I began to stroke myself as I moved upstairs in search of Miss Cs bedroom. Her bedroom had a double bed, a bedside table, a TV with a DVD player and a closet. I went straight for the closet and found what I was looking for the panty drawer. I pulled the drawer out and emptied the panties out on the bed. Fuck I was horny. I looked at all her little thongs and briefs and proceeded to wrap them around my rock hard member and started to stroke. Suddenly I heard the front door open and slam closed. FUCK I am so fucked! Miss C began walking up the stairs I panicked and hopped into the closet in an effort to hide .She walked into the room and sighed and she began to strip.

We laid there for a few minutes, then I got up and brought her back some coffee. I told her I was going to make breakfast while she took a shower. So I went to make breakfast and while Sarah was in the shower, I worked on some other things I had planned. See, I had went earlier in the week to a store and had bought Sarah a couple gifts. But those come into the story later. As I made breakfast, Sarah came in to the kitchen in her robe. I knew she had just gotten out of the shower and was nice and clean and wet. Her long dark hair was wet and she looked so sexy. I turned from what I was doing and pulled her close, kissing her deep. I held her face with my hand as I kissed her, looking into her eyes, I pulled her robe open. Mm mm mm, she was naked.

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But when I was five months pregnant, they got arrested, and it didn’t have much to do with me. It turned out that Mr. King lied to me when he said he’s never been with a girl my age, he had been a lot of times and so had his wife. They were arrested for the production and sales of a certain kind of porn, and that’s all I’ll say about that part. I will say that they tried to identify all of the girls in the videos and pictures and I refuse to go tell them that I was one of the girls, mainly because I loved it. That just meant one thing though, I was basically on my own. My mom said that she would help as much as she could which was nice, but she treated me like shit and my real dad refused to have anything to do with me. That’s ok, because I made myself a promise, I promised that I would be nothing like my parents and that I would give my baby everything she would ever need.