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This story isn’t true. It is, however, completely feasible. In any case, the characters in this story aren’t meant to represent actual people. If they do, it’s completely by chance. Don’t read into it, okay? Also, this is my first posting of this type, so please be honest with me; constructive criticism is welcome, as are any comments that I may receive. My name is Eric. I’m currently in my early thirties. This story is about a specific aspect or two of my sexual growth that I shared with my best friend, Jake. Jake and I have been best buds since we were in fourth grade, and were inseperable from the time we were in grade school to the time we moved to different cities after college. We still keep in regular, if not all that frequent, contact to this day. Growing up, Jake and I experienced many firsts together.

This also feeds more of my cuckold or group (bi or otherwise) fantasies where this is where I get closest to it in real life. Anyway, expecting the usual, that I’d find nothing quick or real and then turn to the normal story and pictures I browsed the first page of ads. None of the descriptions really caught my eye although there were a few guys looking for a quick blow. But my eye did catch a street name. Actually it was two main streets with an intersection about a mile away. Oddly, it was a mature guy looking for another mature guy. The catch was the he wanted a swallower. I sent a quick note saying I was about 20 min away (more like 5 but needed some anonymity), my brief description (5’10”, 180, balding, 51) I’d be happy to service him. I got a quick response back saying he was 58, graying with a 6 inch cock and he would e-mail me back if still interested as soon as his wife left for work with an address.

I’ve only done it in private, however. Some day I’d also like to do it with a group watching me. So what fantasy can I come up with? Would it be better in private where I would be helpless if my lover decided to do more than I bargined for? Or would it be more fun tied there with a large audience watching my delightful humilitation. I think that’s what it is. Humiliation. Letting people see you so helpless and vulnerable, people who know who you are and know that you have allowed this to happen to you. Stripped of all dignity, the ultimate in exhibitionism, tied there, my personality as naked as the inside of my pussy. And every girl in the audience dying to change places with me. I don’t ask why we love to degrade ourselves with physical and mental exposure. I only try to do my best to wallow in the pleasure it gives me.

She looked so much like Malia except there we’re a few differences. Tara had blue eyes and pasty white skin. I eventually lost my virginity to her. And every time we had sex I always imagined it was Malia! I never called my girlfriend by my sisters name though. Malia wanted all the details when I fucked Tara, and I gave them to her. I finally graduated high school and moved on! I decided to follow my fathers steps and chose it to be my career! Tara and I finally broke up when I turned 19. Malia was amazing to me! She helped me cope with the break up, because Tara had cheated on me. Nothing happened with me and Malia again. But I lived up to what she said and never expected it to. I moved out of state to work in a big city in the mid west. My sister was sad of course. I was convinced it wouldn’t ever happen again. But you know what they say, always expect the unexpected.

Her left hand went under the cut off top to rub at the sensitive nub of her breast making her nipple stand out hard in seconds. Her other hand slowly trailed down towards her pubic fuzz, scratching at that itching sensation. She hoped that rubbing herself off would relieve the itch; in her mind’s eye she could again see Jem’s cock standing upright from its bush of red hair as soapy water ran off their bodies from the shower. She tried to imagine what it would have felt like had she just bent over there and then and had him slide his soapy hardness into her hot cunt. Her finger slipped in between her damp lips and she started to rub herself firmly. The more she rubbed, the slicker her pussy became. As she felt the tingling in her pussy growing stronger, she used a finger to scoop up some of the thick clear liquid that was now leaking from her hole and rub it along the puffy lips of her pussy.

A little while later, Mum came down, shortly followed by John. Mum gave me grief for my excessive make-up saying I was pretty enough and didn’t need all that crap on my face and five minutes later, John came down and did a little wolf whistle saying I looked great! Of course this cause Mum to have a go at John and Mike signalled for me to escape the room. As he caught me in the hallway he whispered to me, ‘That didn’t look like the actions of someone who has just seen you sucking your step-brother’s cock does it? I gave a half smile and thumped his chest. He had a point but something was nagging at me. I had to lean more towards Mike’s point of view though and I decided to let it lie, deciding to be just a little more vigilant. That day was planned to be a driving trip, with a ferry crossing, to mainland Greece.

Usually hard and thick like an eraser on the tip of a pencil, her nipples are instead compressed into her engorged breasts. Carefully, he attaches milking cups, verifies that her nipples are centered in each tube, and engages the pumps. Her chest cavity lurches, startled by the powerful suction that draws her nipples deeper into the clear tubes. He adjusts the speed to the fast setting and the suction force to strong for more immediate results. Loud whimpers escape from her throat and it is difficult to say if they are pleasure or pain-fueled moans. Regardless, thick white cunt juice begins to form and collect at her opening. Releasing her ankles one by one, he bends her legs up and over her head then connects the restraint to the headboard. Oh yes, finally, an unobstructed view of her secret womanly areas. Even though she trims very close, he wants bald. He loves the feeling of flesh-to-flesh contact when he finally chooses to fuck her and hates a mouthful of cunt hairs when licking and sucking between her legs.