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Date: November 25, 2019

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Because this was a hush, hush need to know operation, only a few in the Royal navy were aware of what was about to happen! With all of the things they were to take they had been told to include their dress uniforms something, that under the circumstances seemed a most unusual request? But, did as they were told, with their personal gear stowed along with provisions for several weeks, and in the middle of night the well deck of the Bulwark was flooded and with them aboard the craft was pushed off! This small boat had ample room and would easily accommodate these four young women, they were in international waters off the southern tip of Somali . He was nasty vocal overbearing pompous asshole, that few liked! How they had become the parents of two lovely teenage daughters was certainly a mystery? Supposedly they were ones that could be had for a bargain price! Or at least this was what he had been led to believe! The fact that it was illegal to own them or purchase them on the black market mattered little to a nasty conniving bastard of a man like Lord Vattendaul!

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All of the girls were to kick up as high as she could, and the winner was the girl who kicked her foot higher than the top of her head. The audience was of course more interested in seeing the thinly covered little crotches, revealed with their skirts raised with the hairless little pussies barely concealed by the tightly stretched panties. The best of the girls was one of the seven year old girls. She not only kicked higher than the other girls, but she managed to kick so hard that her panties slipped to one side, completely revealing her pert cuntlet. Two of the others had also given the audience a view of their bare little slits, but the panties had covered them again quickly. Jennifer was starting to notice how interesting she found this delightfully suggestive form of child sexual usage, which was not quite abuse, and she was anticipating the more brazen acts she believed it was all leading to.

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I lay on the bed in the dark when the door slowly opened and Anne walked in and sat on the bed. What have you got in mind? I asked but Anne just pressed her finger against my lips and didn’t say a word. My cock was fully erect and begging for attention when Anne licked the tip and then took the head into her mouth, I moaned with pleasure and she sucked a couple of times then stood up and walked away! I jumped up and grabbed my phone and text her ‘Where did you go? She replied ‘Sorry I have a sore throat’ I replied saying ‘You owe me one! Nice, I’m naked in my bed too’ I replied telling her to come over and she said ok but turn the light off. The door opened and I said get in and pulled the covers back, she slowly got into the bed and I reached out and put her hand on my cock which was pulsating it was so hard.

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