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“She licked your spunk out of your mother’s pussy,” Ji-Yun said. “When you stopped time during the second hour, we came across your parents. It was obvious you had just fuck your mom, we could even see your cum running down her thighs. I grinned, surprised my suggestions to Ji-Yun worked as well as they had. Krystal stretched out on her back, her head nodding. Temptation consumed me. That was your cum leaking out of our mother’s pussy. It was about the most forbidden thing in the world. “And I liked it.” Krystal shuddered. “That disturbed me so much. It made it even hotter because I shouldn’t have liked it. I didn’t have any attraction for you, but I couldn’t stop myself from licking you out of mom. Before I knew it, I was enjoying devouring your cum as it leaked out of Mom’s pussy.” She licked her lips. “Now I want to eat your cum out everyone’s pussy while you’re fucking me!

However this wasn’t a porn it was real life! The judge stuck his penis into her as fast and hard as she could. Mimi was unable to scream the pain was unbearable. Blood leaked from her vagina and the judge once again smiled. He began pounding her harder and faster. Mimi tried to form words but nothing came out. She merely let out small pants of pain. It felt wrong so wrong. Was this the glorious act of sex she had been told about? There was no pleasure just pain and humiliation. With every thrust of her forcer she felt whatever pride and dignity melt away. It was as if she was losing all sense of her former self. Ten minutes went by that felt like hours. Finally the judge let out another loud scream. He pulled out of her fast causing her to feel as though part of her flesh had been ripped off.

This allows Katie to take breath out the orgasmic waves produced by Susan’s tongue, lips and fingers. Sure enough Katie lasts for close to 20 min before she fully climaxes. As with Kristen, I wasn’t mad, angry or even jealous as a watch Katie having sex with other women. I loved watching Katie experiencing sexual pleasure, and I myself would’ve jumped at the chance to have sex with either Kristen and Susan. So how could I be mad at Katie Besides, I had cheated on Katie in the past. All this did was perhaps turn our relationship into an open relationship where we perhaps we brought other women in our relationship. This particular session clearly at an end. As Susan and Kristen were walking out of the bedroom. Susan looked back and said something to Katie as she walked over to shut off the camera. What I heard, literally made me sick to my stomach. Susan almost laughingly asked, “Oh by the way, how was he last night? I hope he wasn’t too rough with you? “C’mon you know he’s always a bit rough, but he was still amazing as always, replied Katie.

He did have to admit her presence had acted as the needed catalyst for this last group grope. Rachel was the first to cum, Becky’s talented tongue proved to be too much for her to resist. After she screamed she rose to her knees and moved up impaling Adam’s cock in her cunt; grabbing her hips he began his rapid fucking of her willing hole. Ben and Eddie rearranged themselves to face Rachel and attacked her tits as she grabbed their pricks finally forcing Ben up to where she could get him into her mouth. Five strokes in her mouth and she switched to Eddie’s cock to give him five strokes, then back to Ben. In the mean time Charlie had moved up to slam his monster into Becky’s slippery hole managing to drive it into her in one motion: Becky let out a howl as he completely filled her. While her mouth was open Donnie slipped his cock into her mouth all the way down to the point that his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Tears were streaming down my face as I struggled to breath or choke around the hard cock that was sealing my windpipe as he held it firm in my gullet. Once, twice I felt his cock spasm in my throat before he pulled out. Just as his cock came out of my mouth the first jet of man juice pumped from his penis and back into my mouth. For what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute or so jet are jet of jizz hit me in the face and hair as he emptied his balls. Totally debased I was horrified when I realised that my cock wasn’t just leaking pre cum now I too was emptying my nutsack on the laminate floor. My face and hair were covered in his sperm, the little that had entered my mouth dribbled out as I struggled to regain my breath. Too shocked, and appalled was I by my sexual assault that I didn’t even have the energy to close my mouth. I felt sordid, used, humiliated, embarrassed and ashamed as I knelt there.

I asked her if she had Facebook. Within 15 minutes I had Caraline’s facebook up on my screen. She was damn hot. Not many pics, but enough to know she looks like her younger sister. We spent the next few weeks getting to know each other. I was really just sussing her out. Ever thing she said seemed truthful. I informed her of the payment details and she said she will pass them onto her dad. He was loaded. Had a very popular and thriving hardware store in town. He was never home and her mum was a head high school teacher. Caraline informed me that there will prob be a little extra just to be certain the room is booked. Within days The transfer of money was in my account. Caraline organized her travel arrangements, and application to Uni in my town. Took a few months, but all was set.

“I am fine. So, how’s school? Like always. When will you be free? ” I asked him. John was a few inches taller than me. He had long brown hair that covered his head like a helmet, beautiful brown eyes, puffy cheeks covered with freckles, straight nose, thin pink lips and beautiful white teeth. His mouth looked especially beautiful to me. I felt a strong desire to lean and cover it with my own and to pass my tongue on John’s clean teeth. John looked robust. Not muscular, but not skin and bones like me. A gray short sleeved t-shirt covered his body; long jean shorts covered his legs and hid from sight his precious package . “After dinner I guess. We have all summer ahead,” John said and then went to his two storey house with white walls, red tiled roof and a green lawn in the front. The best thing was that I lived right next to John. When I got home, the first thing I did was masturbating. Seeing John aroused me too much. He became so hot and attractive! Knowing that he is my only and best friend made me only hornier.

Believe it or not, we planned the second baby. I said as I let go of the fleshlight, and got up from the bed. Without wasting a moment, I went into my room then went through my husband’s drawer until I found one of his condoms from god-knows-when. As I came back to my son’s room, I had to face a new problem – he was blindfolded, and someone had to put on the condom. After giving it a thought, I decided to take take things hands on. If my husband didn’t shy away when it came to diapers, I wasn’t going to shy away when it came to my son’s sex-ed! Some would object to that, I hear you. But, what was I supposed to do? Ask him to take his blindfold off, give him the condom so he could put it on by himself, and then ask him to put the blindfold back on? That would have just gotten him tense, and made the whole situation awkward – I had no desire to take away from his enjoyment. It was going so well!

They turned deep purple from the added pressure, and the veins stood up so high that they cast shadows. The tortured mammaries were also pulled down over the edge of the horse women’s rib cages, and the bulged round ends of the squeezed boobs pressed against their tummies. The extra strain of their extra effort also dug the tight wires deeper into the fleshy slits of their pierced and ringed cunts, causing them to flare and swell out. Tony had his hand in his pocket, handling his rigid prick with a practiced stroke. He accelerated his tempo as the canes slashed and tore at the bare ass flesh of the four horse girls, and the rigid steel shafts dug deeper into the cunt and breasts of the helpless woman on the dolly. The big timing clock on the wall registered one minute had elapsed. The bitch Madeline lying on the dolly was tougher than she appeared. The small crowd of gamblers was shouting encouragement to the men with the whips, and they gave their hearty approval to the bizarre and incredibly cruel gambling contest.