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That time I was in secondary school. I just want to tell you one thing I am ass freak. I like to stare huge and bumpy asses. Mommas figure is 38D-32-45. She has natural beauty. She has awesome assets but her ass differentiate from other ladies and gives her unbeatable edge over others. She used to wear 36d brassier and always keeps trim hairs on pussy. Sometimes I told her to keep pussy clean shaved or clean vexed but she never did it and teased me by saying. Honey if you wanted shaved pussy lady then you have to marry other girl. This mom is not going to shave her pussy at any cost. I like her teasing quotes and never insisted to go for shaving her pussy hairs. I saw her many times doing sex with dad. They both were passionate about sex. I like momma’s creativity, innovativeness, tolerance and adjustability.

Although the girl had her back to the woman to whom she was attached, the woman was totally defenseless, and at the mercy of the child. This was the most bizarre struggle imaginable. The large woman’s legs were free, and a remarkable sight in those spike heeled shoes as she struggled to keep her balance under the blows of the damaging mace. She had no way to strike back at the child, but she was a game bitch, and she was as active as her highly restrictive binding allowed. It was not enough. The girl was driven by the intense pain in her naked groin and her ears swing the mace ferociously, bashing the damaging spiked steel ball into the meat of the large woman to whom she was bound. The mace was incredibly effective, even in the hands of a child. The little girl swung it wildly, unable to turn her head, which was ringed by the ears to the woman’s nipples.

They go through character arcs where they learn about others/themselves, they have epiphanies, they have sex cut off from them or have excessive sex at some parts, but they’re thinking learning growing humans, just like you are. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Wow, Guy A gets to bone Girl B, I wish I were him.’ Congratulations, you just related yourself to a character. Maybe you see something someone does in a sex story and think, ’I would have made a different decision if I were in that decision.’ Congratulations, you just related yourself to a character. Plus, having more non-sexual scenes will make your readers crave sex scenes so much more. Why do you think teasing is such a common theme in sex? Anticipation is a powerful force. Use that to your advantage. On that extremely petty note, a short note on advancement – plot is important, but while your readers may be excitable, they’re not stupid. So many longform erotica stories have fallen into the unfortunate trap of thinking that adding more girls for the male protagonist to sleep with is ‘advancement.’ On it’s own, no, it’s not. No. It does not. It means you’re seeing the quantity of people as an advancement. Giving them unique kinks doesn’t help this, either. More people does not always mean a better story. Longform erotica is not for the guy who has a passing interest in writing erotica. It’s a long-term dedication and has very little payoff in the beginning. As well, maybe your first story will be a flop.

The impact had shattered the man’s body and had moved him closer to death’s door than many of the multitudes that came through. It had Mina wet with excitement. Meals like this were hard to obtain. His injuries and youth meant that he would be too weak to fight and a decent meal. At twenty, his once bright future was coming to an end, but it was an end that Mina would make as heavenly as possible. The window had been left unlocked earlier by none other than herself. There were no allies in this place, and she had only one friend. A man named Norm, who’s name, was a fitting description of the man, except in other locations. She thought of Norm and the often meetings they had for sex. The memory helped her get more into the mood for what she was about to do. The first step into a room was always the hardest. Mina wasn’t able to hold her human form if she took too long between feedings.

When my trembling hand touched Jen’s smooth body and pubic hair, I moaned out of control….“Ooooo my god! ”….. real long and I orgasmed beautifully and shook as the waves of sexual pleasure flowed through my body. That triggered Lynn and she cried out…..oh,Oh,OH…ooooo! And shook and squirmed with her orgasm. Ken got on top of Jen and they started fucking violently as they moaned the loudest of all…”OH Damn…OH god! ”….Lynn and my hands were all over them to feel them while they have a glorious climax and cum together. They almost both cried with the joy running thru their body’s. They couldn’t hold still and kept moving together, gasping for air and kissing and moaning more. Their body’s shook and squirmed for a long time as it slowly got all quiet and our four hearts beating hard could felt by all. Lynn and my hands were all over them, feeling them as they shook with the spasms they had. A room full of bliss was quietly felt by everyone.

Pausing to nibble her nipples brought the response he hoped for; Lisa reached to grasp his butt to pull him further inside her. Resisting the temptation to let her succeed, he lowered his body directly onto hers, thus pinning her firmly down to the bed. Moving his hands down to her backside he felt for her anus and, on reaching it, prised the small orifice apart to insert a finger into her rear passage. Having achieved a firm grasp of her bottom, he began to force his cock up into her vagina and soon had half its length lodged firmly inside her. Now the real pleasure began as he pumped in and out, getting deeper inside her with every thrust until, at last, he had the pleasure of meeting her cervix. Releasing his grip on her buttocks, and removing his finger from her anal passage, he raised his body off hers to enable him to begin fucking her with vigour. She joined in eagerly, but occasionally she uttered a gasping moan and increased her grip on him.

All he wanted was to feel a real connection with someone. He had his friends, particularly Nick, who stuck by him through thick and thin, but that was a different form of connection. Last week, Lizzy was a one-night stand. Today, who knew what might develop? Briefly, he saw his friend Mitch’s angered face in his mind; how disappointed he was when he heard Danny and Nick had sex with Lizzy. They had put that episode behind them and moved forward with their friendship. What would Mitch think if he knew Danny and Lizzy hooked up again? Fuck it, it didn’t matter. Nick got to have sex with Lizzy again, so why couldn’t he? She was the hottest girl he’d ever been with and he knew she was obsessed with his big dick, which he was ever grateful for. He recalled his first time grinding with a girl at a house party.

” Laura says. Will shrugs, “they went to gatherings.” Laura cocks her head “what are gathering? ” Will grins at her “A gathering is where all the Master and Submissive’s In the city meet up to welcome new members into the club. To have a orgy with members only. It’s the only time a own submissive is allowed to have sex with other people. Laura looks at her husband thoughtfully “have you had sex with her since those meetings? “ Will shakes his head at her “ first, no not even after we were dating then marriage. Secondly she was not my slave, thirdly as long as you were not in this life style I wouldn’t. Laura, nods “ since I’m in this life style now. I want you to, make her your slave. I want her to be happy again.” “ of course my love if it makes you two happy.” Will grins at her. Laura gasps and playfully smacks him on the chest again. “when did you two talk? He says “day after you told me, you wanted to be a sex slave.

Diane took out her mobile phone and called her son in the flat. After a few seconds Danny sleepily answered the phone. Diane apologised for waking him and explained the situation she was in. Danny told her not to worry. He would deliver the papers for her. He then told her. 15 minutes later Diane felt guilty as she watched her son going out of the paper shop with two big paper bags full of papers. He would have to do both rounds and carry all those heavy papers. Danny assured his mother that it was not a problem. Danny did finish both rounds without missing a single paper off, however he was 45 minutes late for college that day. Diane continued with her plan for teasing her son. She now started to walk around the flat from the bedroom to the bathroom in just a pair of skimpy panties and a little bra. She wanted her son to start lusting after her body.